World, July 27 Tokyo 2020 Olympics News And Results

World, July 27 Tokyo 2020 Olympics News And Results

Katie Ledecky wins women's 1500m freestyle in dominant fashion

American great Katie Ledecky crushed the first-ever women's 1500m freestyle final to win her first gold medal of Tokyo 2020

7/28/2021 6:33:00 AM

American great Katie Ledecky crushed the first-ever women's 1500m freestyle final to win her first gold medal of Tokyo 2020

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics are underway after the Games were delayed for almost a year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Follow here for the latest news on the Summer Olympics.

1 hr 17 min agoFukushima's baseball fans are happy the Games have come, but disappointed not to have fansFrom CNN’s George Ramsey, Emiko Jozuka, Blake Essig and Daishi Kusunoki in Fukushima, JapanBaseball is part of Japan's culture, with fans tuning in every season to cheer on their favorite teams. Daishi Kusunoki/CNN

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After a 13-year hiatus, baseball is returning to the— although no fans will be there to witness it.Japan goes head-to-head with the Dominican Republic on Wednesday in Fukushima.Unlike Tokyo, Fukushima prefecture is not currently under a coronavirus state of emergency, but a decision was still made to host the seven games at the Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium — six softball and one baseball — without fans present.

That's despite spectators being allowed to attend other sporting events outside the Olympics in the region.The Red Hopes Fukushima prepare to play a game against a team from Gunma at a stadium in Izumizaki village in Fukushima prefecture. Daishi Kusunoki/CNN

It's particularly disappointing for the city of Fukushima, where the Olympics was supposed to celebrate the region's recovery from a nuclear disaster more than a decade ago."We have genuinely dreamed of people all over the world coming to visit Fukushima, and we expected them to find out the attractiveness of Fukushima," Akinori Iwamura, a former Major League Baseball player and manager of semi-pro baseball side the Red Hopes Fukushima, told CNN.

"Although our towns haven't fully recovered, we wanted to tell everyone how Fukushima has been rebuilt in the last 10 years. It is pretty unfortunate to have no spectators at the games," added Iwamura.Over in Koriyama city — about an hour drive from Fukushima city — residents said they felt elated by Japan's victory over the US in women's softball on Tuesday.

The Red Hopes Fukushima want to use sport to highlight the recovery of their region. Daishi Kusunoki/CNNAnd while fans can’t be in the stands for Wednesday' game, some, like local resident Yuko Aikawa, said they were looking forward to watching on TV.

"Of course, I would've wanted to buy tickets to see the competition at the stadium, but I understand the decision to ban spectators," Aikawa said."My friends and I have been following all the events on TV." Read more: CNN Breaking News »

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With a Silver in Tokyo, Katie Ledecky Adds to Her Already Impressive Olympic Medal CountTo date, swimmer Katie Ledecky has won an impressive seven Olympic medals, five of which are gold — a tally that's likely to grow at the Tokyo Olympics.

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Katie Ledecky got dethroned at the Olympics by Australian greatness that she herself inspiredKatie Ledecky, the most dominant female swimmer ever, lost an individual Olympic race here on Monday for the first time in her glittering career. How about that Canadian 14 year old who came in 4th though? Oh well

'Yeah, whatever,' says Ariarne Titmus after beating Katie Ledecky to claim 400m freestyle goldAriarne Titmus fought her way back to overtake two-time defending Olympic champion Katie Ledecky and earn Australia's first gold in the women's 400 meter freestyle since 1972. Tokyo2020

Katie Ledecky Begins Her Olympics in an Unexpected Color: SilverKatie Ledecky took second in the finals of the women’s 400-meter freestyle in 3:57.36, just 0.67 seconds behind Australian phenom Ariarne Titmus. AMERICA NUMBER TWO!!! PSA: if you’re in Tokyo or have time to watch Olympics coverage around the clock please don’t spoil Olympic medal results for the rest of us trying to keep up. Olympics TokyoOlympics Olympics2020 stillhavetowork NoSpoilers Strong

Katie Ledecky claims gold in Olympic debut of 1500-meter raceThe win, her first in Tokyo, marks six career golds for the the star swimmer. Team USA's Erica Sullivan came in second. Geez NBC 🤦‍♀️ Change the picture …smh Sweet! But who is this in the photo….

Katie Ledecky looks for gold in Olympic debut of 1500-meter raceAustralia's Ariarne Titmus claimed her second gold with a win in the 200-meter freestyle, chasing down Hong Kong's Siobhan Bernadette Haughey. She won her first by beating Ledecky. How did you guys get everything wrong lol