Kazakh Teen Daneliya Tuleshova Sings Last But Not Least In ‘AGT’ Semifinal

The Kazakh teen wowed the judges with a rendition of Jessie J's 'Who You Are.'

9/16/2020 10:58:00 PM

The Kazakh teen wowed the judges with a rendition of Jessie J's 'Who You Are.'

The Kazakh teen wowed the judges with a rendition of Jessie J's 'Who You Are.'

. (Watch below.)She started out slowly but picked up steam on the high notes. Panelists Howie Mandel, Sofía Vergara and Heidi Klum heaped praise on the youngster, whoFaouzia’s “Tears of Gold” and Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” in the NBC competition.

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