Kathy Griffin Hospitalized In Coronavirus Isolation With 'Painful' Symptoms

The comedian said she was being denied a COVID-19 test and called out Donald Trump for 'lying.'

3/26/2020 3:00:00 PM

The comedian said she was being denied a COVID-19 test and called out Donald Trump for 'lying.'

The comedian said she was being denied a COVID-19 test and called out Donald Trump for 'lying.'

Aon Wednesday revealed that “while the US has overtaken South Korea in total numbers of coronavirus tests administered, it has conducted far fewer tests per capita given the US population is more than six times larger than South Korea’s.”Tests for the coronavirus remain in short supply. U.S.

Used masks and gloves are showing up on beaches and in oceans Fauci on masks: 'It almost becomes a political statement. We've got to get away from that.' Election 2020: SCOTUS rejects attempt to block extended ballot deadline

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelinesfor testing say: “Clinicians should use their judgment to determine if a patient has signs and symptoms compatible with COVID-19 and whether the patient should be tested. Most patients with confirmed COVID-19 have developed fever and/or symptoms of acute respiratory illness (e.g., cough, difficulty breathing).”

Griffin has been a strident critic of Trump. In 2017, she posed for a photo of her holdingof the president. She said her shows were canceled, she lost celebrity friends and she was questioned by the Secret Service amid the outcry. Read more: HuffPost »

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Her supply of Adrenachrome must be running low. Get well creepy hater. My friend got a test although he waited a few hours on the line. I don’t believe her. Another anti Trump ploy Wow. What reality are most of you living in? Don't necessarily test? That's the problem numbnuts. We need to KNOW who is infected. How can you ppl be so cruel to a sick person regardless. You mother's missed teaching all the lessons needed to be a feeling human being.

Sounds like she had the Mexican crud. I would hope they would use the test for those that have the appropriate symptoms - not for one that just came back from Mexico. Kathy 'dumba$$' Griffin is a drama queen. Stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea are NOT symtoms of COVID-19, so why waste a test on that hag!! nastywoman

She does not have the Chinese virus, look at her eyes. Staged. Liar liar mull4patriots Why was it Trump’s fault? I say it was karma! Bull 💩 Because she didn't have the symptoms. Just another political game. Real people sick and she is playing games!!! Disgusting to keep up this vendetta She’s always been a loud mouth. Now she’s a sick loudmouth. So what?

She would blame trump if the Yankees don’t win the World Series This is a non-story And have a state run news outlet to deal with coronavirus information Could you imagine being President Trump is fake opinion Democrat propaganda outlet have been attacking him cents early 2016 and they really poured it on in the past month using coronavirus as a political ranting pole in all reality President Trump should shut down the media

She colors her eyebrows too? No symptoms. No test. Capiche? Wow any lengths to make yourself back in public. Don’t worry you won’t be there You’re not that good nor were you ever. She has not the O2 connection ! She is lying We all wish Kathy Griffin the very best while she is treated for COVID-19. Went in with stomach cramps and released shortly after; wasting ER resources to complain about Trump is pretty low!

Turns out she had bad gas! She doesn’t have the virus but she is mentally ill Guess holding the head of the President doesn’t seem too smart an idea now does it? (But I do hope you get better. And sorry for the loss of your mom. Prayers.) kathygriffin might want to explain why the metadata for this photo dates it 2017...

Comedian's a bit of a stretch She didnt have the right symptoms why waste a test on her? No special treatment for people who think they are better than everyone else. TDS is hella of an illness. Maybe we need a bit more of this spirit and miss less cordiality. You should’ve never apologized for this. Please, keep it up. Trumps approval rating is soaring, so the more fake and fabricated news you guys produce will only circle the wagons more and more. 12.2M Americans watched POTUS on the 23rd alone so they know healthy people even sick are not being tested. CCPVirus KAG

“Citing a tweet from President Donald Trump that falsely claimed the U.S. had done more coronavirus testing than any nation, Griffin wrote: “He’s lying.”” Obvly a lot of you dumbasses DIDN’T READ THE ARTICLE 🙄🙄🙄 Unbearable, excruciating pain.. symptoms of a diagnosed intestinal infection— That’s the reason for why she wasn’t warranted a COVID test. How is that tap water in Mexico treating her now

Wtf is this bullshit headline? She doesn’t have covid. She has a stomach infection. Not the comeback moment she was hoping for. No symptoms of corona. Lying drama queen. Get well soon Kathy They should be testing everybody who shows any symptoms at all, as well as the people with whom they've been in contact. There are people who are carrying the virus but are asymptomatic. We just don't have enough testing kits.

Hmm. So it would be fair to say that SHE was in fact the liar. Turned out she was lying and wanted to take a covid-19 test away from someone who could really use it. All because she had a yeast infection!!!! Bahahaha Where the hell is she? Here in Texas doctor gives you subscription & take to drive through to get tested. Something doesn’t sound right.

Playing a little fast and loose with the term 'comedian' i see... Karma's a bitch isn't it? Yeah I think she is faking it but hopefully not. katt9454 Who cares?! katt9454 Very attractive I must say, painfully attractive actually Heard today they sent her home so guess she’s fulla 💩‼️ What would change if you were tested and found to be positive. Whatever treatment you're receiving at this point would continue as is unless you present with new symptoms that actually point towards having CV. There is no current cure for CV

Sorry I don't care for this p.o.s. she hates Trump.. die... Be well soon Kathy. she can’t get a test because she’s not a celebrity. Specific facility and/or Doctors would decide if you need to be tested for CV , not the President. Tests are available She had to fart. Is there even one person with an IQ above 65 thinks she actually had the coronavirus? JussieSmollet

She will do better in life with her mouth covered like this pic. But seriously, I’m glad she doesn’t have covid. So trump denied you a test ? There is more to the story her chica! Dam Liberal That's what happens when you are a D list celebrity. You get treated like the rest of us common folk. Must not have had bad enough symptoms. kathygriffin coronavirus TrumpDerangementSyndrome FakeNews

If it was in California they have very strict way they are testing. Celebrities dont get to jump in that line. If she is ill i wish her a speedy recovery STD? Are we sure this is really Kathy Griffin? Looks like it could be Carrot Top or Andy Dick with red hair 🤔- prove it 😂. Did you fact check this story ?

