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From Yeezus to POTUS? Kanye West announced that he is running for president in the 2020 election.

7/5/2020 5:57:00 AM

From Yeezus to POTUS? Kanye West announced that he is running for president in the 2020 election.

The rapper marked the Fourth of July holiday with a major announcement about his White House aspirations.

—again.The rapper marked the Fourth of July holiday with a major announcement regarding his plan to run for president this year."We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future," Kanye, 43,

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on Saturday evening. "I am running for president of the United States!"He concluded his post with what appears to be a possible campaign slogan: "#2020Vision."and other members of the Kardashian-Jenner family have yet to comment publicly on Kanye's bid to become the next POTUS, however

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? Kidding right? Spare us Good grief. Y'all going to vote him? season finale of 2020 gonna be rage HappyDove wrap your head around THIS one!! WTF is happening!! He sat in the wings Trump losing ground now Trump pushing him to run. He won because people chose another over Clinton now he thinks will chose West over Biden.

O gosh ... Him and Trump are pow wows... At this point Americas just a joke to me now Now that black lives matter is a hot topic and a strong movement, Kanye wants power while the iron is hot, he wants to strike.... Beware people. KNOOBBBBHEADDD!!!!! 😂😂😂😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sit the hell down fool🤬🤬 Gtfo Wt..

Fool Please don't vote for him. This is crazy. 🤦🤦🤦 This is stupid he is just helping trump .🤬🤬🤬 He doesn’t have a chance !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 😂 he need to sit his crazy ass down man🤣🤦🏽‍♂️ Hard pass THAT WILL BE THE END OF THE MOST RACIST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. CANT WAIT FOR THE IMPLODE How is he running for president it’s either between Joe Biden or Donald Trump..

Such silliness.. new album ready to release? He’s idiotic and stop giving him attention Clout chaser Wilsonsydney12 The face of constipation 😜😂 God help us all! Dear god. Guess he is much more concerned about his wealth than his suppressed &screwed heritage by the white man! It's amazing what money can do to currupt the morals of man that came from anseseters which where treated as garbage and we're slaves toTrump's anseseters! So proud of you!

Kanye was high again. What? 😂 I hope he is running as a Republican. He better not mess this up. He has done no debates and has no experience What a joke!! This guy's is more of a joke than the idiot president right now 🤬 🤦🏻‍♀️ The state of our Nation isn’t a fucking joke...this is not the time kanyewest

Hahahahahaha FFS HAHAHAHAHA! Good one... WHO CARES America is on the brink of collapse. Omg he is bipolar and he wants codes to nuclear? Not to mention we don’t need another porn star as First Lady Would he paint the Whitehouse black? This better be a joke we have enough problems as it is 😂 Yes we need another person with no knowledge how to run a White House, no Foreign Affairs Relationship. Or how to broker deals with Leaders. This country has been torn apart by Trump, & West has been unstable at times just writing music.. We can't do this America.

IgnoreKanye. You know, I am not going to feel bad on the day his wife and children leave him. He has proved without a shadow of a doubt that Kim Kardashian will be in her right frame of mind to leave. Listening to that fool is spousal abuse! Stop this nonsense Time has passed for the entire kardashian nonsense to be cancelled. This candidacy announcement is a joke designed to re-elect Trump. It won’t work. kanyewest is a disgraceful racist hurting his own community Stop!

If Kanye becomes president, will we get a 'Keeping up with the Kardashian' in the white House? Well he’s an idiot so there’s that I guess if Trump can do it anyone can do it😡 🙄 Somebody stop him🤦🏽‍♀️ 😂😂😂 🤨🤨 Crazy talk 😳 wow this must be a joke smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ scary Hey...I hope this makes u laugh. Russia worked the first time.. Now Kanye...ugh please people we need this country back on its feet again...

He is going to split the vote .. dumbass people will vote for him and ruin our chance at getting rid of trump for good. A vote for Kanye equals a vote for the cheeto! Not funny...he is mentally ill and a stunt like this is seriously dangerous to the outcome of the election. 😖 TRUMP 2020 AND ALL THE RED PILLS I CAN SWALLOW!!

Why TF would we put you in after getting Trump out...from bad to worse This is so hilarious!!From Trump to WestOh my god where does America go! Hilarious!! This is a joke What a colossal idiot, has no idea what is going on and now wanting to represent the USA, even if one vote goes his way then, America has really lost it's way and is doomed to become a 3rd world country. Not right away but it will be long and tortuous but will end of stupidity.

