Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton added this surprising bridal accessory to her stunning Earthshot gown

Kate Middleton added this surprising bridal accessory to her stunning Earthshot gown

10/18/2021 12:53:00 PM

Kate Middleton added this surprising bridal accessory to her stunning Earthshot gown

Kate Middleton wore a sparkling bridal belt to attend the Earthshot Prize Awards with Prince William on Sunday night - find out more about her outfit

MORE: Kate Middleton's secret hair and beauty makeover revealed - have you noticed?But she did make one change to the memorable dress, adding a sparkling new belt to the look. It's since been identified as a bridal belt from Jenny Packham's 2018 collection - how gorgeous is that?

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WATCH: Kate and William arrive at the Earthshot Prize AwardsCalled the 'Magic belt', the waist-cincher is studded with silver beads and added a new dimension to Kate's lilac gown, which she originally wore with a white belt instead. While it's no longer available to shop, there are similar versions online that will give a similar look to the Duchess' glittering moment. headtopics.com

Kate added a silver beaded bridal belt to her lookFans were also in love with Kate's beautiful statement earrings - she decided to wear a special pair for the important event, opting for her beautiful Kiki McDonough morganite drop earrings, which she memorably wore to her sister Pippa Middleton's wedding in 2017. We bet they're very special to her!

MORE: Kate Middleton loves these ultra-flattering trousers for staying chic and comfortableThe beautiful jewels feature two sizeable morganite stones, surrounded by diamonds. They matched perfectly with Kate's Alexander McQueen midi dress for Pippa's nuptials.

Kate wore her Kiki McDonough morganite earringsWhile you can't buy the exact pair, an amethyst version of the accessories are available to buy for £4,500 - which the royal also owns. In fact, Kate is thought to have an incredible 17 pairs of earrings from the designer.

SHOP: 9 Autumn fashion hits we bet Kate Middleton would loveShe finished her look by wearing her hair in a beautiful side-swept hairstyle, adding glowing makeup and sparkling jewelled earrings. Prince William also looked sharp in a green velvet jacket and polo neck. headtopics.com

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Shop similar items Beaded bridal belt, £29.99 / $43.02, Your Perfect Dress at EtsySHOP NOW Amethyst and diamond earrings, £4,500, Kiki McDonoughSHOP NOW Roxanne Assouline pink crystal earrings, £90 / $90, Net-a-PorterSHOP NOW

Morganite earrings, £48 / $52.50, Rebeka Jewellery at EtsySHOP NOW The royal couple joined a number of high-profile guests on the night, which included performances from Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Yemi Alade, KSI and Shawn Mendes. Launched by Prince William and The Royal Foundation in October 2020, The Earthshot Prize has been inspired by President John F. Kennedy's 'Moonshot' programme in the 1960s, which united millions of people around the goal of reaching the moon. 

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Prince William and Kate Middleton dazzle on green carpet at star-studded Earthshot Prize Awards CeremonyThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are joining famous faces on the green carpet RoyalsInTheNews ❤️ James Bond premier - BAM! Earthshot premier - nailed again! toriaa_h Stunning couple

Why Kate Middleton really wore a 2011 recycled gown for Prince William's Earthshot Prize Kate Middleton looked beautiful in a stunning Grecian gown by Alexander McQueen as she stepped out at the star-studded Earthshot Prize Awards with her husband Prince William. Find out more about her recycled outfit, which dates back to 2011 Stunning where is your editor? do u have any idea what the word recycling means?look it up. catherine rewore/wore again a gown previously worn to an event, recycling means cutting up,redesigning;reworking etc,, She is STYLE PERSONIFIED

Kate Middleton Rewore 2011 Alexander McQueen Grecian Dress to Inaugural Earthshot Prize Kate Middleton Rewore 2011 Alexander McQueen Grecian Dress To Inaugural Earthshot Prize ❤️❤️ where is your editor? no excuse for not using her real correct name;no such person as kate middleton;her real correct name is catherine elizabeth,duchess of cambridge How sustainable! She didn’t use up resources to mill, cut, sew, ship, & market garments only to later throw them onto a bonfire in order to preserve some misguided notion of exclusivity. High Fashion is shamefully, unsustainably wasteful.

Kate Middleton Rewore 2011 Alexander McQueen Grecian Dress to Inaugural Earthshot PrizeIt's an old favorite. I'd rewear it, too!

Kate Middleton Brings Back Her Lilac Alexander McQueen Gown for the Earthshot Prize AwardsDuchess Kate revived a 10-year-old look for the sustainability event.

Kate Middleton wows in recycled lilac goddess gown for the Earthshot Prize AwardsThe duchess revived a 10-year-old look for the sustainability event. She looked amazing. So glad this type of thing is also being aired on mainstream TV. 🌍 EarthshotLondon2021