Kavanaughlied, Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court, The New York Times, Sexual Assault, Deborah Ramirez

Kavanaughlied, Brett Kavanaugh

#KavanaughLied trends as Donald Trump defends Supreme Court justice following NYT article

#KavanaughLied trends as Donald Trump defends Supreme Court justice following NYT article


KavanaughLied trends as Donald Trump defends Supreme Court justice following NYT article

' Brett Kavanaugh should start suing people for libel, or the Justice Department should come to his rescue,' Trump tweeted on Sunday.

"Such a profound lapse in judgment and common sense. Sexual assault isn't harmless fun. What the hell is going on at the

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THE GOP DEFENDING KAVANAUGH CLEARLY SHOWS THE MORAL BANKRUPTCY OF THE GOP Can Newsweek sink any lower? birds of a feather flock together Odd... Was a hearing, but now? Books out first this time... What great integrity, get paid them we'll see what sticks 😳 Lawsuit, 3,2,1..... Truth will prevail,, 'Allegations' 😳

MAGA MAKE ASSAULT GREAT AGAIN Have you all heard anything about the Virginia Lieutenant Governor or Minnesota’s Attorney General 🤷‍♂️ that seems to have been blacked out and its not a story that claims someone heard someone heard someone else say they heard her say it. 🤦‍♀️NYT KavanaughLied MAGA MOLESTING ADOLESCENT GIRLS ALLOWED

Ivanka Trump says she got her moral compass from Donald in an appeal to rich donorsIvanka Trump first said that her mother, Ivana Trump, showed her how to be a successful and powerful woman. 🤣🤣😂😂😩😩😩🙄 She should rerun it, it’s broken.

GOP GRAND OLD PERVERTS ImpeachKavanaugh Why is this news or a surprise? It was abundantly clear during the hearings that everything out of this scumbag’s mouth was a blatant lie. He’s such an embarrassment (esp to his poor kids) and totally on brand for anyone realDonaldTrump endorses. KavanaughLied KavanaughResign

It's obvious trump picks men like him. Perverts. It makes me sick that anyone would think that's ok. He needs to b impeached too. I bet he treats his wife horrible LET'S SUING NEW YORK TIMES BRETT. Sounds like RBG is knocking on heaven's door! TrumpDoesCoverUps ImpeachKavanaugh ImpeachBarr ImpeachTrump

We all knew KavanaughLied. But the GOP Senate confirmed him anyway. BTW, isn’t it about time for Susan Collins to announce her retirement? KavanaughLied and needs to resign. SexualPredator The nytimes is desperate to divert attention from what will be announced tomorrow.

Donald Trump Jr. calls claims his family is profiting from the presidency 'ridiculous'The president's son said The Trump Organization, which he runs in his father's absence, has lost out on international deals. Lie father, lie son Fine then tell diplomats not to stay at your hotels then I wouldn't trust this guy to give me yesterdays weather forecast.

or the congress should come to our rescue.

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday EditionPresident Donald Trump headed once again this morning for the links at Trump National Golf Course. But before teeing up, he offered some advice for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh – con…

NHL's Mike Richter Begs Donald Trump To Take Climate Change SeriouslyThe hockey legend wants POTUS to start taking climate change seriously. Hang on to that dream Mike, DonaldTrump won't take anything seriously unless it's a news story that makes him look good. Beg trump Dude !!! Trump separated mother from their children !!! Again babies from them mums !!! And !!! 40 percent of America is ok with that 😕 Lol when did Mike Richter start falling for such a hoax?

Retired steel worker slams Donald Trump as his town languishes - CNN VideoPresident Trump made the steel industry a key focus of his 2016 campaign, but the struggling steel town of Monessen, Pennsylvania, is still waiting for Trump's promises to come true. CNN spoke to a retired steel worker who has a message for the President. TRUMP IS LIKE EVERYOTHER POLITICIAN......A LIAR!!!!! Trump said anything, just to try and get votes. He totally lied, and has been since he was first deposited in the WH. trump's promises and a dollar will get you a coke at McDonald's....the only people he has helped is himself and the 1%

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday EditionThis being Saturday, President Donald Trump is out on the links at Trump National Golf Course. But before he engaged in his favorite hobby, he took some time off to put a hole in one of the media. … Trump attacking another black Woman while white people do nothing

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