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Kate Wright, Rio Ferdinand

Kate Ferdinand had 'love hate relationship' with her body after developing early

Kate Ferdinand had 'love hate relationship' with her body after developing early


Kate Ferdinand had 'love hate relationship' with her body after developing early

Kate Ferdinand has opened up on her relationship with her body, which was strained when she started to develop young

"I do work hard, I'm proud of my body. We have a lock on the treat cupboard. Rio has the key at the moment. It means more when we have a treat now."

"If I have a sweet craving, I've got to get out a pair of mini steps and climb up to get them down.

Holly asked Kate if the newlyweds were considering having babies.

She said: "It was so special, we've been through so much.

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Kate Wright reveals she hopes to have a baby with husband Rio Ferdinand in the future Kate Wright reveals her baby plans with husband Rio Ferdinand . The former TOWIE star is a stepmother to Rio’s three children; Lorenz, 13, Tate, 11, and Tia, eight

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Kate Ferdinand's gingham Topshop dress sells out as soon as she wore it on This MorningKate Ferdinand looked incredible on This Morning wearing a green and black gingham dress from Topshop which costs £49. The wife of Rio Ferdinand shared her latest outfit on Instagram.

Kate Is 'Incredibly Hurt' by Harry and 'Hates Seeing Her Husband So Upset'An emergency royal summit is taking place as we speak. Yeah bullshit where do you get your information from? Just anything that comes into your head. There is no feud between Harry and William they have officially said it and making these false articles is very offensive If this is actually true, then it's really weird that she's so hurt by her brother in law choosing his wife and child over the rest of the family. Did they really expect him to tag along forever as their third wheel? Sounds a little toxic to me. Well, that's a good thing, maybe that will push them to make an extra effort to be the fab four. Think about it, Will & Kate cannot love & accept Harry without the same for Meghan, & Meghan cannot love & accept Harry without same for Will & Kate.

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