Kanye West Spent Over $12 Million Of His Own Money On Failed Presidential Campaign

Kanye West Spent Over $12 Million Of His Own Money On Failed Presidential Campaign

2/26/2021 11:56:00 AM

Kanye West Spent Over $12 Million Of His Own Money On Failed Presidential Campaign

Kanye West spent $13.2 million—including nearly $12.5 million of his own money—on his failed 2020 presidential campaign, according to his FEC report.

Kanye WestA Federal Election Commission report reveals that the rapper spent $210,544 on a two-page ad in The New York Times one week ahead of the election and $918,130 on campaign apparel on Election Day.Kanye West spent $13.2 million—including nearly $12.5 million of his own money—on his failed 2020 presidential campaign, according to his final

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Federal Election Commission report.The 43-year-old rapper-cum-entrepreneur entered the race on July 4 in what many initially thought was an elaborate publicity stunt. Launching the campaign with the hashtag #2020Vision and the slogan"Ye for President," he ran under the"Birthday Party" banner and his platform was a mixture of Christian pro-life conservative policies, strong defence and criminal justice reform.

Soon after announcing his run, West quickly got the endorsement of Tesla boss Elon Musk.Despite the blaze of publicity, West's campaign failed to gain traction and he barely qualified for the ballot in a dozen states and earned only about 66,000 votes nationally. He also raised a little over $2 million in outside donations. headtopics.com

The FEC report breaks down that West's campaign spent $7.5 million on fees related to efforts to get his name on the ballot in various states, $210,544 on a two-page ad in Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

Ha ha ha what a Winner Idiot. Con-ye you think he cares about money. bro is only pumping out yeezys to depreciate the stock of them so everyone gets a pair. Kanye for the people man GTFOH Keep hating on a black man spending his own money Probably more than any other president did? 12mil on his dream. well spent kanyewest . you are such an inspiration.

i seriously don’t understand why people are so negative and disrespectful in these comments... Kanye has influenced the sound of music more than your favorite artist 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Stable Genius 2 That’s like 12 bucks for him 🤣

Kanye West Spent Millions of His Own Money on Presidential CampaignKanye West Spent more than $12 million of his own money in his 2020 presidential campaign, his final Federal Election Commission report reveals. 🤡 Billboard垢にはやコメ(?) It's Okay It's He's Money Only 😂💰

HAH! Serves him right for rooting 4 Trump What an incredible loser 🤑 kanye needs a conservatorship over his money to keep him from going broke doing stupid stuff .. maybe britney's dad could help him too .. Good thing he had it. That’s like... not a lot of money for him. He’d probably tip someone that much (if any of them ever tipped anyone)

Waste of money. That suit. The arrogant stance. This is the perfect pic to accompany this story. He listened to the wrong people or he just thought he was that good. Both wrong 😑 He needs help seriously

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Truly I say with no malice, bipolar & differently-abled people need loving family to support them & help them in making big life decisions. Condolences to Kanye. Imagine if he’d given it to the dude he hit with his car. Or even a tiny fraction of it. I bet Trump told him he’d pay him back. 😂 Waste of money..

StableGenius And got 60 thousand votes. That’s 200 bucks a vote. If he’s dumb (& he is) what does that make Mike Bloomberg who spent about a billion 😳😱 Ha ha ha ha. Good. Hope he does it again next time.

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