Kelly Price Breaks Silence on 'Disappearance,' Says COVID Nearly Killed Her

The gospel is finally speaking out, straight from her own mouth.

9/27/2021 5:43:00 AM

The gospel is finally speaking out, straight from her own mouth.

The gospel is finally speaking out, straight from her own mouth.

TMZ.comis finally addressing going MIA from her family and sharing an incredible story of her hospitalization with COVID ... telling us at one point, she was medically dead.Price tells us she was neveractuallymissing, despite some of her family members insisting she had vanished without a trace. Kelly says she isolated herself as she recovered from COVID, and was avoiding her family, who she says she doesn't routinely stay in touch with.

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Price's battle with COVID was a serious one ... she says she actually flatlined at one point, and had to be brought back to life by doctors and staff. She tells us she was literally on her death bed -- but miraculously bounced back.That's not to say she's out of the woods yet -- far from it, in fact ... Kelly is still on oxygen and at times had a tough time speaking with us, but wanted to get her story out. We asked Kelly's attorney,

Monica Ewing, if she had been vaccinated, but Ewing would not specify.Play video contentI GOT THE BUG@mskellyprice / InstagramAs for why there's a disconnect between Kelly's family and her whereabouts, Kelly touches on that as well ... sounds like there's some BTS drama between her and her sister, and perhaps others.

Play video contentTHE FOCUSTMZ.comWe also spoke to Ewing who outlined the steps they'll need to take in order to get Kelly off Georgia's missing person list -- which is whatkickstarted this frenzyto begin with.Sounds like there's still a few hoops she has to jump through, but everyone can rest assured that Kelly is alive and still working on her recovery.

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Yet all the people kept saying her man should be investigated yada yada 🤦🏼‍♀️ Glad she’s doing better 🙌🏻🙏🏻 larryinstafford I know that you all want to be the first to tell the news, but the headline is incorrect. *You missed “Singer” in your rush to print news about the “Gospel Singer.” Math ain't matching Kelly

Hopefully, we can put all of the conspiracy theories to rest about Kelly Price. I’m glad she’s well. I guess that’s one way to find out if people care about you. Nah none of this makes sense People in these replies really think this person owes them ANYTHING. She doesn't owe anyone an explanation, she doesn't owe anyone her reasons. People think they own celebrities these days smh

Soo was she vaccinated or naw? watch Veeiye - Show music video ❤️ promise it’s worth your time 😘 Somebody on her team should’ve handled this way better. I understand her estranged sisters concern. Y’all might not have been on good terms but at least let her know she’s alive.

Gospel singer Kelly Price 'safe' after she was reported missingShe went to a 'quiet place' to recover after being released from the hospital where she was treated for Covid 19. Glad she’s safe How do you verify? She needs to talk to & confirm with her sister & kids then. She doesn’t have to interact with the public at all but we need to hear its ok from them since they are still pleading 4 answers

This lady has probably ended her career permanently, you need breath to sing. Long Covid is a real problem!! 🙏🏾 Stop saying should have been vaccinated. You really don't know if she is or not. My son is fully vaccinated and he now has covid. My cousin died of covid and she was fully vaccinated. So it doesn't matter. Don't judge her.

shortstopclo The way DaBrat put it down, we all just needed to mind our business. 🙏 I’m glad she finally spoke up but it’s still a bizarre story. 🤔 👀 Sounds like my sis! Stay in your lane & stop lying on me! I’m dealing w/same kind of nonsense kellyPrice I prayed& the Lord answered! You spoke up! That’s a lot to unpack but I can relate. My father died of covid & my sister doesn’t talk to me now. I also haven’t seen them since his funeral which was 12/7/2020. Blood don’t make you family!🙌🏽

How are you missing if you’re in the hospital Ma’am you let this whole story spiral when you could have simply sent a text, did a FaceTime….SOMETHING. Your daughter couldn’t be ‘easily manipulated’ by anyone if you simply said to her what you expressed here. 🤦🏾‍♀️ You “died” yet your daughter wasn’t informed? WTF?

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We really hadddd to wait a month, while we’re trying to find all this missing people out there!?!!! ‘friend of mine’ was a gospel song tmz? socialenemy_ Praying for her and her family blessings Giving her grace and space to heal. After all, she didn’t create the drama. They brought this to her while she was simply trying to recover.

😲😯😯😲🙏🏾🤲🏾🤲🏾🙏🏾 🙏🏽🕊️ Ollie_Baba_82 Praying for strength & healing TsMadisonatl1 👏🏾🤎 Um I’m not sure how to feel about this…..😑 cause all u had to do was make a video or come on IG live and u didn’t.

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Sounds like she’s not vaccinated. If she was they’d say so c Not buying it, So you’re telling us you flatlined/died with Covid and within 2 days doctors sent you home with oxygen Your husband nursed you back to health all while he’s fighting Covid. Glad you’re still alive but Gurl bye Gospel what NickLoveATL

Why a mask in isolation 🤔 callmedollar I feel like you tmz owe her an apology for starting this whole mess by reporting her missing in the first place. Well, I’m glad to see her alive and looking well. It is unfortunate that people didn’t allow her some time and space to recover as she wants to, however now she must know how much is is truly love and appreciated by her fans. May it spirit her & her husband to full recovery!

Get lost sista RugratHilly StylishScambino

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Wowwwww noseyheauxlive KellyPrice4Real TMZ would have this do they do it She should question 'the culture.' Celebration of 'thickness' and aversion to vaccination nearly killed her. callmedollar Get that vax people, shit is no joke Finally!!

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