'Keep Sweet' Tells the Story of Women Who Escaped a Polygamist Cult

6/7/2022 12:02:00 AM

'It’s really like a real-life Handmaid’s Tale,' director Rachel Dretzin told Jezebel.

'Keep Sweet: Obey and Prey' Examines a Polygamist Cult Through the Eyes of Women Who Escaped

'It’s really like a real-life Handmaid’s Tale,' director Rachel Dretzin told Jezebel.

Challenger explosion —the series largely focuses on the women who, despite almost total lack of knowledge of the outside world, managed to undermine the cult.Sweet ColoradDough Named No.Rod Stewart said the BBC 'made' him sing Sweet Caroline to finish off his Platinum Jubilee set.published 5 June 22 It was a blink and you’d miss it moment between father-in-law and daughter-in-law on Friday that made eagle-eyed royal watchers swoon.

One woman tells of piecing together the location of a new, secret community Jeffs built, the Yearning for Zion Ranch in Eldorado, Texas, by tracking the mileage on her husband’s car, deploying a map and a ruler, and deciphering the mud left on his tires.Elissa Wall, who was forced to marry her first cousin at age 14, later left the group and served as the star witness in Utah’s sex crime case against Jeffs, who was tried as an accomplice to her rape for his role in arranging the illegal marriage.(CBS4) – A Colorado bakery has risen to the top of best donut shops in the U.Advertisement Though the bravery of Wall and Musser, who helped uncover the secret store of records and tapes documenting his abuse of minors that would secure his life sentence, is extraordinary, Dretzin says that other women within the group participate in countless secret acts of resistance." The 77-year-old even asked the crowd - including Prince William and Kate - to "join in, make it comfortable for me" as he launched into the catchy track.“I’ve met women who are still in the FLDS, girls who are still in the FLDS, who are either thinking about leaving, trying to leave, rebelling in small ways, speaking up for themselves.Yelp published its top and coming in at number 7 is Sweet ColoradDough in Glenwood Springs.It’s really difficult to do, but they’re everywhere,” Dretzin said.” Minus the notable absence of Her Majesty, almost all of the royal family was in attendance—including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who Charles, Camilla, William, and Kate did not publicly interact with during the service.

“We tend to think of them as like aliens in prairie dresses,” Dretzin said of the women in the community.(credit: Sweet ColoraDough) The company has grown to 5 locations across the state in Snowmass, Carbondale and Rifle.“I’ve grown up with this woman,” Rod recalled.“And they’re not.They’re women.Jennifer.They’re girls.” “What does she mean to you?” Naga asked him.They’re people who struggle with a lot of the same things we did.(opens in new tab) Contributing Weekend Editor Rachel Burchfield is a writer whose primary interests are fashion and beauty, society and culture, and, most especially, the British Royal Family.

And that’s why I really wanted to tell the story through them, because I thought it might bring these two worlds a little closer together.” Advertisement Despite his imprisonment, Jeffs continues to lead the FLDS church.“She’s always been in the background of my life”, he added.Between defectors and splinter groups helmed by new self-proclaimed prophets, membership has shrunk, but remains in the thousands, Dretzin says.“His revelations from prison are still filtered out through family members and wives and people who bring them back to the people,” says Dretzin.“So he still has control—less centralized, for sure, but he still has control."Rod Stewart cringeworthy #platinumpartyatthepalace," one fan wrote, as a second added: "God sake, someone please make Rod Stewart stop!!!! #PlatinumPartyatthePalace.

” Even with the leader behind bars, the filmmaker says she’s heard rumors that underage marriages still take place.Many of the faithful have left Short Creek for other FLDS enclaves in states like Idaho and Colorado.Still, the town has seen a new influx of surprising new residents: former members of the church who’ve decided to move back to Short Creek, where they live alongside believers who consider them to be “apostates.".” Ex-FLDS members have told Dretzin that they appreciate the community they’ve been able to create with others who left the church.“A lot of them, I think, have trouble acclimating to the outside world and meeting people who can understand what they’ve been through,” she said.

“And so I think it’s reassuring and comforting to talk to people who get it, who get how crazy it was, but who are trying to transition out of it.” Advertisement With Jeffs ruling from a distance, life has changed for the faithful, too.They’re no longer under the same degree of strict surveillance he once maintained, and Dretzin says that many are “looser” about following rules against watching TV or using the internet.“I suspect there will always be people who follow the prophet, but I think the numbers are going to dwindle,” said Dretzin.“And honestly, I hope that stories like this one, and increasing public awareness of it, help people have the courage to to leave and find a better life for themselves.


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Prince George and Prince William Sang 'Sweet Caroline' Together During the Jubilee ConcertIris Goldsztajn is a London-based journalist, editor and author. She is the morning editor at Marie Claire, and her work has appeared in the likes of InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Bustle and Shape. Iris writes about everything from celebrity news and relationship advice to the pitfalls of diet culture and the joys of exercise. She has many opinions on Harry Styles, and can typically be found eating her body weight in cheap chocolate. Welfare queen!