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Kanye West Spotted at Chicago West and Stormi Webster's 4th Birthday Party

1/16/2022 3:42:00 AM

Kanye West Spotted at Chicago West and Stormi Webster's 4th Birthday Party

Following some drama, Kanye West made it to the Kardashian family birthday party for his and ex Kim Kardashian's daughter Chicago West and her cousin Stormi Webster.

Jan 16, 2022 12:16 AM

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They posted this because he keeps insinuating he's not allowed to see his kids but there he is at the party having a conversation with the boss. 10 Sneakers to Unbox that We Purchased During the Holidays 🎄📦🎉 Double D Kicks 🛣 Road to 2.5K 👟 Sneakers GIVEAWAY ⏬⏬⏬ Jordan1 jordan1amm roadto2K GIVEAWAY doubledkicks Nike adidas yeezy DontMissOut Sneakers sneakerhead

He’s Chicago’s Father.. he should’ve been there. The Kardashian’s have always included all the baby daddies.! Kanye should be with his Daughter.! JS Guess he wasn’t denied seeing his daughter after all! Just messy! Wow imagine that a dad at his daughters Birthday party. 🙄 I mean... I'm a child of divorced parents and so I celebrated with them separately (not 2 parties but like dinner or something special with each parent) so it isn't surprising to me that he might not have originally been invited especially with his recent comments and behavior.

Why wouldn’t he be there? 🙄 They just shouldn’t have invited him honestly. Especially since he’s the one acting a fool. He’s scary looking. Yikes 😱😱😱😱😱😱 Really? He was at his Daughters birthday? Shocking. 🙄 please get better news I didn’t think he wasn’t allowed at the party. And if he hadn’t been there would have probably been a good reason. It is Kanye after all. He may be a musical genius but he’s pretty crazy.

Kanye West makes it to daughter Chicago’s party after blasting KardashiansSoon after West’s rant went viral, sources at the party confirmed to Page Six that West eventually made it to the celebration for his youngest daughter. Looks like being divorced from him is going to be as much effort and headache as being married to him Ye just want to be there for his daughter's birthday. Is that too much to ask.. NoDeadBeatFather How did Kim last as long as she did with him. lol

You mean his kid’s birthday party? The one he probably paid for? Uhmmm Chicago West is Ye’s daughter…Stop with the angry Black man narrative This is just flaunting your wealth while others especially during this pandemic and subsequent waves of covid are suffering. It's fine if you 'worked' for it but be more mindful of those outside in the real world

He found the location after the rant? ... should he not have gone to his child's party?! y'all are 🤬ing ridiculous! With those oversized moon boots, just showing the world he's out of his mind 😂🤣😂 psychotic fool just dropped a song threatening to beat Davidsons ass, yet he's out here playing dress up with Fox, hanging with Madonna, AB Mayweather, hands all on Fox 🤦🏼‍♀️ I see the next OJ coming

Oh. I knew he wld not be denied being at his daughter’s bday Y’all could’ve picked a better pic. We know y’all working for the Kardashians. 🤡 I thought they said he doesn't care about his children 🤔🤔🤔

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Glad to know he attended his child’s birthday party?

Kanye West ‘controlling’ Julia Fox like ‘he did Kim,’ insiders sayJulia Fox makes no bones about who she is, or what she wants. Shortly before finding fame in the 2019 movie “Uncut Gems,” the actress admitted on the “We Met At Acme” podcas… click bait much.... Julia is the puppet of the time, of the manipulator Kanye this “insider source” needs to mind their own business

Kanye West Goes After Pete Davidson In New Rap 'Eazy'“God saved me from that crash / Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass,” he raps of the man dating Kim Kardashian West amid their pending divorce. OMG! Seek a psyche and meds. God can only go so far with y'all. If your rapping about your ex wife's new dick. You lost. If I'm Pete Davidson I'm playing that every time I'm with Kim. Dating means sleeping with someone without getting married with him Dating means sleeping with someone without getting married with him Dating means sleeping with someone without getting married with him

Kanye West Says Kim Kardashian's Security Didn't Let Him Into Her HomeThe artist shares a recent incident that allegedly happened at his former home. How unusual. Can’t imagine why… Kim's wealthy enough to pursue a guy 'outside' where her children reside. Before ANY suitor meets & hangs in your children's living environment exercise ample time. Keep your children away from potentials until adequately vetted. A non-abusive parent should always have access.

Kanye West Named As Suspect In A Battery InvestigationThe 'Donda' rapper has not been arrested in connection to the incident, an LAPD spokesperson said.

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