Wait... what?🤔 🤦🏽‍♀️ Jesus please take the wheel 🙏🏽 I sincerely hope it’s a joke 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ Will he use Kim's sex tape for his political campaign maybe Ray J can be his vice president 🤣🤣 delusional Kanye west I beg you in the name of God, just face your music carerer and leave politics alone Thank you!

Hard No. NOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE SAY IT ISNT SO, WHAT IN THE HECK IS THIS WORLD COMING TO ? Bahahahahaha! I cannot see Kim as a First Lady. I mean...might as well. 😂 🤣 Unbelievable Kanye needs an intervention ASAP Cuz he's a freaking tool. I’m would be for this I wish he would have done this from the beginning if this is real because now all this looks to me me like he is just trying to steal votes from Biden to get trump re-elected !!!

The thirstiest male celeb to ever live!!! Didn't he announce this a few years ago, at the awards? not like it's the first time he said that. Ugh. Disgusted. No thanks, bye! This has to be a joke. 2020 just keeps getting better and better... Why? 🙄 He basically would just take the votes from Biden away, and would help Trump to win 🤷🏻‍♂️ maybe Trump and Kanye have a secret aggreement though?

Lol he is just another man that the Democrats couldn’t control Clearly this clown needs more attention. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Someone tell KimKardashian to put kanyewest in timeout I’ll choose anyone over trump Usa I don't understand why you laugh like it's impossible for him to win after all Look who's your president right now

Either this is the most stupidest thing or the most smartest move. Taking votes from Biden. 😂 oh my god please god give us a sane person to vote for. No these 3. You’re too late for April Mop BTW! blakehopper My dog would be better qualified!!! BlackTrump This is a joke right? Hahaha 😂 🤡🤡 Kanye, just stick to whatever it is you do.

Now this is stupid..... JoJorgensen2020 VoteGold VoteGold JoJorgensen2020 Please give no energy to this. The 'lol Trump is gonna run' posts got us here no ❤️ No, Tom Kirkman for president. 😜 gesta You guys should give these super hilarious remixes a listen! 😎🤙🏻 ➧➧➧➧➧➧➧➧ Hello Everybody! Check out my world-renowned SINGLE! The ladies love it 😍

off his meds again I see No way Nothing surprises me anymore, its like 2020 is a bad episode of the twilight zone. This isn’t new. He announced it a few years ago. The article mention’s his 2024 run, and it mentions 2020. I’m curious which one. Also, is he running as a Democrat, a Republican or as an independent on his own party ticket that he creates?

No, no, no. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Dear July, You had one job. Shut up, keep your hands to yourself and do NOTHING. You failed. Has anyone checked on Kim What a joke to wake up to today! April's fool is here again 😁 but of course this is him thinking it'll grab votes away from Biden Why, not “ Joe Excotic” tried 😂😂😂

Oh Lordy 🤦🏽‍♀️ Omg go away psycho LMAO 😂 Omg ! 😡 VoteGold JoJorgensen2020 Jlashinsky 😎 Get the hell out of here F NO Go home, Kayne. wontpassapsycheval ignorehim This has to be a colossal joke !! WHO ignorehim Another narcissist who thinks his popularity on twitter somehow translates to being the CEO of the largest economy in the world! Don’t let this distract you from real world issues. We did that experiment already...and it failed!

Oh god please He’s trying to assist Trump in winning This must be a joke Does presidency not require a mental health check first? Please, for the love of GOD, do not disrupt the democratic vote people! It has to be one solid movement to get twitler out of the White House! Can you just see the Kardashians in the White House?😂😂😂

Is he off his meds again? More doomed if Biden and the AOC bitch takes over He is off his meds again. This year can’t be weirder...seriously...let’s not waste our times with this nonsense. We don’t need another ignorant narcissistic in the WH, for God sake! Facepalm 🤦🏼‍♀️🤮 Ban E!...they playing with people's Lives...he Crazy as hell if he thinks he has my vote.... he's helping Trump...ban the Kardashians and E!....

Is he off his meds, again? 🙄🤦‍♂️👎 I ain't voting for Kanye West (Sorry). No no no.. Is this a joke? 2020 jokes?! Ugh That's just too funny to be true!!😁😂😁😂 “Good Luck America” 🎶 Is that how the song goes ? ilianizeta Who is Kanye West? What’s one more idiot in the White House. Now the US will have Dumb then Dumber!

