Kanye West Praises Kim Kardashian West For 'Becoming A Billionaire': 'So Blessed'

“I am so proud of my beautiful wife Kim Kardashian West for officially becoming a billionaire,” West tweeted.

6/30/2020 6:03:00 PM

“I am so proud of my beautiful wife Kim Kardashian West for officially becoming a billionaire,” West tweeted.

The second eldest of the KarJenner clan joins sister Kylie Jenner, who was called the youngest self-made billionaire in 2019, in allegedly achieving a ne...

to one of the world’s largest beauty companies, Coty Inc., for a whopping $200 million.The deal reportedly values KKW Beauty at $1 billion, but only makes Kim worth about $900 million, perForbes.Kardashian West will still have an estimated 72% stake in the company ― mom Kris Jenner reportedly owns 8% — and will, Forbes notes, “remain responsible for creative efforts while Coty will focus on expanding product development outside the realm of color cosmetics.”

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“This relationship will allow me to focus on the creative elements that I’m so passionate about while benefiting from the incredible resources of Coty, and launching my products around the world,” Kardashian West said in thepress releasefor the announcement.

The second eldest Kardashian’s agreement with Coty came after the company acquired a 51% stake in sister Kylie Jenner’s brand Kylie Cosmetics in January. Read more: HuffPost »

Because he knows he’s going to get half of it! Not another one!! Now this sister?!?!? 😒 STFU This makes news Please!! During this time whilst real world people stress over no-work-but-bills-still-happening, this is tone deaf that they say it and you report it but also ..................................... W H O T H E AF C A R E S?

That is actually sick. When thousands of people are becoming homeless as we speak, this is grotesque. Ta-Da! He ain't no gold digger but he ain't messin with no broke broke there is nothing to be proud about attaining such level of wealth accumulation that essentially equates to the poverty or near-poverty levels of existence for vast numbers of people.

I thank all the frontline workers who beyond all odds, walk into an unsafe environment and take on a deadly disease head on every day. Besides knowing that it can take their life, their co workers lives and the lives of their loved ones, they do it every day. Without hesitation. We've got a pandemic raging. People are losing their jobs,their homes, their lives. So sorry if I'm not impressed here.

The amount of thickos that have bought into this and made these non talented individuals rich Who fucking cares! No one I know buys their cruddy makeup or bras. Really who cares when people are dying and soldiers have bounties people can’t pay their rent or feed their families! You insensitive f**k! Tone deaf kanyewest

🤦🏽‍♀️ all that hard work, climbing to the top after years of education, mastering a skill and sheer brilliance. 😣 🤮 I don't have any fucks to give. Porn pays. Yuck 😂😂😂😂😂I rather to be poor than have a wife do not have morals Bugger off Really? So donate to the needy Barf Self made like her sister, eh?

Trump will notify Putin for you. He likes billionaires who are vain and narcissistic. They are so mailable. I guess I need to do a open video so I can become rich All that is Wrong in this Country! Disgusting and Disgraceful!!! Tone deaf 🤦🏽‍♀️ I just threw up in a mouth a little bit. This is the end of the world!

Who gives an actual shit!! I direct your attention to Chris Lilley's 'S Mouse' for a proper explanation. Oh for the love of god! Kim Kardashian kanyewest Please tell the 46 million unemployed and counting about your wealth some more. It’s so, so..relevant to their lives right now. Ta-ta! Gross Cool! You can be whatever you want to be if you have the balls! Victims need not apply.

These two need to just go away. I don’t care where, just away. Not the fake news billionaire lie, again!! 😂😂 Tone deaf af “I am so proud of my beautiful wife Kim Kardashian West for officially becoming a billionaire,” Thy god is $$$. Give it all to the George Floyd Fund for Youth. “So blessed”? I just . . . can’t.

