Kanye West Fist Bumps Fan Who Calls Him 'Amazing Father'

Kanye West believes he's an amazing father.

1/21/2022 5:33:00 AM

Kanye West believes he's an amazing father.

Kanye West believes he's an amazing father.

will give you a fist bump if you call him an"amazing father" ... as one fan found out while Yeezy was grabbing some ice cream.The bizarre interaction went down Thursday in Calabasas, where Ye hit up an ice cream shop after a doctor's visit.

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If North Koreas missles are ever successful, I hope they hit the TMZ building Most definitely. RIP to that ice cream cone 🙏🏽 let’s say our prayers OMG STOP WITH THE FREAKING DAILY COVIDKAYNE UPDATES......FOR FREAK SAKE! Thank goodness Me too, ye said? it's truth. How does the fan know? Only matters what your children believe

Something else seeing all these stones being thrown from within people’s own glass houses who have zero actual knowledge on this. Good for you, Internet wind again showing people idiocy The best!

Jake Paul Threatens to Come for Pete Davidson with Kanye WestCovering the sh*t you like since 1984. Well, Jake Paul - the boxer - still won't box ummmmm, actual boxers so why not 'fight' Davidson, Emeril Lagasse, Nathan Chen, Gumby, Brooks Koepka, Al Roker, Kid Rock, Thiago Braz, John Shuster? As long as he can keep getting crazy $$ from SHOsports for his sideshow, he should.

Fist bumps are something amazing father's do 😉 because he is Explains a lot about the quality & choice in music of his fans. ratio+kanye is+if it was kim u wouldn’t do this shit+the m in TMZ stands for mid😹😹😹😹 TMZ this is not news leave him alone 😂😂😂 I really don‘t understand how people like you can sleep calmly at night

This you? Making threats very scary look what O J Simpson did he murdered his wife got away with it hope Kim and Pete keep security close 😢

Pete Davidson jokes he’s ‘a diamond in the trash’ after Kanye West’s ‘threat’The comedian has been romantically linked to Kim Kardashian since October last year – and her estranged husband Kanye is said to be far from happy about their romance

I believe he believes that’s true. KanyeWest Shitty headline alert: he doesn't 'bElieve', he IS a amazing father. The bad ones always think that, the good ones are always more humble… if you have time to date all those women then you’re not a good dad. Celebrity or not, a good dad is a present dad. These headlines are fucking ridiculous

Kanye West believes he wants TMZ to leave him the fuck alone TMZ has a weird obsession with painting Kanye as a villain....they are obviously getting paid to tarnish Kanye's name as he SHOULD!! Wtf Kanye do to y’all mfs ☠️ I also believe that . Good on you ye.

Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly 'Very Hurt' By Kanye West's Nanny AccusationsKim Kardashian is reportedly feeling hurt by Kanye West's claims that their children are being primarily raised by nannies.

He’s still around showing interest. Makes him better than a bunch. I don't think he's a bad father, but I absolutely believe he's a toxic ex-husband with NO sense of boundaries or common sense who is essentially stalking Kim. 🤷‍♀️ I'm glad people see thru TMZ's bullshit Amazing Bat He thinks he is Jesus also, so you tell me.

So he says... Their kids seem happy, kind & taught abt Jesus, you don't get that from bad parents. What Ye is like away from his kids is not the same as what he's like when he's with his kids. Ppl tht think he's a bad father just never liked him in the 1st He is Even Kim kardashin said it TMZ yaw always tryna paint a horrible narrative

Amazing Father ButBut I guess Kim didn't like his 'Amazing Ways' 🤷‍♀️

Kanye West's new girlfriend Julia Fox shares steamy video of them kissingKanye West has only been dating new girlfriend Julia Fox for three weeks, but it seems things are hotting up between the pair if this footage is anything to go by Kanye is keeping the drama going.

'Because having money is the whole point...' He’s always been delusional Cause he is 🤷🏻‍♂️ Not comin to the defense of anyone but you say this as if he isn’t? He thinks he’s amazing at everything Dumb ass tells him he’s a great father , rather than asking for an autograph,, damn you was that close to 500 k payday

Tf typa headline is this? Happy Kanye is so precious He’s a narcissist. They’ll know when they’re grown. Yeah, he is.

Pete Davidson finds Kanye West’s lyrical threats ‘hilarious’“Pete thinks it’s totally hilarious,” said an insider, “Not just that — he thinks the whole [tabloid drama with him, West and Kardashian] is hilarious. He loves it.” larry hoover’s boy ain’t coming to save Pete Beetlejuice laughs at everything

Yeah, not a fan but does TMZ REALLY know what kind of a father he is? Do any of us? This may all be for show, and at home he’s father of the year. well HE IS He probably is an amazing father! If you think his other half is with all her bs, he definitely is! Fuck your dog shit headlines come up with better

Kanye is an amazing father*** Y’all so weird 🤧 Tmz's pettiness urks me to my core y’all hate on kanye west for no reason. he just wants to be a father to his kids He is*

West Virginia TV reporter hit by car during live shot, gets up, finishes reportTori Yorgey of WSAZ in Huntington, West Virginia, is OK after getting hit by a car during a live report Wednesday night. Deliberately hit?

TMZ believes they’re good journalists TMZ at it again with these lame ass headlines 😒 how much did kris pay y’all to put out that stupid ass headline TMZ back at it again lol and he's 100% right Posts like this is why newyeheadlines exists omg ur weird af FuckTMZ Yeah ok some people belive the sky is purple, that don't mean it is! KenyeIsCrappy

Wack headline 🤦‍♀️

TMZ probably has the slower people on the clock this evening Great. Now I can sleep easy. sad you guys post this like its a shock. do better tmz nobody would of missed this post if you never have posted it NOTE: If you have to keep telling people who/what you are, then maybe.. just maybe you're not.!!🙄

stop fuckin hatin About time sir !!…Kim raised and ran the household while you decided to become a something of nothing in Wyoming. Grow a pair, be a man and STOP Preaching what you should have practiced a long time ago. Your children deserve better than what you have or can give them! Wtf is with this caption? Y’all are some haters fr

Is that a maybach that he hopped in?

why is this a story Hollywood Unlocked owns you. Where is his security?

Kanye West will give you a fist bump if you call him an"amazing father" ... as one fan found out while Yeezy was grabbing some ice cream. The bizarre interaction went down Thursday in Calabasas, where Ye hit up an ice cream shop after a doctor's visit. Kanye's licking his ice cream cone and answering a paparazzi's question about