Kara Swisher: Internal dissent at Facebook striking

The veteran technology reporter explains what stuck out to her in the leaked internal documents from Facebook.

10/26/2021 10:02:00 PM

'Not just one, not just two': Kara Swisher says internal dissent was one of the most striking details from the Facebook Papers.

The veteran technology reporter explains what stuck out to her in the leaked internal documents from Facebook.

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U.S. invites Taiwan to its democracy summit; China angered

The Biden administration has invited Taiwan to its 'Summit for Democracy' next month, according to a list of participants published on Tuesday, a move that infuriated China, which views the democratically governed island as its territory.

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured

As a mob breached the Capitol, anger and dissonance coursed through Facebook's ranksHours after the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol, Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer, posted on the company’s internal message board. 7/11/20-There is a political & business benefit (bribe) for loyalists to Trump, Pence & the coalition of Civilized Nations. I.e. Republicans, Musk, Murdoch, Zuckerberg, etc. Kaufman-“...The small group of loyalists and inner circle get rewarded. Everyone else suffers”-API🌅

Facebook whistleblower documents offer new revelations about Jan. 6 responseInternal documents offer new insight into Facebook and the Jan. 6 riot in Washington, D.C. What does this all mean? Absolutely nothing No one cares.

Live updates: Internal Facebook documents revealedCNN will publish a series of articles based on more than ten thousand pages of leaked internal Facebook documents. Follow here for the latest. It’s sad when you have to say other news agencies are also reporting something just so we kinda believe you. 😂😂😂 Facebook can impact on elections and dictatorships everywhere. 😨 Junta terrorists in plain clothes with 2 private cars chased,shot for at least 6 times,& abducted a car in RC2 university compound in Hlaing tsp, Yangon,yesterday. The driver got injured & is now in critical condition. WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Oct25Coup

Facebook Hits Record Profits, But Warns of Apple and COVID Impacts Next QuarterThe Q3 earnings report follows the release of thousands of internal documents, known as the Facebook Papers, that detail how the company allegedly placed user engagement above user safety. Boo hoo

Facebook reports $9 billion profit on day documents highlight internal angerFacebook reported near-record revenue and quarterly profits of $9.2B Monday as the social media company faced scrutiny over how it polices its platform for misinformation and other banned material.

Amnesty International Exits Hong Kong, Citing National Security LawThe organization plans to pull out of the city by the end of the year, marking one of the most prominent departures of a rights group since China’s imposition of the law. What did the Human-rights group says about America? Nothing? So why are you here?