Kelly Clarkson Told Al Roker the “Compliment” She Wishes Fans Would Stop Saying

“You look so much better in person” is actually the title of Roker’s new book!

8/6/2020 9:50:00 AM

Kelly Clarkson Told Al Roker the “Compliment” She Wishes Fans Would Stop Saying

“You look so much better in person” is actually the title of Roker’s new book!

. “I’m just like, ‘Do I look like an Amazon on television?’ She added that similar comments have been made about her singing voice. “They’ll come backstage after a concert and be like, ‘Oh my god, you sound better in person.’ And I’m like, ‘Great, because most of it’s not in person. So, solid.’”

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For Roker, the non-compliment typically surfaces when he’s greeting fans on theTodayplaza after filming the morning show. “Invariably, at least one person will say, ‘Oh, my gosh, you look so much better in person,’” he told Clarkson.Both of them understand it’s meant to be flattery, but really, it’s not—especially because the majority of their work is captured on camera. “You don’t want to embarrass them,” Roker said. “But you know, to your point, I make my living on TV. So if I look better here, it just means that I’m scaring small children on television?”

In anGood Housekeeping,Roker elaborated, admitting that there are definitely ruder things people could say. “I think people need to look at where they are, who they are, and decide what is going to upset them and make them angry,” he said. “If that’s the worst thing someone tells you in your life, you’re okay.”

The full title of Roker’s book is. It shares stories and lessons he has learned over his 40-year career in broadcasting. Read more: Prevention Magazine »

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