Entertainment, Keanu Reeves Not Touching Women İs A Thing - Cnn

Entertainment, Keanu Reeves Not Touching Women İs A Thing - Cnn

Keanu Reeves not touching women is a thing

Keanu Reeves is officially a national treasure.


The 'John Wick' star is now being hailed as a 'respectful king.'

Keanu Reeves is officially a national treasure.

— Kemoy Lindsay (@KemziLinzi) June 9, 2019 "Lol Keanu ain't taking no chances," the tweet read. View this post on Instagram A few weeks ago backstage at @thetalkcbs I got to reconnect with Keanu Reeves. I think he said something about wearing a pair of bunny ears that used to be mine? 😉 🐰

The"John Wick" star is now being hailed as a"respectful king."i stan a respectful king love you so much keanu https://t.co/wLvl28sgth

— Jacquis Neal (@jacquisneal) June 9, 2019 possibility: he's reacting to the Me too movement by realizing that hey, wait, maybe women want more space, and changing his actions? That would be wholesome.

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Too cool Besides he's gay. See if he gropes men A remarkable actor JohnWickMovie So i seen that u are now seeing Angelina HOElie! Very disappointed, thought u had substance Joe Biden could learn alot from this guy. Brett Kavanaugh was respectful, you guys still found a way to get him. There’s more proof here and in Cuba Gooding JR’s case. To file future lawsuits. There’s ACTUAL proof they met each other. He just dodged future CNN bullets.

Everyone want to grab Dolly no one want to grab micheal obummer Wow didn’t know men could be smart enough to think of this, I hate when someone else other than my boo touch my waist I wonder if the women are touching him though. 🤔🤔 and if so...why is that ok. I don’t think it’s a Metoo thing; it’s just a Keanu thing. Go back and look at fan photos from earlier in his career. Lots of pictures where he has hands in his pockets.

In this day and age, Reeves is playing it smart. By making sure his hands are not only visible but also not touching others, Reeves is insuring himself against those who will try something against him. This is planned, but also great for his image.

Keanu Reeves Responds to Internet's Thirst Over HimET caught up with the actor at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Toy Story 4' on Tuesday. ❤️ HES FUCKIN AWESOME 😘😘

His biggest role is yet to come! good gravy, man, you can surely afford a shave and haircut! Keanu looks like a street bum and should give himself a makeover! Keanu Reeves is awesomeness 💖 He is just making sure he does not get accused of bs. metoo Is she touching in, if so a double standard CNN is justifying. Strong difference between being a douche bag and respectful

He gives millions to charity and rides the subway. I'm sure this isn't just a ploy knowing a these things he does. Why pretend to perform the 'side-hug' just stand and flash that Keanu smile. Where’s the love for howiemandel ? He doesn’t touch anyone. Because he is I highly doubt he's 'protecting' himself from random women's hidden agendas. That's actually ridiculous. C'mon, he's just a decent guy being respectful, he's always been known for being a good guy GoodGuysDoExist KeanuReaves

How Keanu Reeves Ended Up in 'Toy Story 4' as Duke CaboomKeanu Reeves got the role of Duke Caboom in ToyStory4 in a very unique way 'Very unique' is improper usage. Got an editor?

women can be vengeful ... Cuba Gooding Jr. just got charged with touching a woman 10 years ago at a club. But they all still got pregnant It's not that hard to act like a decent human being and to not be a fucking perv. This is just something that everyone should already know to do Great actor I started this myself in high school

Good for him It's called protecting yourself It's moreorless good on him, and more reflects how toxic this gynocentric society is. Women have made themselves radioactive, & Keanu is reading the terrain like most of us XY bearers are, and it's being presented like it's just him being nice lol Isn’t that kind of sad? A hero is someone who “knows better than to place his hand on a woman who is hugging him for a picture”.

Yes I have tons of respect for him. 💅🏽

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen Share Their Favorite Toy Story MemoriesPlus, Keanu Reeves gets animated with his impression of the character Duke Caboom I know I'm going to be emotional when I see this! If I wanna see the movie, I'm gonna be an emotional wreck.

Ahhh! Yes ! The Respectful King ; is like a “Cooling breeze over the mountain “! Keep America Great 🇺🇸 John wick’s already got every bounty hunter on his case. Last thing he needs is the metoo mob after him. Beware of those that seem TOO nice. Cosby was nice. Michael Jackson was nice. If someone seems squeaky clean I don't trust 'em.