.kathygriffin was pulling a PR stunt and they knew it. That’s why they wouldn’t waste a COVIDー19 test. COVIDIDIOT So fake😄😄😄😄😄 Karma She had an abdominal infection NOT coronavirus!!!! Sounds like an ecoli infection from her trip to Mexico. Why does this seem suspicious? She’s quite vague about symptoms, so I will assume nothing. Just rage with no real evidence.

She has an abdominal infection. Is that Trump's fault, too? Nice try, bitch. I've been sick off and on for almost 3 weeks... Flu my ass.. Lies...lies...lies Obviously restricted travel doesn’t apply to HER as well as the virus test protocol doesn’t apply to HER either. All of her hate and vicious behavior made her paranoid that Karma was coming to her and it wasn’t going to be kind.

We agree Kathy , he’s an ego maniac ,his response has and will,cost lives , hopefully you fall on side of recovery ! Looks like carrot top the comedian For the lack of testing, they’re taking X-rays & testing for any infection or pneumonia. Easy to confirm if you need hospitalization just by your vitals & simple tests. O2 level is the first check. She’s not even on oxygen. ER, E = emergency. She’s taking up valuable space.

Oh FFS It’s not coronavirus It’s raging TDS and that can’t be cured SelfQuaratine Immediately Ella es una mentirosa Someone wanted to see if they were famous enough to ask for a test and get it. Denied. Her tweet about her visit doesn’t make sense. This photo doesn’t. ER should be for the extremely ill. My wife has a chronic illness. The last thing she’d feel like doing is taking a selfie.

She’s a kook and likely no symptoms except what’s in her drama queen head. If she has not been tested then how do you know it is corona? The stats show only 3% get infected. That means it is 97% that you won't. Good odds. Kathy who Maybe she should be calling out her democratic governor. He is responsible for the state she lives in.

She just wants attention has been Harvey Weinstein can get one but no test for you! Get well Great news Justice for Carrot Top! Help Save Carrot Top! I’m sorry, what? Oh, wrong person. Never mind. 🥕 🎩 This is all a huge lie.🙄 FakeNews Yet, she has tested positive for Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) I hope she Dies!!! The Bitch!!!!

She has constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth. They should test her TDS instead. Get well Kathy Aren’t patients with the virus supposed to be getting oxygen? Good luck. I don't understand what the problem is with getting tested for this virus. Especially when you are showing all signs of having it.

I don’t wish you any harm, but you are known to scrape the bottom of the bowl for attention. If you are I’ll, get well soon. If this is just yet another stunt, shame on you! She is full of crap She is wearing a dust mask. Here's the thing dear, it's a respiratory illness, dust masks restrict breathing. No hospital would put you in a dust mask with a nose pinch bar. You'd be wearing a fluid resistant mask (fluid resistant is hospital standard for droplet capture) LIAR!!

Trump is not presidential, he should be with Weinstein in Jail. Poor thing. She has been mentally unstable for years. kathygriffin is a vile woman. This is Karma rearing its head. Nothing she's experienced is evidence of lying by realDonaldTrump The fact we've done more testing than anyone can coexist with her being denied a test. Those aren't mutually exclusive. MAGA2020

She’s being denied a test, but they’re letting her take up a bed? Not likely. She won't get my sympathy. Period. I don't believe ONE WORD she says - especially if she puts Trump's name in the context. If I was a doctor and I saw her in the hospital, I would ask...who brought this dog in here? This is not an animal hospital.

Speedy recovery Kathy Sadly Kathy May be on a “no-test list” personally administered by realDonaldTrump MattSBritton76 I hope she gets better soon! 🌷🌷🌷 There are some ugly people out there, but the majority of people are kind and caring. Please ignore the uglies Wasting your time Doc you can’t treat stupid.

Why would she be in a CoronaVirus isolation ward if she hasn't been tested? Admission into a coronavirus isolation ward requires a positive test for coronavirus. KathyGriffin is not the brightest bulb on the tree. It's a Hoax. She's using an old photo. Can my brother who has severe symptoms and COPD but is under 65 get tested? No. And he’s way more special than Kathy Griffin. Tests, amazingly, can not be shat out on demand. Being an entertainer should not rate you higher than average citizens

MSNBC_rocks_ Some of these responses are really nasty. You should just stop. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣😂🤣😂 there are people still out there that believe anything “puffpost” has to say? She lied - she took images from the internet from 2017 Sorry Kathy. Speedy recovery wishes. Who cares she dosent have it. Do you think Kathy is voting for Trump in November? I think she's vote for the other guy. Anyone want to bet me?

I heard this was from 2017, not now: Kathy Wish you a speedy recover from whatever ails you. But to suggest the admin singled you out for testing denial is a distraction no one needs now. The saying is that “if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem”. Right now you are not helping.

This what a real hospital looks like... just keep it real for once🩸 More Shifty Schiff made for TV delusion Didn't trump say there were millions of test kits and anyone who wanted to be tested could be? Where are these'millions'? I guess we can't see them hidden behind all his lies. ' They are all beautiful and perfect'

Didn't practice social Distancing Socialism in action VOTE SenSanders! This is what She wants! Socialism101 this America, right now, this is Bernies dream BernieBros *Food Rationing *Healthcare Rationing *Food Lines *Food Shortgages/Limits *Curfews *Confinement *Mass Unemployment *Government Dependence.

You’re still a lousy actress. Nobody is buying your ploy for attention and to attack the current administration. You will never be believed again. Why would she be in 'coronavirus isolation' if she hasn't been tested? I'm sorry she lost her mom. I hope she does not have the virus. But this woman as a heart that is rotten to the core & will do anything for attention. Where did I put my BullshitFlag ?

Thousands lare getting tested everyday, please don’t go get this free test if you don’t have symptoms, this takes away from those who need it! This bitch will come back from the dead and blame Trump for being cremated rather than being buried in a nice comfy coffin. Zombie brain! And I never forgot the severed head. How does it feel?

