Kelly Clarkson takes us for a ride with 'Kellyoke' version of 'Drivers License'

Kelly Clarkson performed her much-awaited cover of Olivia Rodrigo's hit.

6/14/2021 9:08:00 PM

Kelly Clarkson takes us for a ride with 'Kellyoke' version of 'Drivers License'

Kelly Clarkson performed her much-awaited cover of Olivia Rodrigo's hit.

Rodrigo, 18, first posted a snippet of the song on Instagram (which is no longer on her account) before releasing it as a single on Jan. 8. Her debut album,"Sour," released on May 21, became the first debut album to feature two No. 1 singles on the Billboard 100. The other chart-topper was"Deja Vu," which has

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1.7 million videoson TikTok."Cause you didn't mean what you wrote in that song about me / Cause you said forever, now I drive alone past your street," Clarkson draws the song to a close, cutting out the last line (a repeat of the one before it.)

She also chose to cut out the F-word Rodrigo sings in the bridge of the song. Clarkson's version may not hold the weight of a bad word, but it delivered just as many emotions as the original.Clarkson's performance was greeted with a (virtual) applause from the audience.

"When you feel the lyric of the song deeply even though you didn't experience such heartache," someone commented on YouTube.We wonder if millennial queen Clarkson will cover any more of Gen Z queen Rodrigo's songs.Ananya Panchal Read more: »

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