Mid-Fashion, Us Story

Mid-Fashion, Us Story

Kate Beckinsale shocks fans with age-defying photo of her 74-year-old mother

Kate Beckinsale shocks fans with age-defying photo of her 74-year-old mother

9/24/2021 8:00:00 AM

Kate Beckinsale shocks fans with age-defying photo of her 74-year-old mother

The Underworld star shocked fans when she shared a photo of her ageless mother that you need to see to believe.

MORE: Kate Beckinsale gets fans talking with stunning multicolored ensemble"My mother is 74 years old and looks this ridiculously good due to living by the ancient motto ‘where’er you be, let the wind go free’ and climbing up scaffolding whenever she can," Kate captioned the photo. 

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In it, her gorgeous mother can be seen striking a pose outside wearing a striped long-sleeved top, skinny jeans, and sneakers as she walked along a picturesque trail. Fans swooned over the photo, with one writing:"She looks amazing!" Another added:"Quality genes and jeans," while another follower wrote: “I pray my daughter posts pics of me at 74 with equally enchanting descriptions." headtopics.com

RELATED: Kate Beckinsale causes a stir in a mini dress when fans all notice one thingIt was just the latest time Kate made fans go wild. Much like her mom, the star has a stellar sense of style, and she proved that yet again on Wednesday when she uploaded a snap on Instagram that showed her wearing an eye-catching multicolored outfit. 

Kate's mom looks incredible!The ensemble consisted of shades of lavender, green, and blue and strapped around her shoulders. She completed the look with a blue cap."Look -I found a director of photography in his natural habitat, having made a rudimentary nest and sitting on four breakfast burritos hoping they will hatch," Kate quipped in the caption of the photo, which showed her standing alongside cinematographer Noah Greenberg, who has worked on films like Tu Me Manques, The Night Clerk and Lizzie. 

MORE: Kate Beckinsale’s quirky sportswear gets fans talkingFans were smitten with the star's outfit, as one commented:"Gorgeous outfit," and another added:"WOW! You looking gorgeous dear," and a third penned:"Awh you're absolutely gorgeous girl."

          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Kate Beckinsale (@katebeckinsale) Kate dazzled in a breezy multicolored jumpsuitWe’re happy to see the actress on the mend and back to work after she recovered from an injury earlier this month while shooting her latest film, Prisoner's Daughter, in Las Vegas. She later took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with an IV drip in her arm. headtopics.com

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In the post, she reassured fans about her condition."Feeling a lot better. Thank you so much for your kind messages and love x," she wrote. Read more: HELLO! »

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