Instead of venting anger & such dislike she should be still & quite the noise & try to pray. Be at peace Kathy. Catching the Chinese plague and blaming Trump is probably the most entertaining thing she's done in a while.... Check for STDs also Trump’s fault? Trying to get Hollywood A list favors when she is closer to Z

If she were nice to president Donald J Trump she would be the first one to be tested. Now she has to pay for her awful behavior. Karma is a bich! 😎 FAKE NEWS And what about the rest of the people that need them? Hell, my wife’s building has nurses out left and right with ALL the covid-19 symptoms. They can NOT get it either now AND they help w/this country...not talk 💩 24/7

The comedian is a world class liar. Her photo metadata is from 2017. She pulled a Jussie. KathyGriffinLied FkN liar! I'm sure Jussie Smollett is proud of you👍 🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐 It is natural that bat, especially old bats carry the virus. so why is she worried? Karma is a bitch. Last time I checked it was up to the doctor to make that decision. Blaming Trump for something he has no control over is a symptom of a major mental disease called TDS.

Wow huffpost on the side of Trump backing up his testing claim - that's odd . And yet another elitist jumping to the front of the line to be tested. FairTestingFORALLnotJustRichAndCelebs kathygriffin is full of 💩 Finally some good news This idiot can’t even stop her Trump Derailment Syndrome during an illness. Mental illness may be the real issue here.

Such a crappy human Stupid is as stupid does Except that one of the photos was from 2017. She would not be in 'Coronavirus Isolation' unless she had been tested positive. She's lying. No oxygen needed? Just her Home Depot mask? Doesn't seem too life threatening. Get well soon ms BOZO Oh she’s back to trying to be relevant again? It’s been a while.

I am sorry you have the virus but Our President is not to blame for this. Maybe you should work on getting well and not being derogatory toward OUR leaders, I didn’t agree with much if anything Obama did but no post about him from me. She is sick because,she hasn’t gotten her baby injections! Another stunt from the former comic carrot top. Everyone knows this is BS, just stop.

This woman's completely lacking shame and has lost all touch with reality. She's LYING!!! Maybe she just ISN’T *** A -LIST *** enough! LOTS of OTHER celebrities are getting tested! My daughter works on the COVID unit in Tucson. (TMC) Anyone that has symptoms are getting tested here in Tucson. They have plenty of tests.

Nancy Pelosi said testing,testing testing! She is the one who said that everyone who needs a test would get her out! It is what it is! She lied! Get Well Soon Kathy. 'It's pretty frustrating that we have celebrities and basketball players getting tested the same day,' said Dr. Damian Caraballo She's not important enough!

Washed up comedian after attention I like Kathy BUT she was one of the first to quarantine and was posting about it so I’m confused as to how she got sick if she wasn’t leaving her home. Maybe I am missing something here. Karma. It's what's for dinner. Kathy Griffin is a left wing terrorist Never forget

It is called Adrenochrome Withdraw Symptoms. It's apparently very painful but probably not as painful as it was for the victims of the adrenochrome harvesting. Tying up valuable resources to pull a cheap political stunt. Disgusting TDS. This is another story where the companies making this a big story are not doing her or themselves any favors! Very easy to see her story looks suspicious & had any of them taken the time to check it out, she & them wouldn’t look as foolish!

says the person who seemingly died her hair and eyebrows right before heading to the hospital. I’m sensing a JussieSmollett case here. Hmmm... Wait, she’s being DENIED a COVID-19 test, but they put her in a COVID restricted area?!? That’s...odd. Stupid, Trump-hater story. Just because Kathy did not get a test does not make it a 'lie' that the US has tested more people than South Korea. But it is less per capita, so Trump should not brag like he does.

Karma is a bitch, right Kathy? Kathy, stop blaming the President for all your problems. He is doing all he can. The local authorities have the power to give you the COVID test if you meet the criteria. No one in Washington wishes you harm. Sorry about your mother. Conserve your energy by shutting the F up! kathygriffin

Hey huff post remember this. 😢❤️ Of course trump is a liar, always has been. You didn’t notice that before? kathygriffin kathygriffin is potentially at death's door and still b*tching about realDonaldTrump ! Her TDS is UNBELIEVABLE! You'd think she wouldn't want the drugs specifically because Trump first recommended it.

PatsQ90 😂things that aren’t true.✔️ 😭 🐺 one too many times. Poor baby. hahahaha Because she doesn't have the symptoms? TDS HHooversGhost 😱 omg She does look pretty sick. The mask helps though Alas, she's still a washed up has been; she & Tom Arnold can cry on each others shoulders and bemoan the fact that they are still not relevant.

I do not wish you ill will and hope you are well soon. But to blame Trump for your individual situation is ridiculous. I used to think you were moderately funny, but you have lost your way, and now I think you are just plain stupid. Get better soon!!!! Praying for you!!!!🙏🙏🙏 And not for him... The restrictions are in place for a reason & they apply to ALL people. Even those who demand a test or sit in a room taking selfies & trashing the President for their own self-promotion.

Karma baby, Karma Wow, you look more sickly than you usually do. At last you have enough strength to Tweet.🤮 Lets all pray for Kathy not only to get well but to get SAVED, she needs Jesus in her life I feel for her. Don’t need a test for ugly. It’s been proven she’s lying. They don’t isolate you with other COVID-19 patients unless tested. Huge liability. She’s also wearing a surgical mak with zero ventilation hooked up and is wearing her clothes and not hospital gown. Kathy is MENTALLY ILL!!!

Karma really is a bitch Hope you feel better soon. ❤️ She does not need to be tested, it’s obvious from her description of the symptoms that she has Man-Flu. manflu kathygriffin COVID2019 CCPVirus Tell her to crack joke now lol Where’s her oxygen? So she is most likely lying and we are talking about this attention seeking nut job!

15k dead from the flu just this year.. 600 from Covid. LMFAOOOOOO I’m sure Trump really cares what this absolute pos thinks of him right now as he’s busy with DrainTheSwamp 👋🏽 Of course she did. This has been her whole shtick for years now. Donald Donald Donald. What goes around comes around for what you did to President Trump with the bloody head do you remember? Oh I’m sure you do

Sounds like a Smollett story to me. I suspect this is a fake news story when HuffPost described as a “Comedian “. The 'washed-up' comedian.......... There. Fixed it for you It said “comedian” and I saw the photo and thought It’s Carrot-Top. She's not a comedian but a liar and not a good one. Phony set. she is exactly the problem. has been trying to get attention.

