Kate Middleton, Prince Charles

Kate Middleton, Prince Charles

Kate Middleton pictured comforting Prince Charles after Prince Philip's funeral

Kate Middleton's gesture of support for Prince Charles after Prince Philip's funeral

4/18/2021 8:35:00 PM

Kate Middleton 's gesture of support for Prince Charles after Prince Philip's funeral

The Duchess of Cambridge's kindness was caught on camera after Prince Philip's funeral

The mother-of-three shared a touching moment with Prince Charles after the solemn ceremony.MORE: Prince William and Kate share sweet moment with Prince Harry after Prince Philip's funeralIn photos published by The Mail on Sunday, Kate was pictured leaving the event at St George's Chapel with her father-in-law when she sweetly gave him a kiss on the cheek.

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Earlier, as he walked in the procession behind his father's coffin, Charles was visibly emotional, and at one point, a tear rolled down his cheek.He was joined at the funeral by his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, but is believed to have been staying alone in London for the last month, since he visited his father in hospital.

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After the service, the Cambridges were also seen walking alongside Prince Harry and sharing a conversation, in the first time the brothers had been pictured together in over a year.SEE: Prince Philip's funeral: The heartbreaking moment the world missed

MORE: Kate Middleton and Princess Beatrice greet the Queen with deep curtsy at funeral serviceIn addition to showing support to her father-in-law, Kate also paid tribute to the Queen in her exquisite choice of jewellery for the sombre occasion.The Duchess wore a black face mask and an elegant black ensemble for the funeral and had her hair tied back to show off the iconic Japanese Pearl Choker necklace.

The Duchess borrowed the Queen's jewellery for the occasionThe four-strand necklace with a central diamond clasp was specially commissioned by the Queen from pearls given to her by the Japanese government.Kate's late mother-in-law Diana memorably wore the beautiful necklace during a state banquet for the Netherlands back in 1982.

The 39-year-old Duchess also wore the stunning Bahrain Diamond and Pearl Drop earrings, which were given to the Queen by the ruler of Bahrain in honour of her wedding to Prince Philip in 1947.The jewellery features trios of round and baguette diamonds, and the Countess of Wessex has also borrowed them for outings in the past. headtopics.com

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Paid Tribute to 'Devoted' Prince Philip Shortly After His FuneralShortly after Prince Philip's funeral, Prince William and Kate Middleton shared a tribute to the 'devoted' royal on their official Twitter account. She is the Duchess of Cambridge, she is no longer Kate Middleton. Time you learnt it - has been a few days short of 10 years now 😏😏😏 Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Ms Betancourt should have pointed out that Oprah's interview made Prince Philip's last days hugely stressful, most likely pushing Prince Philip to death. Is that KIND?

Kate Middleton Arrives at Prince Philip’s Funeral Ahead of Prince WilliamThere's a formal reason she didn't walk with Prince William today. Okay and? Must have indianshalwarsuits from our new collection PartyDress IndianSuitsUK

Kate Middleton Arrives at Prince Philip’s Funeral Ahead of Prince WilliamThere's a formal reason she didn't walk with Prince William today.

Prince William and Kate mark the Queen's first birthday without her husband Prince PhilipPrince William and Kate Middleton have sent a birthday greeting to the Queen as she marks her first birthday without her husband Prince Philip FFS.....its HRH Catherine Duchess of Cambridge.....come on Hello are you really that clueless HRH,CATHERINE, THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE. Even if you refuse to call her that one day when she becomes Queen you'll have to say that.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Released A New Photo Of Prince Louis For His BirthdayThe little prince, the Cambridges’ third child, turns 3 years old on Friday.