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Kate Winslet Says 'Mare of Easttown' Season 2 Talks Are Happening

Will #MareOfEasttown get a second season? Kate Winslet says... #Emmys

9/20/2021 1:58:00 PM

Will MareOfEasttown get a second season? Kate Winslet says... Emmys

The 45-year-old British actress spoke with ET after the show's big wins.

"For three out of our four actors to win and for Jean Smart to win forHacks, as well, it just feels amazing," Winslet, 45, told ET."I just feel so proud of everybody and so proud of our show and the cast and the crew and everyone."

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In addition to Winslet, actors Evan Peters and Julianne Nicholson also took home gold, and the series won a fourth Emmy for production design. So as a follow-up to the show's big success, can fans expect a second season ofMare?"The truth is, I don't know, honestly, I don't know," Winslet, who also served as an executive producer of the series admitted."There are conversations. There are lots of ideas floating around, but I think until there's a script that we can all look at and take a view of, is it another story worth telling or not, then we don't know. Honestly, I don't know."

FilmMagic/FilmMagic for HBO/HBO MaxWinslet said that even if the opportunity did present itself, she'd have to think twice before accepting the gritty role a second time. "It would be a lot to consider because, honestly, it was so hard," she explained."It took something of me. I had to take this year off, did a little therapy, truly I've taken a minute to put myself back together. So I'd have to really think that through, 'cause sometimes you have to look after your own mental health and things like that."

Despite these internal struggles, Winslet said she"did love playing" the Pennsylvania cop. "What I loved about her so much is that nobody's perfect. She's a mother and a grandmother who has no choice but to keep on going," the British actress said."And sometimes when the chips are down, that's all you can do as a parent. You just have to keep going. That's what I loved the most about our show is that we didn't shy away from those harsh realities." 

And though she's hesitant to step back into the challenging part, Winslet joked,"You know what, awards really help. They help you get over yourself, they make you feel good, it's great for the kids. It absolutely helps."  Read more: Entertainment Tonight »

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