Why the ''? These celebrities are losing it...like seriously....unhinged Again you are try to another TDS driven fabricate lie from D- actress kathygriffin, it is debunked by people whois working in that hospital. this is so sad, I hope she has a speedy recovery as well as the Thousands of other who are sick

So they put her in a Coronavirus wing without testing her? I’m calling bs on that I cant believe the insensitivity! They don't isolate you for nothing. Secondly, maybe this person, who happens to be famous, cant get oxygen or breathing apparatus due to shortages & more seriously ill are using them? I may not care for her comedy lately but wish Griffin well.

Why don’t you include the part where trump wasn’t lying and we have tested more than any other country She didn't meet the clinical standard for testing. Is there anyone , besides Huff and Puff Post who likes this woman// She is a virus no need for a test! Whew. Thought something was important. Just a ginger who’s entitled and still complaining about her president.

Can still hear the lies/hate through the mask.... I believe she’s nonessential anyway... No one cares, grow up What some people will do for publicity. If we’re lucky the corona virus wil put her out of her misery! that is one ugly monkey Denied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry hun, you'll find sympathy in the dictionary between spit and syphilis. You made your dirt sandwich now eat it.

it is very clear she has mental problems and should be put in a straight jacket. LOCK HER UP Crazy nut She is having anxiety from the death of her mother. It can cause body aches, chest pains, shortness of breath, etc. She is not hooked up to oxygen, clearly see that in photo. Plus she is an attention seeking idiot.

Good for u Welcome to Triage 101 She has TDS Karma's a real biotch isn't it. Life comes at you fast Translation: Kathy Griffin is a lying troll who's desperate for attention...'Hey, someone please notice me!' I hope if she is sick she get well. I do not believe anything she says sorry. Who made carrottop trending

gotta lot of energy to tweet🤔🤥 C, mon really? The mask was to shut her up! There’s probably duct tape under the mask. She is such a disgusting person no virus would stay in her! Pence task force purposefully held back her testing? TDSrunamok Your greatest standup yet. Or should I say lay down Terrible. What hospital?

The blood of children, They are getting their Justice. Fake news gonna fake news! FakeNews So sad this woman has such a need for attention that she will go to any length. But she is barking up the wrong tree. She doesn't need Covid-19 testing. She needs mental testing and some prescribed meds.. Not street meds Kathy - just some advice.

Are we supposed to feel bad or.....🤷🏼‍♂️ I guess if I was a democrat and she was a republican we could use a pix of her severed head dripping in blood and it would be just fine.. so .. if you look closely, Jussie Smollett is in the bed next to her in this totally legit story. What are the restrictions? No critic of the president may be tested? After a certain number of positives STOP! Don’t want to wreck his numbers.

This looks and sounds like a kathygriffin hoax. No Kathy is a garbage human being who performs disgusting acts to satisfy perverse fantasies and there are a lot of Hollywood idiots not far away from how gross she is but she is by far the worst of the worst. She is also an idiot who is trying to get attention and no one cares.

Why would she be in a COVID-19 isolation ward if the hospital didn't know she had it? karma Not everyone can get tested. Life isnt fair. She is used to getting special treatment and is upset Oh. deray That would be such a gift if she has it This is so fucking funny! Trump wins again. LMAO..... Didn’t think she was that old to be in the critical group.

They won't waste a test if your symptoms don't coincide with the virus. On top of that kathygriffin has proven herself to be batshit crazy. Is that a home Depot mask? 😂😂😂Foh with your fake news I was denied one too even after the hospital called 2 say that my daughter has it. I have it 2 but no one would test me. realDonaldTrump and Mike_Pence are lying to our faces and risking everybody’s lives in order to try to get re-elected. Now more than ever I will vote 4 Dems.

this is all fake Praying for her to make a full revovery So she’s complaining because she is getting care now? It’s not like they turned her away at the door Please learn, when he say “more than anybody”, that’s a narcist statement that incompetent people use to appear successful. I know several people that can’t get tested and the hospitals are irritated.

She’s just pathetic She needs to stop being so angry. It weakens your immune system I’m shocked about this story! Kathy Griffin is a “comedian”?!?! 🚨Dr. Fauci was asked if he'd prescribe this drug for coronavirus patients. 'Yeah, of course, particularly if people have no other option,' he said. 'These drugs are approved drugs for other reasons.'

Gotta be tough when you are no longer relevant Kathy Griffin. You can definitely 'catch' viruses. But, being full of hate is your own doing. deray I wish a speedy recovery 🙏🏼🥰💪🏽💖 You need mental help. I can tell you that just as the doctors are saying...those who NEED to be tested, are being tested! You are literally a public hysterical sensationalist so perhaps it’s hard to believe you. Hope you feel better

What's with the picture? Look at her hairline. It looks like it's been color-corrected. Who photoshops a pic of themselves in the ER? I smell a rat, a red-headed rat. She’s obviously well enough to tweet and immediately blame everything on Donald Trump - even though she’s not showing major symptoms or Covid-19. “Unbearably painful” symptoms are symptoms of SO. MANY. THINGS. She’s just mad she ruined her own career

It looks like God got even with this bastard Wow, I’m shocked that Kathy Griffin would have something negative to say about Donald Trump. You sure you got the correct person? What a clown this fool is Kathy Griffin thinks she has Coronavirus Has Serious Chest Pain Also has energy & peace of mind to snap a photo & post TDS shit about Trump I call bullshit CoronavirusLockdown

JussieSmollett is watching you for pointers BruceNorrisSr She should be in a psych ward Well he is lying!!!! I mean I thought it was a beautiful test and that we all get one?!?realDonaldTrump TrumpLiesAmericansDie COVIDIDIOT Trying real hard to care. Nope... nothing The best is yet to come Kathy. Nothing can stop whats coming.

The virus us not painful. Where is her oxygen? This is so phony. Publicity stunts don’t warrant testing. Feel better soon. anything for attention, jussie smollet style She faking it! Look the Huffpost with more fake new! Color me shocked. Gosh, she was so entertaining. Thoughts and prayers to her fam. Between this and her mother's death, she has been through a lot lately. I hope she'll recover ASAP.

