Kanye West Is 'So Proud' of Kim Kardashian for 'Officially Becoming a Billionaire' - E! Online

Kanye West Is 'So Proud' of Kim Kardashian for 'Officially Becoming a Billionaire'

6/30/2020 8:02:00 PM

Kanye West Is 'So Proud' of Kim Kardashian for 'Officially Becoming a Billionaire'

Kanye West took to Twitter to congratulate his wife, Kim Kardashian, following the news that her beauty company is worth $1 billion

Happy Anniversary!Kanye West and Kim Kardashian celebrated six years of marriage in May 2020, and the latter marked the anniversary on Instagram with this adorable photo. Kim also wrote, "6 years down; forever to go. Until the end."Instagram

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Kanye, Kim and their eldest,North West, out to eat in a "flashback" Kim posted in April 2020.InstagramTBT to 2012Another old gem! According to Kim, this throwback photo is from a trip the couple took to Mexico before they had any children.Instagram

Kim and Kanye ahead of the 92nd Academy Awards!InstagramA candid look at this year's Oscars!InstagramOne Big, Happy Family"Morning madness," Kim wrote on Instagram alongside this photo of her, Kanye and their four kids: Read more: E! News »

Wow congrats to her!! FAKE JUST LIKE THEY SAID KYLE WAS A BILLIONAIRE!! FAMILY IS FULL OF FAKE SILICONE BULLSHIT The kardashian sisters are nuts yes girl Weathered the hardest storms? For real? She was born into priviledge and has lapped up every bit of it. I dont give a damn, I just wanted someone to care enough to tweet IAMVANESSAGUILLEN

Please as a single mother of 3, myself working 40 hours a week during a pandemic, I just really can’t with you OMG! You are so rich that the only concern in life you have is that you shouldn’t buy second hand (used) Ferrari’s for you children when they start driving. GTFOH! These are my new parents LOL I’m gonna save this photo I love it so much !

I love this picture I love this picture so much this is my favorite picture of you guys !! kanyewest and Kim - her name doesn’t come up when I do the at symbol but this is this photo is so adorable I love it !! I love you guys! ❤️❤️🖤❣️🖤🖤🖤❣️❣️❣️ Oh the storms she must have weathered 🥺🙄 .... rich daddy, famous from sex tape and entitled

god didn’t shine billions on them kim exploited black culture for financial gain and capitalism rewarded her I hope this love last forever She will became Damn people, use some grammar! Why people so negative. Like her or hate her, she is extremely hard working, you only have to see her on keeping up on the kardashians to know that. And she has given back alot in regards to charity and her law work. People are never happy. Too much hate in the world.

Just no concept of this pandemic and the impact is has caused, then puts out this ridiculous tweet! An example of all that’s wrong - right there - with modern society. 🙄 all you haters is why poor people and innocent people dont get donations. I guess they didn’t learn that flaunting your wealth leads to people robbing you 🤷🏼‍♀️

Classless and tasteless. People with money shouldn’t feel the need to flaunt it. what a bunch of material pompous jerks. Kim, Kanye, their buddy Trump & us! We are all billionaires. Great job everyone. Jesus said to him, “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me KimKardashian kanyewest

Literally there are people dying. No one cares. She doesn’t even look like that anymore. He’ll get sick of her once 40 comes around. Just watch The Kardashians and Kayne are exactly why I have no faith in humanity! I didn’t know money equals god shining on you We knooooowwwww Who cares?! Be proud of a sex tape? Excellent 😂👏🏻👏🏻

PSA PEOPLE ARE DYING. THE WORLD IS IN A PANDEMIC. THIS ISNT IMPORTANT. With everything going on other world you report on this! ❤💚💙💜💙💚❤ Love Life & Laugh She is a billionaire during a pandemic . Can we just cancel them already . Do we really need to see the rich getting richer as we all are worried

By a sex tape? Ya good job egotastic Yes cause singled out her to sell herself and kids to become a billioaire while others are living on the streets What a fantastic god you have I just need about $100 extra in my acct now. My face wash is almost empty and so is my Burt’s Bees chapstick; but knowing Target, by the time I get to the checkout, everything will come up to $89.74 🤷🏾‍♀️

And a sex tape started it all The FENOMEN...UVIJEK SAM SE ZA TEBE MOLIO...WEST ARMENIA...DOKUM.IN WHITE HOUSE So God wants people to be Billionaires? She ain't weathered shit. Not surprised! Good for you Kim. I'm happy for you both! God Bless ❤❤ Meh Somehow I don’t think God cares how much money someone makes. JustSaying

Double Billions gang Shew, what a relief. It’s literally been keeping me up at night wondering when she was finally gonna be a billionaire. I mean what a success story. Rich girl born rich somehow gets richer. It’s a real rich to riches story. Typo. From “she will officially became“ to “she will officially become”

All that from the worst porn tape ever. The nerve of all of you posting about Kim’s billionaire status at a time where everyone is suffering! Shame on you all! Gag Is his love for Trump fake because I'm praying for him and his wife, apparently she doesn't need it she's good Barf! Well money is all that really matters even when you stick God in front of your face and preach every Sunday

ElijahMcClainWasMurdered BreonnaTaylorWasMurdered All of a sudden they all billionaires See? Porn does pay off. Who cares!!!!! Hahaha I’m sure he is We don’t care TONE DEAF We knooooowwwww I believe Kim being a billionaire, but def not Kylie. Kylie’s make-up/Skin is like a starter kit for kids. It’s cheap I can’t with these people!