This something to be proud of? Show us how proud you are to care about the common good of children. Donate money to public schools, organizations feeding hungry people, and more. That’s what I would be proud of! Let me know what causes you support. Thank you. You have got to be kidding. How tone deaf are you huffpost

How absolutely repugnant, guessing he didn’t mention she’d be donating any of it? 🤣👎🤣👎🤣👎🤣STOP BULLSIET 🤮🤮🤮 Nobody cares. Keep the lot you vacuous tart Not interested - just more empty self-promotion! This family has no talent whatsoever!! Cracks me up I'm so proud of my two children with special needs being the kind, loving people they are

🤢🤮 This whole family is WHACKED including the boyfriends, husbands, ex-husbands and Bruce! Really? Now? The Amercan people are burning like wildfire ... and Kimmie is a billionaire ... brags Kanye With all that is going on in the United States at this point in time - who could possibly care that Kim Kardashian became a billionaire. ....

Stale couple Who gives a fuck ! Whoop de doo! Who cares. Kanye. and God yeah. I’m sure, huh Joel. Why don't you all use some of your money to help those unemployed from covid 19.? Instead of bragging about how much money you all have. think of all the people she can help now..... ...while Rome burns How utterly tacky.

How about this selfish, bragging couple share some of their enormous wealth instead of flaunting it. I would rather be proud for just about anything else. Congrats to you and your plastic surgeons. More money for me in the divorce! Yes because there can be no more important accomplishment. Stop accumulating wealth and help others! You and your family don't need multi billions of dollars...no one does. Fuck the wealthy.

Talk about setting the bar low. Too bad she didn't become something useful. Gee they love to brag Gross. So why is this News ? From Citizen Kane: 'It's no great trick to make a whole lot of money, if all you really want to do is make a whole lot of money.' People struggling to keep their houses, pay bills, put food on the table and keep their families healthy. And this is the shit he posts Special kind of hell in store for that bunch of money grubbers. 😡

Wgas!!!!!!!!!!! So it is official eh? As in officially who cares but Kanye and her? Not impressed! What does she really do for society? Give me a fucking break! 😂😂😂 Good you won't have to crowd fund to pay your damn bills from now on. Just hang on her coat tails. Need to take that shit and distribute it amongst teachers and those deemed essential employees 🤷🏾‍♂️

Crowing about 'Living the American Dream' while many can barely put food on the table, hospitals and ICU's packed and Granny too scared to step outside. You and your useless gang are truly despicable. But your friend says I’d rather someone was proud of me for not being billionaire because I donate so much to charity. I can only dream of having that opportunity.

For doing what? And is she still giving money to get rappers out of jail, or is she doing something good with her money? Doing anything to help people with that cash? Lame and tone deaf. The divorce will defenitely be very interesting Thanks for sharing, Kanye. Meanwhile thousands are in the “soup line” during these hard times.

She didnt get a dime out of me. Who cares? Who would have thought having a father who defended a killer and making a porn tape could get somebody so far? Who cares Billionaires still popping up while the rest of us are about to get fucked. pandemicrentcrises ressesion Lol Oh good lord. So why don’t you both open up a business district in the south side of Chicago that will include Super market and small startups to end the food desert in your former community, just asking for friend...

I’m going to throw up. “Massaged” figures I’m sure. That’s America for you I think he is quirky but sweet. He obviously loves his wife and family. Bro read the room What does she actually do? Is there a real tangible contribution to society or the planet? This only has an appeal to those whose sense of ones own importance is based on the size of ones bank balance.

Famous for a bj video....so classy. 🙄 Blah, blah, blah. Who cares. Pretty sure kanyewest , that 99% of the people in the world don't give a flying crap about how much money you or Kim have. They would be more interested if you tweeted about some amazing charity work you both have done to help the homeless, hungry, abused or those in need.

Humility and sensitivity to current times go a long way. Try it sometime. 🙄 Poor taste to brag about your finances! Ikisi de three commas cluba girdi, nece virgil eleyir indi bunlar rufat_zeynalli Billionaires shouldn't exist. wealthtaxnow Who knew amateur porn was so lucrative? How narcissistic can they be? No wonder he likes Trump. Let's keep the worth tally to Forbes.