I want some feminist to scream that his refusal to touch is sexism and misogynistic patriarchal internalised toxic masculinity Ya he smart tho. He not risking it . He should give pointers to Joe Biden asking 2 men who aren't Keanu to speak on Keanu Reeves, period, is the stupidest thing on the face of the earth. unfollowed & blocked, you sexist, out of touch moron of a network. literally no one says negative things about Keanu. he is a national treasure, you are not.

Awesome Keanu.

Keanu Reeves is in shock over the internet’s obsession with himKeanu Reeves is an American treasure and his reaction to the internet's obsession with him is exactly what we expected. So is the rest of Generation X 😹 he demonstrates good character and doesn't seek attention. what is not to like. And he will keep receiving it from us.

Its never the ones you want to touch you... I would call it being scared of having a ' sexual harassment ' lawsuit brought against you , you can't even hug a woman anymore 😣 🤔🤔🤔 Breaking news... we can't find anything on Reeves. To the CNN night crew - report on ice bergs -snore. We already know he's a good person. Order some sandwiches.

Keanu Reeves is a great actor and a great person. respect give me a break... it's interesting Oh Dolly...enough😍 Dolly Pardon looks incredible. if he knew Winston was going to do him dirty he would have been a lot more handsy with the ladies

Keanu Reeves Was ‘Blown Away’ By Fan Reaction to E3 AppearanceKeanu Reeves clearly didn’t know what he was getting himself into. Plans for the star of “John Wick 3” to make a guest appearance in the middle of Microsoft’s Xbox press conference during the annua… An icon living You're Breathtaking! 2019 belong to Keanu Reeves

yeah great now do mike pence 👍 Only now would make segments specifically about men WHO DON’T touch women. Hmm. I've seen other celebs do this. Isn't because they're being cautious because of possible harrassment accusations people can throw at them after like 10 or 20 years? 💓 I so have a little crush on that man. Awesome

He is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. I don't think it's disrespectful if a male celebrity puts his hand around women for photo, but then again better to be safe than sorry. I wonder if he started not touching after watching Biden's videos. CNN has to put their twist on it Call me maybe cameo of his man is hilarious and needs to be seen, best of Keanu

Keanu Reeves: Why We Love the 'Respectful King'Keanu Reeves is having a moment -- and it's not hard to see why. He is so yummy. This wasn’t enough reason? 👀 Happy 55! 💕

So hover hands is cool now. Thank god im terrified of touching strangers. He's avoiding the MeToo cancer. Can't blame him since those people will make up some bs at any point Above all this Keanu seems to be a good person. Frightening to think society has instilled so much fear in people that it would force some to avoid any sort of respectful affection.

He isn’t alone fellas join us in the “males don’t touch movement”! It’ll save you the hassle of allegations and some lies her and there lets make this work fellas you can only touch if you’re married or in a serious relationship just make sure she signs the pledge agreement 👀🤷🏽‍♂️ Why do ppl want Keanu to touch women so badly?

Females pressing their boobs to the actor's body is okay, it is normal, but he is a hero for not touching the back of the female. So females are bitches Wait, Keanu Reeves is Canadian, which means, Raptors win, Raptors Win, Raptors Win. I haven’t seen anyone call him that. Must be happening somewhere in the media bubble though I suppose.

When is France going to stop extorting, robbing and raping 14 African countries out $500,000,000,000 annually and monopolizing their trade, natural resources, and energy? Am i the only one who noticed he looks similar to markiplier? nice one Funny. Man loves his career...😂😂😂 Mae dem no Neymar am I stan you, mas KeanuReevesoff1 ❤️

I'd love he to help me getting down the stairs taking my hand logodesign You mean 'International treasure' don't you? He's from Canada. He seems so genuine and humble. Got to love that

👀 keanuplanet always empathy is his infinite inner beauty See most men don’t care if women touch them but in this day and age Men have to be extremely careful what they do. Well done John well done This really weird... I am a big fan of John Wick and Neo. This isn’t a message of respect, it’s a consequence of fear created by the MeToo cultists.