Same Donate and help citizen in need - that would be worth a boast ! These two couldn't be anymore removed from reality if they lived on the moon. 🔔🔚 So much stuff going on and we talking about this oh my God Enews ,how many black people work for her They’re trying so hard to prove their wealth after Kanye publicly asked Mark Zuckerberg for money and said he’s in debt 😂

*The point is this people are going to said awful white? or they going to said awful dark? depending which one is you ?*=it can go either way and that is the point?*= 🙄 *****The point is this people are going to said awful white/or they going to said awful dark? depending which one is you?*=it can go either way and that is the point?*=

Is this for real or is it Kylie billionaire lol just like plastic jenner (kylie not caitlyn) this trashcashian lies too Did she lie about the amount like her sister? I question it. Which sex tape put her over the top? I think her kids will one day be really proud of her when her tapes are shown during a school party. They will love that...but at least they will be the lowest class of billionaire! Always in the presence of trash!

these 2 have so much ego between the 2 of them while people have very little and are dying he is not just proud of her he is prod she is a billionaire messed up for sure never enough money if only I find myself man who loves me as much as KanyeWest loves KimKardashian 😍 goals wishfulthinking When you start out like she did, most people call that pornography!!

She need to do Cash App and help others. ijs Heartfelt and relevant news.. 👍 anyway ... no one Cares! BFD - let them buy the whole damn country while they're at it! 😡 anyways Tati is exposing shane dawson and jeffree star damn i kinda.......don’t care No one cares, does it fix anything in this world Alright. Enough with this family. We get Kim is a billionaire. And we get Khloè had a birthday party for herself, so enough.

KimKardashian kanyewest With so much going on in the world, it’s disrespectful to advertise your riches to the American people! WakeUp dollarama Que RayJ Maybe he can stop begging for money now and telling everyone how far in debt he is....even though it was total bullshit any way. I know it’s his wife’s money but they are still a family.

TONE DEAF Time to re-do the post nup agreement. Really don’t give two shits about the rich while Americans are being evicted and losing their jobs. Wasn’t she only 350 M worth last year? Shame this not NEWS We have so much going on in the world of course that is all they care about is money Awesome, while everybody’s out there losing their jobs, let’s tweet about my wife becoming a billionaire asshole

I feel like e is owned by them, they only post shit about them even if it’s a useless story! Is she a billionaire? Or is her company worth a billion? 2 different things. If you imagine having so much money why can't they donate half to others who need it a lot more than such people are sad right now because of Corona where many are without a job

So proud that he posted a picture of vegetables 😂 “Billionaire” With the crisis the world is in, hearing about Kim becoming a billionaire is ridiculous! Not important! great! more money to donate to those who need it It’s a FCKING PANDEMIC...nobody gives a shit And the country is burning down around them

The American dream at work! To start with but a few measly million dollars and, through the hard work of being famous, you can now buy a small country. It’s all luck not talent.🤡 But is she happy? That’s the only question that matters. gross 🙄 GREAT for them would be so nice if they can donate to our fundraiser

NO ONE CARES ‼️‼️‼️‼️ Why shouldnt he be? You make it sound as if, he is jealous or something 😈 Wow

Kanye West Praises Kim Kardashian West For 'Becoming A Billionaire': 'So Blessed'The second eldest of the KarJenner clan joins sister Kylie Jenner, who was called the youngest self-made billionaire in 2019, in allegedly achieving a ne... Her contribution toward science and humanity has been profound 😏 We really need to tax these people more. Awesome. Can I borrow 50k so I can finish my sons college education?

Kim Kardashian silences divorce claims as she posts rare snap with Kanye WestKim and Kanye have recently been hit with a slew of divorce rumours amid a tough couple of weeks in lockdown Kim I liked the interview with Mirror. I loved the picture of you with less makeup. It’s about time. You look great. Very refreshing. Sometimes the ton of makeup you and some of your sisters wear gets old. Too much

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Kanye West 'So Proud' of Kim Kardashian for 'Becoming a Billionaire'The 43-year-old rapper took to social media on Monday to praise his reality star and entrepreneur wife. While people lost their jobs and struggling to feed their kids. Yeah good for her ! People seriously ? Perhaps she donates millions to FeedingAmerica for Gods sake He couldn't find 100 more things to be proud of than $

Kim Kardashian steps out with bright red hair on hot date with hubby KanyeKim showed off her bold new hair colour as she and Kanye headed for a dinner date after she made it into the billionaire club Yet another completely pointless article about these people

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