That's what the US needs. One more billionaire. Are there dues to join? Dont forget to thank Ray J. Gross Of yes, “wonderful thing” shame your both Assclowns! Con way to money great accomplishment! Not relevant in today’s newscape. Completely irrelevant. 🤮 WTF is going on? How anybody becomes a billionaire, only having and showing big ass? Are they laundering money for drug lords? KinyanBoy kimkardashian Pontifex

The wonders of a sex tape. Now he can throw away her money, too. I’d rather you praise her for becoming a lawyer. She’s sold her body for years. GFY 🤣🤮 Yawn. Flaunting your wealth when there are so many people hurting during this pandemic is deplorable! Wow. So out of touch and narcissistic. Maybe keep that to yourself right now

Are they going to use some of the money to help anyone but themselves? I hope so. Tone death just like the one he supports , smh sad So?... What did she pay for that billion she claims. What good does she do with it. BFF TRUMP says he does too. See how he is loved & by whom? Most people do not aspire to become a billionaire, but are infinitely happier, proud of their accomplishments & strive to be and do good.

Every Billionaire is a policy failure. Slow news day? Fake billionaire Kanye says what about fake bodied (wife). Vomit Who gives a rats ass! Ugh 🤢 Kim kardashian and co being billionaires is as much wrong with this country as trump in the WH. Shame on all the idiots that made her one or contributed to the idiocy known as the kardashians.

Of course you are Next to the Trump family, these two seriously make me want to vomit 🤢 ToneDEFFFFFFF Wow. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. ‼️‼️ Barf! 🤮 TONE DEAF Better she officially becomes a billionaire than her officially gaining the title 'lawyer' without proper education, using it as a tool for getting influential politically.

ugh From the WhiteHouse to Hollywood. It's always about the money. The ultimate status. No thanks. Vomit A personality will cost her more than a $billion. Tramp The word begins with an F and ends with a U. And Kim is proud of her husband for being a sellout to the Gap deal. 😜 Ohhhh, you're oozing of humility and grace Kanye

Tone deaf. gag No words. Doh! Except THOSE two! Dammit! Although we are in the midst of a pandemic, where people are losing their jobs, homes, and worried about their families contracting this horrendous disease, he chooses to brag about his wife being a billionaire...How indifferent can you get? lol It's amazing that someone can become a billionaire by just having a huge ass. Congrats.

Whoppee... Wow, that’s fantastic. I am also super grateful for my 12 year dog 🐶 barked this morning. I have never understood how people celebrate this woman and her entire family I mean really Kanye - read the room And to think it all started because of a leaked sex tape. Do you ,,,like,,, get a card in the mail or some type of official announcement saying you’re here? or is it more subtle than that?

Such an humble person...there are no words! Nobody should aspire to become a billionaire. Nobody needs a billion dollars!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile the Black Lives Matter movement is in full swing, people lost jobs, the pandemic, Russia killing our soldiers and they’re shopping and wanting us to “eat cake!” GTFOH!

Her becoming a billionaire makes you proud of her? Not being a wonderful wife are a fabulous mother or a great humanitarian but money makes you proud? You are a sick person Just a pair of narcissists. Nothing to see here, move along..... I think we need less of them... 🤨 Oh Kanye, do you really think now is the time for that?

Yep. And it all started from a sex tape. Bring on the pride. Holy shit. How out of touch can people be? She could get by on a couple hundred thousand a year and spread the rest around. The world is hanging by a thread... but let’s back slap our congrats. Yay, more money! Let’s make crappy music and clothes! Yay. 🙄🤡

Actually, KKW is a good person. And smart, as well. She is mother of 4, taking a law degree, working for release of wrongly-incarcerated people — her work has resulted in release of several, so far. Eat the rich! I'm proud of West, he said this with a straight face without a giggle. The lemmings that follow oohed and aahed while wetting self with glee!.

Are beautiful and billionaire synonymous Yeezy? The ladder the two of you are climbing is against the wrong tree. You've missed the whole point of life. Gross! Tone deaf! And all she had to do was make a porn and boom, we were blessed with the Kardashians. sarcasm GoAway KanyeIsCrazy It always helps having wealthy parents.

