Kate Winslet on how the bullying she faced in her 20s impacted her

From \u2018Titanic\u2019 to \u2018The Holiday,\u2019 Winslet always has the key to our hearts!

2/23/2021 5:23:00 AM

Kate Winslet opens up about the criticism she endured in her early 20s following her breakout success after starring in the 1997 movie, 'Titanic.'

From \u2018Titanic\u2019 to \u2018The Holiday,\u2019 Winslet always has the key to our hearts!

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Uptight Kate don’t give haters a second thought. You are beautiful, smart and a great actress. Shit you should hear about my 20s Her weight? Never thought of it. She was very good looking when she made that movie. Just a reminder, becoming a multi millionaire in your early twenties can have unforeseen emotional costs. Hope she's in a good place.

She was tuns of fun! That movie was a stinker. People were so mean!!! I remember watching it, thinking she was stunning beautiful with gorgeous curves and the guys in my life called her horrible names and saying she was fat! I was disturbed. It messed with me too as I was around 18 at the time. Love you Kate! You’re perfect!

I would think America, lover of all things hairless, would have been more upset about her giant bush than her weight. Go figure. Look slim now I'm sure it's pertaining to her nude scene. I have zero idea what the problem was. She is a beautiful and talented woman, but how many times has she told this story? Working with Woody Allen is the real problem.

Oh stop, get over it... I'm sure that must've been incredibly difficult. Prayers and thoughts. Ultimately, you just have one life. You never know unless you try. And you never get anywhere unless you ask. -- Kate Winslet she was bullied after the world lauded her beauty in Titanic? Who is this? But she is a Academy awards winner, isn't she ?

Will you stream Titanic tonight in solidarity with her?