Kelly Clarkson Must Pay Nearly $200,000 A Month To Brandon Blackstock

A source claims the order was put in place in April of this year.

7/30/2021 1:38:00 AM

Kelly Clarkson Must Pay Nearly $200,000 A Month To Brandon Blackstock “Clarkson was given primary custody of their children in November.”

A source claims the order was put in place in April of this year.

Clarkston filed for divorce in 2020 from Blackstock, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their split.To make things even messier, the pair, who were married for almost seven years before splitting, became involved in a legal battle with Clarkson’s father-in-law Narvel Blackstock’s company, Starstruck Management. Oh, and Clarkson’s estranged husband also works for the management company.

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Starstruck Management sued Clarkson following the split, claiming she owed them over $1 million in unpaid commissions. The following month, Clarkson filed a complaint with the California Labor Commissioner, alleging Brandon and his father charged her unrealistic fees while she worked with their management company. Among Clarkson’s claims include Starstruck Management’s failure to submit a written application for a license and a formal talent agency agreement,

Entertainment Tonightreports.Records show that Clarkson also claims that they demanded “unconscionable fees and compensation” from her for “illegal services,” failed to deposit a $50,000 bond with the Labor Commissioner, failed to post a schedule of fees in their offices which is in violation of the California Labor Code, as well as failed to proper records for audit purposes.Clarkson he also asked the courts to find that all of their agreements be “declared void and unenforceable.” The motion also asks the court to find null Starstruck Management’s claim that she entered into a verbal contract in which she allegedly agreed to pay them 15 percent commission on her gross earnings. The management company denies her claims.

Alexa, playSince You’ve Been Gone.Blackstock (Brandon, not Narvel) hit back, saying that Clarkson was not owed any of the money earned by him, his father or their company while working together over the past 13 years. Currently, the case is in court. Read more: Scary Mommy »

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Spousal support?! Wow. Wow this is so backwards when she has custody. I hope he can scrape by. Wow! What do those kids eat and wear? That’s ridiculous. I can't even get my ex to pay $269 a month for child support

Kelly Clarkson to pay ex-husband almost $200,000 a month in spousal supportKelly Clarkson has been ordered to pay her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock almost $200,000 in spousal and child support after she filed for divorce last year

Kelly Clarkson Ordered to Pay Ex-Husband Nearly $200,000 Per Month in Child and Spousal SupportThe order came from an LA County judge and determined the 'Miss Independent' singer would also pay an additional $1.25 million in attorney's fees and additional costs. TooFab Finally some equality TooFab Marriage sucks TooFab

Kelly Clarkson Ordered To Pay Ex Almost $200,000 Per Month In SupportKelly Clarkson will pay her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, a total of $195,601 per month in spousal and child support. Why? He can’t find work? Why is she paying him child support when she is their primary custodian? He should be ashamed!!! He is Blake Sheltons manager and a few more folks! He makes his own money!!! She has full custody..

Kelly Clarkson Must Pay Ex-Husband Nearly $200,000 A Month Amid DivorceThe singer split from Brandon Blackstock in June 2020 after seven years of marriage. Jesus, I'd have married her for $100K a month Good bussines. As a man and one who has been divorced, I find him absolutely disgusting in even asking. He has the ability to work and make a living. A one time amount may possibly be in line but not this

Kelly Clarkson Has to Pay Ex-Hubby $200k/Mo. in Spousal & Child SupportKelly Clarkson is paying way less than what Brandon originally wanted. Why?. She had no prenup?. Give him $50K. King energy 👑

Brandon Blackstock: 5 Things to Know Amid His Split From Kelly ClarksonBrandon Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson split in June 2020 after nearly seven years of marriage — everything to know about the music manager Get every penny you can mate. On behalf of all the men who have been milked dry by female ex wifes for centuries. This dude needs some pride. Serious Napoleon complex. How embarrassing for his kids! U know what's sad?! this guy is gonna be remarried within a year mark my words. Smh