Karl Is An Infuriating & Ridiculous Bachelorette Villain. This Is Great News — Really

Spiiiiiicyyyy 🥵

6/15/2021 6:21:00 PM

Spiiiiiicyyyy 🥵

Karl is a total schemer and a backstabbing cast member. Let us convince you that’s a good thing.

Bacheloretteseason may alleviate some of the franchise’s worst impulses.AdvertisementIn the final act of “Week 2,” Karl joins Katie for some one-on-one time during the cocktail party. At this point in the episode,under suspicion of him joining the season for opportunistic reasons. Katie has bounced back from the emotional hit of that recent experience, but is clearly still worried men are lying to her. This is a lead who

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startedhosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe, “This week, I’m hoping to figure out who is here for the right reasons.” Karl, seemingly sensing Katie’s worries after Cody’s exit, leans into that negativity. “Looking around, I don’t really know if everyone’s being 100% transparent in the house,” Karl offers. He refuses to name “specifics” or “details,” but swears “some people” aren’t dating Katie with “the best intentions.” Katie takes the bait and immediately panics. Karl then sidesteps telling Katie anything more — like actual concrete facts — explaining, “You’ve already been through a lot and I don’t want you to stress about that.” Karl has crafted an effective way to make himself look like Katie’s truth-telling knight in shining armor, in a pit of snakes, without giving her a stich of helpful or conclusive information. To cinch this characterization, Karl promises Katie she can “trust him” and he has her “best interests in mind.”

What Karl could not predict, however, is how quickly Katie would approach the rest of her men with his rumors. She tearfully tells the cast before the rose ceremony, “I don’t know who is here for the wrong reasons, but from what I have been told, there are multiple people I should be looking out for.” It is obvious to the group that headtopics.com

someonejust shared this speculation with Katie and that there is a backstabber in their midst.AdvertisementRealizing there is no way to keep his identity a secret, Karl reveals himself as the “culprit.” He claims he “heard some stuff circulating around” and says he is giving “the person” or “

people” an opportunity to “fess up.” This would be a very smart game plan for someone who has no real facts and is hoping someone else will be witless enough to out their own secret scheming. No one falls for Karl’s trap and three straight minutes of bickering closes out the episode.  

Karl’s puppet mastering — and the angry aftermath of that manipulation — is not unique. Nearly every season ofandThe Bachelorette Read more: Refinery29 »

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