She's a comedian? Really? What has she ever done or said that was funny? Even washed up 'D' list celebrities look down on her. If they re-made 'Love- Boat' she'd be cleaning the heads on Lido deck. End up just like her mom How sad🙏. Prayers to Kathy praying she passes painfully. She just wants attention. I don’t believe it.

That is a surgical mask not a ventilator, Besides she claims she's in a virus containment room, If she has not been tested, then why is she in an isolation room? TommyG you see this? QuareFellas get well kathy It's🐂💩. Is that RealCarrotTop Denied or just not indicated!!! God DAMN she is ugly 🙁🙁 I think only fans of his will get tested 1st. And porn stars, anything he fancies will get priority!

Another publicity stunt where she blames someone for something. Another day in the life. She should be grateful, stuff like this keeps her relevant He never said per capita.. FakeNewsMedia = EnemyOfThePeople Look at Me. I am more important than you will ever be. Donald has free real estate in her liberal head.

deray It's adenchromewithdrawls Her illness is in her head. She is a LIAR!!! Bullshit! Well you rich bitch welcome to the pit with all the other poor people that can't get test? What not gonna sing imagine with your other rich friends? I did enjoyed her work in some TV sitcoms. I did not appreciate her stabs at the President but I do not wish her ill. I hope she is strong and bad ass to beat this up.

Go coronavirus Publicity stunt crap again who cares Unfortunately, we still don't have a cure for TDS, so she's free to go home. She’s lying anyone they think has it has been getting tested Couldn't happen to a meaner person kathygriffin She's a bigger PIS liar now than ever before 🍕🐇 You mean this one? Qanon

Apparently she’s pretty low on the Hollywood who’s who list, other in Hollywood were tested that showed no symptoms. Ps. Grow up fool, Trump doesn’t decide who gets tested. She claims to be in a covid ward; how was she placed there if not tested? Kathy is full of shit, and so are you. The comedian says a lot of things..🙄

COVID-19 facts... 1. Doctors have ways of telling if you are negative for COVID-19 without needing to test for it. ( presenting with no fever, etc). 2. Kathy Griffin is again using anything and everything she sees as an opportunity to bash Trump online. Really? kathygriffin 😏 kathygriffin Thought this was Carrot Top! Obvious, you are a liar! Moreover, chest pain is not a symptom of the COVID2019! your mother just passed--- sorry 💔 stop making it about you!

Well she is freaking crazy if she thinks realDonaldTrump or Mike pence is responsible for denying her a test. 1 it's the hospital, 2 it won't matter anyway for treatment you failed to confirm what symptoms kathygriffin has, that made her ineligible for COVID19 testing. She is being isolated. So, it's clearly they think she might have it... Did you ask the doctor any questions? 😒

Perhaps you should just keep that hole in your face shut so you can get better. Did they finally lock her up in a rubber room She needs psychiatric help and you guys feed her delusions. Shame on you! Let’s see we can’t cure the common cold but these geniuses think we can make millions of tests in just a few short weeks. Let us use congress as an example could have signed 1.2T stimulus on Monday. Now we have a 2.2T and they won’t vote in House until Friday. Now say that again!

What an ignorant thing to say about President Trump. Trump is doing all he can to help and you throw blame on him when the virus came from China! Were you following the separation advice or clowning around thinking you couldn’t get it? People who listen to you are crazy COVID19 Sad, but a karma If the hospital put her in a COVID-19 Isolation Ward without testing her their exposure to a lawsuit is enormous.

How the hell is Trump responsible? The doctors make the call! How self important and delusional do you have to be to think the President of the United States monitors your health? She’s using this virus for publicity! With all due respect to I wouldn't trust a thing you say since you and other fake news media outlets are part of the coronavirus problem...as for Kathy Griffin, I hope she gets well soon but please don't politicize being sick.

UHH HEY KATHY THAT’S NOT A CORONAVIRUS WARD IT’S A PSYCH WARD They only give 🇨🇳 🦇 flu tests to A-Listers dust mask. she's a liar. I thought Covid-19 testing was for flu and not brain damage. Kathy who? So did she want trump to personally test her? Lmao. Of course she’s draining resources to bring attention to herself.

She’s also a liar and has proven she’ll make up whatever story to try to get her name out there. Please put a warning disclaimer before showing a photo of that woman’s face .. geez Sucks to suck No one can get tested except the rich (ihdk if you’re rich enough) and those that are showing signs of covid19. Millions of us haven’t been tested.

Doctors determine test need.quit blaming President Trump u tds suffering elite Eh just looking for attention am I right? Lady is straight up trying to use covid-19 to stay relevant...... unbelievable Get a reality check too but I do hope u get better Could you imagine waking up next to that?!?! Yikes!! Terrible human

GALATIANS 6:7 'you reap what you sow'.. Kathy Griffin looks really bad, much worse than usual. Mauraannwalsh1 kathygriffin 🙏Stay strong. 🙄 Why would she be in Covid-19 isolation if she wasn’t tested? That’s not Kathy Griffin. That’s Carrot Top! She isn’t intubated so she can easily be at home suffering, save the hospital bed for someone who’s life is at immediate risk of dying not just scared of dying. This doesn’t apply to just Kathy it applies to all of us. If she was critical I doubt she would think about Twitter !

aw damn.. when I saw her name trending I thought she died If you are really wishing someone harm over them not liking our piece of crap president you should probably self isolate in a coffin six feet under It's TRUE, my doctor is being overwhelmed with sick patients and the coronavirus task force in our county is telling folks to stay hydrated. Like what Just say you don't have enough tests, don't patronize sick people.

“Comedian” Your not famous enough to warrant a valuable test. Change your name to Tom Hanks and learn how to dribble a basketball and maybe just maybe they will test you If she’s denied testing it’s because she doesn’t qualify her symptoms don’t match up. Dauh Karma Probably based on blood tasting she got COVID 17 not COVID 19 which requires different protocols and cantations .

Why are you putting scare quotes around lying? He is lying. There aren’t enough tests. Doctors all over the country are saying the exact same thing. She doesnt have any symptoms related to the China Virus. If she did she would hooked up to a oxygen tank. She is so desperate for attention and its pathetic.

