Kat Dennings & Andrew W.K.’s Engagement Proves 2021 Love Is Chaos Magic

The announcement comes just days after the couple went public with their relationship.

5/13/2021 9:45:00 PM

The announcement comes just days after the couple went public with their relationship.

Continuing the trend of celeb couples no one saw coming, Dennings and W.K. are engaged.

—the actress whose career has spanned beloved comedy films, a CBS sitcom, and the MCU—and Andrew W.K.—the rock star whose career is almost impossible to succinctly summarize for anyone who is not a specific type of Millennial—have announced they’re engaged, just days after going public with the fact they were dating at all. Dennings shared the development with an Instagram caption of the engagement captioned, “Don’t mind if I do.” A very respectable, traditional diamond engagement ring adorns her finger. A very modest, but classic Casio watch adorns his wrist.

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News of the 2021 class of new celebrity power couples kicked off with the pairing ofHarry Styles and director Olivia Wilde, and has only gotten more random since. Kourtney Kardashian and the drummer from Blink 182? Who saw that one coming? (Not that we’re judging.) There’s actually probably some wisdom in finding love where either you or, in these cases, the general public would least expect it. Love works in mysterious ways, after all.

In this particular example of random romances of the renowned, W.K. first appeared on Dennings’s Instagram on April 29th, and she confirmed the relationship was romantic on May 2nd with a photo of W.K. Initially, fans were confused, because last the world checked W.K. was happily married. It turns out, however, there’s no scandal. It’s just that W.K.’s romantic dealings weren’t previously on the radar of gossip columns. He began divorce proceedings from his first wife back in 2019. Dennings and W.K. met earlier this year in Los Angeles. headtopics.com

Although fans did quickly find evidence of Denningsflirting with W.K. on Twitterall the way back in 2014.After a few years of absence from Hollywood, Dennings recently returned to the MCU in her role as scientist Darcy Lewis inWandaVision. She’s also currently starring in Hulu’s

Dollface. Dennings, by the way, previously dated Josh Groban. Read more: W magazine »

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Kat Dennings and Andrew W.K. Are Engaged?!The announcement comes just a couple of weeks after Kat Dennings and Andrew W.K. confirmed that they are, in fact, together Congratulations I am Happy for You KatDennings And if I ever See a Rerun of 2BrokeGirls I will Watch Out of my Good feelings for You entertainment thecut

Andrew W.K. and Kat Dennings Are Engaged a Week After Going Instagram OfficialKat Dennings and Andrew W.K. revealed that they're engaged, just one week after making their relationship Instagram official. Boring AndrewWK this might be the best news i’ve seen this year AndrewWK This better be white wedding attire!!

Kat Dennings, Andrew W.K. Are Engaged: Where His Marriage To Cherie Lily StandsIt’s only been a little over a week since Marvel actress Kat Dennings and singer Andrew WK confirmed rumors they were in a romantic relationship, and now

WandaVision's Kat Dennings announced she's engaged to rocker Andrew WKWandaVision and 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings is engaged to rocker Andrew WK a week after confirming their relationship online

Kat Dennings Announces Engagement to Andrew W.K. Weeks After Revealing Romance - E! OnlineWandaVision actress Kat Dennings is engaged to musician Andrew W.K., the couple revealed on May 13, just weeks after going public with their relationship. Scroll on to see her diamond ring! Damn you Andrew W.K! I saw Andrew trending and thought Prince Andrew might have got his comeuppance. Also, congrats 👍 AndrewWK Death is marrying WK? Of course she is. AndrewWK OMG love Kat Dennings in WandaVision