I'd rather be recognized for being a good person, doing the right thing, living a life with purpose - than being recognized as a billionaire. And to think it all started with an underage porn video. They both suck. kanyewestisoverparty KimKardashianIsABore This is why women can easily get money by showing some skin

The fact that a person like Kim Kardashian is a billionaire, while so many hard working Americans (who actually have talent,) can barely stay afloat speaks volumes about what we value in the USA. Eat dog poo They prove that money doesn't do shit. They still suck. 🙄 Didn’t Kylie lie about being a billionaire? They’ve got some damn good accountants.

Sorry, are we supposed to be impressed? Cause I’m not. 🤷‍♀️ Born on third, convinced she hit a triple. 👍🏽 Celebrity culture, how noble. Bad timing, Ye Ray Jay like... Dear KK and K, Stop making stupid people famous! beautiful? at least he appreciates............plastic WHO GIVES A CRAP. MORE IMPORTANT THINGS HAPPENING IN THIS WORLD. JESUS....🙄🙄🙄

White trash This guy is so crass. Who the hell cares. Still about $$$... WOW! RAY J BANGED A BILLIONAIRE 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮oh yea, so proud Undeserving I’m so proud of my beautiful wife. Who has officially worked full time and helped take care of me while I recovery from knee surgery. She really is an amazing woman

Reality stars aren't reality. This begs the question, “when is enough enough?”. I would be embarrassed to flaunt my wealth during a global pandemic where millions of people can’t eat or make rent. Now maybe she can do something worthwhile. Same Forbes BS different kardashian/Jenner. They do not know when to quit or be discreet.

Who. f***ing. cares. Wasn’t she supposed to become an attorney? Or was that just trendy for a hot second? American values in a 'nutshell'! I guess you’d call anyone beautiful if you wanted her to fund you 🙈😎 Why do we care? fuck these people. ummmmm, 🙄 Because in the Age of Covid the World needs more billionaires

Goodness gracious me Ugh. Imagine a Kardashianless world without her mother promoting and distributing her sex tape. Then imagine becoming a billionaire based on only those credentials. Sickening! Luxury is vulgarity! Great job! Please build homes for homeless in your state That’s great! What portion of your $ is going to BLM? Cuz imagine some police who possibly didn’t know North’s lineage, in 10 years pulls her over & thinks she being a smart ass when she gives her name, would she get choked, tased, punched, slammed? Does that cause you to care?

Self-made? WOW... maybe she should run for president!!! Lots of similarities between the two 😱 WhoCares BILLIONAIRE whathasourworldcometo famousfor failupwards vapid if you know who these people are, you're part of the problem. And what exactly has she done to benefit humanity? Make me barf this family!! Just because Kylie got knocked out of the Fortune 500 list for lying about her billionaire status, now there is this Especially now when people are suffering financial loss from the pandemic. kanyewest UniteThePoor

Kim is turning into Mrs Park from Parasite. She really think NOW is the best time to brag about becoming a billionaire? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️repulsive priorities Please stop promoting this family Cool story ummmmm.............................during a depression, this is good instincts on his part. *sigh* This man is just another greedy Trump supporter. I will never buy another Gap product now that he is partnering with them.

wow - just gross ! How much is she donating to hospitals these days? 🤔 Fu k you both! What a tragic commentary on our times. Ye is definitely here for the people (looks directly at camera) Is it the same way Kylie became a billionaire ? Shit ! and you are only a full-of-aire 🤮 Douchie quote of the day. In the middle of a pandemic, where people are struggling to put food on the table, this insensitive jerk tweets that.

I don’t even need to read this article to roll my eyes. 🙄 It’s true what they say! The rich get richer & the poor get poorer. I don’t think bragging about ones wealth is cool when people are literally starving in the world during this pandemic! 🤔 Nobody gives a shit Awesome. Can I borrow 50k so I can finish my sons college education?

We really need to tax these people more. Her contribution toward science and humanity has been profound 😏

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Kanye West 'So Proud' of Kim Kardashian for 'Becoming a Billionaire'The 43-year-old rapper took to social media on Monday to praise his reality star and entrepreneur wife. While people lost their jobs and struggling to feed their kids. Yeah good for her ! People seriously ? Perhaps she donates millions to FeedingAmerica for Gods sake He couldn't find 100 more things to be proud of than $

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