This is just an act of troll. Kathy has the $$$ to get tested herself. Can't wait to carry her head around on a stick Self serving canceled 15 mins. Karma She was zapped with frequency.. 5g She's being indicted along with 13,000 other of there pedo satanic human trafficking Adrenachrome junkies KathySmollet

Maybe she didn’t meet the guidelines for being tested yet; Fever Cough Shortness of breath, pain when breathing Immunocompromised Maybe she doesn’t have them yet. Medical care is not like a McDonalds drive thru. You can’t just demand what tests you receive. Is that a ventilator that’s NOT hooked up? She’s actually slandering the Hospital by CLAIMING she was sent to Corona ISOLATION but didn’t get tested. So she’s around other sick ppl. You are so lazy these days

🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 This loon needs to be in a psych ward, not taking an ER bed from someone who actually needs it Thoughts and prayers for kathy I trust doctors a lot more than I trust Kathy Griffin. That being said whoever follows Kathy Griffin for medical information feel free. Wus up girl💀 Oh so now you need him? Wow, just wow!!

How is her situation any more important than any other citizen of this planet? Instead of grandstanding, focus on healing And who denied the test. That woild be HER DOCTOR. If she wants to criticize anyone criticise her doctor. Demwits Of all the 'celebrates' who claimed to have Corona the only one who winds up in the hospital and posts dramatic pictures while Blaming the President is the Women who held up a cut off head of the Pres and lost her career over it ? THEY THINK WE ARE STUPID

I guess she didn’t learn from her last fiasco She’s got a more insidious disease than covid19. It’s called TrumpDerangementSyndrome. COVIDー19 kathygriffin kathygriffin You are not special. Lots of people are being denied. Karma Yeah, Trump called the people that administer the test and told them to not let her have one....what a stupid, crazy lady.

That lady should be in a mental institution. All I see is that she used her status to take a bed from someone who probably needs it much more than her. They don’t even have her on oxygen. Her doctor could order the test if he felt it was needed. Does she think we are this dumb? YEAH RIGHT such bull crap

Can you think about anyone but yourself? kathygriffin's mother dying didn't generate enough attention to feed Little Kathy's narcissistic ego. If she had a fever, the hospital tested her for CCPvirus. Now if she did Adrenochrome THAT'S a whole 'nother thang...and bad for you! I think she is making this up! Unbreakable pain? She is the only one I've read about who stated there is a lot of pain. Is there no end to her shame?

Details of what ICU ISOLATION ward or much like the MIA HANKS situation all a scam? people have the 4-11 on the 201 The CDC has guidelines for COVID-19 testing which includes testing for other respiratory illnesses 1st. People are still getting the flu (which is treatable). You can’t just demand a COVID-19 test because you’re a panicked D-lister.

She’s the actual liar. So much wrong with her post. Jussie would be proud. This is just another liberal hoax Griffin tested positive for TDS, and is now in the psych ward. 😁 He always lies. His supporters are too stupid to know better. Genuinely sorry the worthless shitbag is ill but blaming the President sounds like an applications for 15 more minutes of fame. Do get better. No one deserves to be ill.

I really don’t like Kathy but I don’t wish her or anyone ill. Why is she or anyone blaming Trump? Kathy take responsibility. You have the means so don’t play a victim. This could just b a ploy for ratings. It’s a shame you make us think that awww, the desperate plea for attention. Purge the gingers, lol

Journalists = non-essential workers Can anyone actually verify this story? There are a lot of holes in her story and the photos bring up a lot of questions (a few are suggesting this may be a set, the fact she isn’t hooked up to anything and took two ideally cropped photos...) My sister has been sick for over a week, 60 yrs old & has COPD, ALL the symptoms & STILL CAN'T GET A TEST. I believe Kathy

Karma!🤣 Remember when Trump asked “what do you have to lose by voting for me?” Now we know: our health, our lives, a working health care system, our retirement money, our jobs, our elderly, our economy, & a solvent working govt. CongratulationsAmerica kathygriffin coronavirus This is complete bullshit she brought her self to the ER, she’s not on any oxygen, that is the ER she is in right now. How come no one has heard from her since her post? Because she was released she wasn’t hospitalized they checked her and Kicked her ass out.

Nobody cares about kathygriffin go see your mom and leave us alone ! Bye bye hag This is just embarrassing! I hope she recovers from COVID19 and then seeks mental health care. Donald Trump is not the reason for all of your demises woman. Get a GRIP. Of course he’s lying. trump lies about everything. Yeah.. so? 🤷🏼‍♀️ He isn’t lying to you much less give a crap about you nor do we. You take a pic of yourself holding realDonaldTrump’s severed head? Back of the line, babydoll.

Karma and kathygriffin have a lot in common! But every asshole that irresponsibly partied at Mardi Gras & is now infected is getting tested at a drive through site. Real nice. They put her in COVID-19 isolation with no COVID-19 test done. 🤔 Directly from the Gotham Asylum? Is this some relevant person never heard of her.

Andrenochrome She would blame Trump if she tripped and fell while in a drug addled stupor. She really will do anything to stay relevant I can't think of anyone who deserves this ratio more than Kathy Griffin You mean the wants of the one are greater than themany? This lady is trash 😂😂 She’s not famous enough to get tested

If she truly showed the key symptoms she would receive a test. 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭 Haha haha Fact check her . And, she IS being treated Sending healing love to kathygriffin. k a r m a She is in a normal room, not a made up isolation chamber. Why are people so gullible? The desperate lengths celebrities will go through just to try to make a point that doesn’t f*cking exist 🤦🏻‍♂️

Not in enough pain for a selfie. I’m 52 , in Texas and had all the symptoms for 9 days . I called everywhere and couldn’t get a test only because there aren’t enough and restrictions . I was too young and wasn’t hospitalized 🙄 so basically I had to be dying to get a test . Kathy Griffin has already used up her 15 minutes of fame

while i do not care for this woman i hope she gets well but to say she was denied explain to me why NBA stars were able to be tested? and they were black Must be nice having that huge private room .... people around the world are dying in hallways and tents ... you’re getting top care ...shut it already🚨😡🤬 ChinaLIED

