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Kate Garraway makes surprising career decision after Piers Morgan's exit from ITV

Kate Garraway makes surprising career decision after Piers Morgan's exit from ITV

10/22/2021 10:22:00 AM

Kate Garraway makes surprising career decision after Piers Morgan's exit from ITV

The former Good Morning Britain colleagues are good friends so it's not surprising that Kate Garraway is taking over Life Stories

MORE: Kate Garraway thanks Prince Charles for support during husband's COVID battleAnnouncing the news on Twitter, Piers said:"I'm quitting Life Stories after 12 years and 100 shows. My final one will be with my fabulous friend @kategarraway and she will then present the remaining 3 planned shows of the next series as I leave ITV to host my new global daily show. It's been a blast!"

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The father-of-four, who had told fans he would be sharing"big news" at 10pm on Thursday, left fans in shock with the announcement but many shared their joy at Kate joining.READ: GMB stars' private health battles revealed: Kate Garraway, Lorraine Kelly, Susanna Reid, more

EXCLUSIVE: Dr Hilary details GMB colleague Kate Garraway's 'heartbreaking' journey with husband Derek"Yes, terribly sad to see @piersmorgan go. But @kategarraway is going to do a fantastic job on the last 3," said one.Piers and Kate have been good friends for years

A second follower added:"Do love life stories & am gutted you are going, although I quite like Kate & looking forward to seeing her doing life stories.""Huge amounts of luck to both @piersmorgan and @kategarraway #LifeStories," wrote a third.

Kate is yet to speak out about the news but it would have no doubt been well received after a few tough weeks.The mother-of-two revealed to fans over the weekend that she was suffering from an inflamed cornea.Kate Garraway will appear on Piers Morgan's last ever Life Stories episode

"Ouch! But thanks to the brilliant @nhs team @moorfieldsuae not permanent. Inflamed cornea caused probably by wearing my contacts for too long on some very long days recently. Hence the glasses on @gmb on Friday," she revealed alongside a picture of her swollen eye.

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