HELL YEA KEANU Lol guys we came up with this first Cause men pay a high price for hugging/touching a woman. They'll come up with the MeToo thing. Beware of someone pretending to be Keanu don't fall for it, it's not him, pretty sure he has more than 4 followers 😕

Joe Biden is asking then what's the point of taking a picture with a woman or little girl He's just being careful and avoiding being next victim to false allegations. God forbid a man touches a woman! I suggest that the next fashion trend should be burkas with proximity sensors and testosterone detectors that way no men get any Ideas. feministagenda

boss level over 9000 Respectful or self-preservation from accusations? I wouldn’t allow anyone to stand that close. Keep a gap between you and the other person, arms at your side. He’s just trying to avoid a groping charge. I get so sick of women blaming men for being men, if you are leaning up against a man with your tits pressed into his side and he wraps his arm around you, that is not on him. We as women have to assume some responsibility for our own actions.

I read somewhere that it's a sign of respect that lots of Asian celebs practice, i.e. not invading ur personal space. Think it started in South Korea. Manner hands. And yet women put all parts of their bodies all over men and nobody has a problem with that. We have an epidemic of girls as young as 5 doing sexcam show for Amazon wishlist items, and they learn to be whores not from men but from their mothers, sisters, girl friends and celebs.

I find it sad. inappropriate touching... is not ok! like being “grabbed by the pussy!” or “being kissed without permission!” just because you’re famous, or not don’t give you that right👌🤨😏 This has been blown out of the water to long. Almost Everyone has heard or come to know the casting couch all a effort to get the job.

Shut up This is where we're at Congratulations to the progressive movement for first igniting the sexual revolution, and now demonizing men in the aftermath. We've created a world of fear with the opposite sex, thanks to conflicting progressive ideas being implemented and never challenged.. Nah just sad this is where we’re at

Can someone forward this to JoeBiden? creepyoldman

Take notes boys. Stop touching us 1) it is NOT disrespectful or inappropriate to touch a woman in her back so long as the touch stays in the rib area or above 2) Keanu isn't doing this to be 'respectful' he's doing it to avoid the meToo monsters He is a gentleman!!! No touchie, no lawsuitie. Awesome though

'Reeves has been on the scene for a minute, but with his latest 'John Wick' film, his appearance in the Netflix rom-com...' Is there no editing at CNN? This is unacceptable and contributing to the loss of the language. This is actually sad Smart man Saw John Wick movie loved it!

hover hand Are we celebrating it because we are glad that he is afraid that all it takes is one women with a screw lose to say he touched them inappropriately and his career would be over? Is that what we are celebrating? Women don't understand but every man gets why it's not as black and white as just be respectful. By our very nature men aren't that touchy/feely, so we can certainly not touch and be viewed as nice guys. Then we see women sleep with every bad boy they can find. We get confused.

I just love him. He has the best heart and seems to be so aware everything. Abundant blessings. Joe Biden are you watching, listening, understanding? Uh yeah. He's no fool. Doesn't want these Feminazis screaming rape like they've been doing to all the big names out there. Yeah, he’s respectfully covering his ass

its not evil to touch people. ya dont have to be all hover-hand & sterile. thats a shit world. you just have to learn how to interpret people. its like people who have solved their drinking problem by going cold turkey. get off the internet

Keanu Reeves is the best! Can't blame him.... Should we blame extreme feminism, crazy left media or this is the new norm Smart man! Now a days u never know He’s not JoeBiden Sad world. The fault is on both sides tho, dont get it twisted Cover your ass period, 80% of the world are muppets looking to pillage your pocket because the jelly fish flesh blobs are too dumb to work for it..don't blame the guy at all... he has become a great action star cheers !

I’m glad about this, but am also dismayed that we are congratulating someone for what should be a baseline. Not touching ? Like Joe Biden ? Ever wondered why some major world religions prohibit contact with the opposite sex unless you are married? Full circle.

Sweet. Though not long before some champ says, 'He is a misogynist/bigot/sexist(insert as needed) not even wanting to touch a female body. What are we, slime? What are you HIDING? You think you won't be able to control yourself through a pat? Whats wrong with you? Animal!' ZZZZZzzzzz Don't worry. The female CNN anchors have nothing to worry about anyway

The red pill effect as a man it is better to not touch any stranger woman any time anywhere Keanu dodging lawsuits like... I wouldn't be touching him either. He looks like he needs a good wash. Nicely done. Crazy insane times with no more common sense left.... Well yeah. I’d be doing the same thing if I was him. I wouldn’t want to get “metooed”.

“Keanu Leaves” no misinterpretation. respectful yes, but also very smart! in the world we live in today this is not surprising at all! That's gay OK?lol Goes to show how sleazy the world has become when a man who doesn't touch women in photos is a big deal Joe Biden disagrees.

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