It shows that she's just a D-List 'star' at this point. A-List stars, musicians, politicians and sports figures all seem to be getting tested. What REALLY bothers her is that she's not famous enough anymore to get tested. 🤣🤣 I sincerely hope Kathy Griffin gets well and that I never hear about it either way.

anything for some publicity. of COURSE she would be demanding a test. Attention grabber.... Why is it always PERSONALLY Donald trumps fault that she's not getting a test? Blame the hospital. Looking for any chance she can to attack him it's so lame Haha so spoiled she demands a test and blames trump that her healthcare workers don’t find it necessary. Smh imagine being her nurse..

with no proof the so called journalist at HUFFPOST run story they have no clue to it's accuracy. TDS LockHerUp for SPREADING 🐮💩 So are many other Americans & global citizens. We can blame the Chinese Gov, BarackObama & his Admin XHNews WHO for not working on vaccines during & after Swine Flu epidemic. Also, for not preparing for future viral & Biowarfare supply stockpiles.people TIME latimes

Called out Donald Trump for lying? Is she talking about that time when Trump said she was holding a bloody and severed head with his likeness? No wonder she is being denied treatment. KAG2020 And how is that Trump’s fault? In the mind of a liberal, Trump called the hospital and told them not to give her a corona test. Maybe Kathy should of practiced social distancing and for once held herself responsible for her own actions?

This is fake news. Never pass up an opportunity to bash Trump...nice one, Kathy. smh Has anyone told her yet? Does she know that's a mental institute? Kathy Kathy Kathy... I know where U can get 1 FOR SURE! China. Take a flight 2 China. According 2 Xi & their media they HAVE NO NEW SICK PEOPLE & they're all returning back 2 life as usual. P.S. When it gets out that U FAKED this when REAL actors DID get sick & RECOVERED, you'll NEVER work again LOL

She's lying. If she didn't get a positive test I dont think she'd be isolated in a hospital. They save those spaces for people who actually test positive. Go Away Crazy Woman. Ohhh, it’s probably just a bad case of syphilis. She needs to quit being such a diva. I’m a healthcare worker. Not all tested. If someone in your family tested positive then you are considered positive. That calls for a quarantine of the whole family. If you don’t have symptoms you don’t get tested. If you have mild symptoms stay home. STAY HOME

Karma is a bitch Feel better Isn't she past the point of social relevance by now? You're not the only one, just famous. Suck it I'm sure some enterprising HuffPo 'reporter' has dug into this story and gotten more verification than 'she said'. lol - I'm sure not. It fits the narrative, run it! Painful? Interesting, haven't seen anyone say that was a symptom

Get well soon Kathy!!😘 Get wellsoon kathygriffin Damn. She could be on her death bed and she’s still spending time and energy on Trump.......smh. If you can’t get a test, it’s because they know you’re going through Adrenochrome withdrawl Kathy. Not everyone is so stupid. If she has the virus and is being treated accordingly why does she need the test? Maybe someone who really needs the test should be done ahead of, by her own statement, a d-list or any celebrity.

Get well soon, Kathy Griffen! I hope all of you that that feel she doesn't deserve a test because you don't like her are never, ever in the position she's in and you get a test if you need it. WTF is wrong with you people. We in a global pandemic. Where is your humanity? The doctors decide if someone needs to be tested.

Give a call to the Governor of Calilfornia. He technically is in charge of your f'n state and how tests are being distributed. If she can take a selfie, she should not be taking up a bed in a hospital... They are not giving us tests. Simple.Whatever the reason,they arent. You have to have one foot in the grave first.

Why the hell does she have on a n95. Those are lifesaving equip for the staff. Patients don’t wear them. WTH. I guess she has a stock cause it would be life threatening if she demanded one of the hospitals. I’m a nurse. We don’t have them and she posts an instagram wearing one? Nice Karma 🙏🙏feel better

It's a stunt. You people are sad. 😂😂😂😂 riiiiight oh course she blames trump. Deranged lunatic. kathy griffin is so desperate for attention.. her and jussie smollett should just get married already Welcome to the world of the common people. Shes mentally unstable and psychotic, nobody should take her seriously.

Has she called out the Hollywood elite for getting themselves tested with ZERO symptoms? How about the high paid people who toss a ball around? She call them out too? She really is on the D-List! what are the painful symptoms? shes in her clothes w/ a mask, not an O2 mask tho. theres celebs all over getting tests with or without symptoms, shes just sad shes not even a D list celeb. always stirring the pot. STFU. dont clog up our health care, test is for those who NEED it

That’s not WuhanVirus she has ...it’s the CNNVirus otherwise known as TrumpDerangementSyndrome Wish you a speedy recovery kathygriffin , just take the red pill and all will be cured RealCandaceO TheOfficerTatum DavidJHarrisJr can administer it for you 😂😂 sounds like a panic attack but i trust the doctors at the ER a little more than her

Being mentally ill and having AdrenochromeWithdrawal does not qualify you, Kathy, to get a Corona test. I think they just put you in Psych ward. Have you checked? ThesePeopleAreSick Sending get welllsssss!!favecomedychick Riiiight Did somebody get the number of that truck ? If you are squeamish please don’t look !

Honey, you were right in the beginning slaying the head of the snake. Get well soon!!! Who cares if she can't get a test? She's got a bed in the hospital. She's doing nothing but pathetically attempting to jack her support base and rip Trump at the same time. It's the only way these has been, D-list celebrities can resonate with their beloved libtards these days.

Bye Felicia Please someBODY, get her a grief counseling dr ASAP. She’s more mentally challenged with a severe case of TDS too. like dr fauci said not everyone needs a test I hope you feel better soon! Only rich people can get tests. Plz send her poor ass home and tell her her 1200 is coming later Probably the DOCTORS said she doesn't need one... realDonaldTrump is not in charge of who gets a test! huffpost another fail for you! And although I dislike kathygriffin now..I used to love her..but my sympathys for the loss of her mom and hope and pray for her to get well!

Mmmmhummm Get well soon Kathy!! KathyGriffin attempt to seem relevant, to create controversy. At the cost of others that are truly sick, & in need of hospital care, she is using an agenda to take up a hospital bed. Although I wish her a speedy recovery, I think a bed in the psych ward is more fitting.

Is this the same person who wants to assassinate president Trump!?! SilverLining No one believes her So sick but still has time to bash POTUS realDonaldTrump. This lady will use any platform she can to get attention. this moron will do anything for attention. i'm sure she's just fine. ridiculous. You already look dead. Go with it.

Why make this political? We all know he hates POTUS. For all I know it could be a photo op.... if she is really sick, I wish a speedy recovery. donald trump lying, whose is going to believe that ? answer everybody FakeNews trumphater notfunny Got the banquet of attention she ordered. So now we are to be decent? Just want to know.

She has TDS. Can’t stand her- she blames everything on Donald Trump. I thought she was 'Mayor of Zero Fu***ville', as her bio states? You know what... I can't stand her, but I'm not cruel. I'm not like her and others on the Left. I genuinely hope she recovers fully. Get well. I wish her a speedy and full recovery. I also hope she works to bring more positive energy into her life.

She’s a freak and needs attention. Although I wish her a full, healthy recovery. Her attempt to blame Trump is ridiculous? Is she going to call out the rest of the world too? OR does that not fit her agenda? Pathetic GetWell She needs a psych eval whikenshe there! Every time I see this face ......Jeeeeeesus

Way to be a part of the problem HuffPo. Attention WhR€ She’s lying again, seeking attention. She’s a pitiful thing.. From what I understand even if we get tested, it's taking some cos. 10 days to process. I would think many would be on ventilators or dead by then. POTUS is inept, corrupt & a douchebag. Yet, where is the GOP to call this fast ass out? He should be removed from office & jailed.

Yeah she's full of shit. Rip .... Sorry that’s Carrot Top! And even if Carrot Top can’t get tested. There are no drugs or cure yet. They think you have it and you are in the hospital isolation unit. What else can be done? It’s not possible to be diagnosed without being tested. Nice mask? No wires? Nice corduroy pants. “Look at me look at me.”

kathygriffin you see the trend her no one really likes you. No symptoms, no test. What’s the problem? Cause you poop your pants cause you scared, no test for you! She's a liar. 'Kathy Griffin doesn't understand that she wouldn't be put in a COVID-19 isolation ward unless she tested positive. The legal liability for the hospital would be off the charts if they isolated people without testing them.'

Just another pathetic attempt to discredit Trump by a nobody. Bless you and I wish you a swift recovery. If you have access to internet, it's time to catch up on your favorite shows :-) This is a stunt. She is lying. Well that’s nothing to laugh at. If she cuts her head off her breathing problem will subside.

Looks like trumpie is plucking out all who’ve messed with him I'm in NH and spoke with my doctor yesterday who said tests are still very difficult to warrant using because they're still in such short supply. It's the end of March already. Get well and to all suffering with this virus. Never heard of her since she did the Trump head thingo

Something is telling me she's not actually sick and just doing this for attention and to stir the pot. Not good. Get well Kathy. Good thing she wore her wig the hospital. Come on Kathy ! Tell us a few jokes...cheer us all up with your wit and razor sharp humour ! I pray she is fine but to lay the blame on Trump or Pence is just childish politics to the extreme. The CDC states that clinicians must use their own judgment. If the MD's at the major hospital where she is at are not testing her, that is on them & not the Trump admin. 🤦‍♂️

Send my get well wishes. Man to what lengths will this idiot go to make Trump look bad ? trump2020 Wow a lot of unnecessary comments here. Regardless if you like this woman or not, why be happy when someone is ill? Shame on those of you who posted unkind comments. Imagine wasting what could be your last words saying orange man bad. Stage 4 TDS.

I hope she also receives mental health care. Someone should reach out to her mental health specialist instead of her rep. This is sad. The hospital should NOT necessarily test for coronavirus just because there is a coronavirus hysteria. The hospital should approach the patient in terms of actual symptoms, medical history, and clinical course. There could be 1001 other things wrong with her.

Awww gee. That’s too bad. So this isn’t all bad then ‘Comedian’ Oh my, I am trully sad, really, no joke, honest Drama queen. Who? Too bad so sad Because she didn’t have the symptoms, and she should be ashamed of herself, but we know that won’t happen. She should be sent up to the mental ward, after they resolve her stomach issue.

I guess you can only cry 'big bad Trump wolf' so many times before nobody will listen anymore. It's a shame if she is really sick, but such a liar and drama queen who is left to believe her? But she’ll make it.. Get well soon Carrot Top! She’ll be missed.

Kathy Griffin Hospitalized in Coronavirus Ward, But Can't Get TestedKathy Griffin says that she can not get tested for coronavirus despite being hospitalized and placed in an isolation ward. Guess she doesn’t have enough ⭐️ power. Not to be mean, more realistic... Here's a guess. The reason she is hospitalized and isolated has nothing to do with the virus. Fake news.

Kathy Griffin slams Trump's coronavirus response while in hospital with 'unbearably painful' symptomsAfter checking into a hospital with 'unbearably painful' symptoms, comedian Kathy Griffin has spoken out against Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak. In a… Adrenochrome junkie having withdrawal symptoms Unbearably painful is a description of listening to Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin Blasts Trump for 'Lying' About Abundance of Coronavirus TestsWhile in a hospital isolation ward room receiving treatment for 'unbearably painful symptoms,' comedian Kathy Griffin responded to President Trump's tweet where he alleged that the United States has performed 'more testing than any other nation' Boy, is she gonna be mad when he wins again!! But she's in an isolation room. What treatment is she being denied? A doctor in Huntington Beach is testing. Google it yourself. He is also getting results within 24 hrs.

Kathy Griffin Says She's in a Coronavirus Isolation Ward After Showing 'Unbearably Painful' SymptomsThe comedian said that she was unable to get tested, but is in a 'major hospital ER' TommyG itscoronatime Isolation from her will do us all some good Good spot for her

Kathy Griffin says she can't get tested for coronavirus despite 'painful symptoms'The comedian, 59, revealed on Twitter Wednesday that she's been sent to a 'COVID-19 isolation ward in a major hospital ER' after visiting an urgent care facility. But she said her attempts to get tested have been unsuccessful. No Trumpers please. This sucks. Horse crap

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