My pug would be a better president than Kanye. Now I have heard everything. I can’t wait to see Trump attack him. Get the popcorn ready Hahahahaha Hilarious Hilarious Making a mockery of what was once an honorable position. OMG the US is becoming the biggest joke in the world... I am so happy I live in Canada🇨🇦

Okay then. Nope! He needs to take his crazy pills and stop trying to help his friend win again. People this is only to divide your votes don’t even acknowledge this ridiculous! Please don’t! Oh God help us!!! Hilarious Hell no, he said that last time Imagine! If the USA people can vote Trump in, they can Kanye! Too bizarre to contemplate?.!

What a joke Well atleast we know that Taylor Swift will not be voting for him. ignorekanye I know this is a reality. Our worst nightmare standing and manacing like COVID 19. These two guys are future gay lovers, they should be living in the same prison cell for the amount of damage that they and their families have done.

👎 🤦🏻‍♀️ God bless America America gotta be the next clown nation if ya'll elect Kanye Pls ignore him & he will go away 🙏🙏🙏🙏 😂🤣😁😆😜🤪😝🙀🙀🙀 Can we not. Stop with the jokes! 2020 needs to end like now Wow. Just wow. Is his plan to take the black & Latino vote away from Biden so that his friend trump can win? 🤦🏽‍♀️

1 Narcissistic psychopath using another. Part of me understand that this is just for attention....but REALLY?!!! You're just as dumb as he is. It's too late. Like wow so glad to add you to the list of shut to boycott. Now this is some funny stuff who? No. Everytime i think 2020 reached it max... Sweet holy Cockadoodledoo

Koonye don't be the 'Jill Stein'of this election.... Someone please piss on my foot and tell me it's RAINING ☔ Luh He’s a joke This must be a joke Kanye is a great rapper & great as a person for sure, but he is no Obama not even close. Now this is funny news. What a year and what a stupid nation With all due respect, let politicians do the work.

That’s exactly what we need right now, the man who said slavery was a choice to run for president. Don’t forget to wear ur stupid maga hat on the campaign trail! Don’t make me laugh! Can he do that this late in an election year? 🙄 He’s looking for attention. He must be trying to promote another album. whatadumbass anofromme 😂😂😂 kanyewest

Oh, hot damn 🙄 Good move to disolute Bidens The presidency of the USA is quickly turning into a reality show. Just another shit show. Dear lord 🙄🙄🙄 Idiot. My role model.. Kanye west- is the man. Not another Gemini in office no no no hell no If Trump thinks that Kanye West “running for president” is going to steal the BLACK VOTES and prevent realDonaldTrump from being defeated by JoeBiden in November, he’s even dumber than I thought.

This has to be a joke! 🙈 The worlds gone mad What a joke!!! A bipolar rapper for a Pres!!! Where is Kid Rock, he needs to run also!!! Hahahahahaha What a joke and a waste of money? No way he’ll ever be in the Oval Office! ****Does the mind has no shameand goes out against all logic does the mind has no reflection of what good is-is one thing to be!! but is another try to be what is not logic.!!

get the fuck out. Give him a chance let’s see what he has to say. Let’s see what he can do for the country 2020.. Please.. No more.. 😳😳😳😳 What a joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 honest to God, didn’t think he was serious. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Attention seeker.....weed will drive him mad No way! I guess everyone can be president on your country nowadays. this is ridiculous. another clown for president. Good luck american! 🤡

Kanye is an idiot Ummm no thanks. 😂 Now we know why he went to see Trump. To view the modifications to be made in the Oval Office.. He fooled Trump. Can you imagine Kim kardashian as a First Lady lmmmmaaaaaao Isn’t it kinda late for that? Lol will he be running as independent ? It seems that now you have to be a tycoon to be president of the USA 😂🤡

Hahaha He must have family and friends, right?...not just Kim & her clan? Someone needs to tell him to get off the Trump train. He’s clearly off his meds; and any second of attention given to him on this is a second taken away from more dire issues 🤦🏾‍♀️ Say sike right now He can't be serious!! 🙈🙈🙉🙉

What a joke? A lot of people may run for the White House, but this nutjob will never get elected!!🇺🇸😱👎🤣 Please no we’ve been through enough this year Trump is using him no doubt about it let’s not forget he committed Treason he wants distractions away from this he had his big party now this the news will forget about Russia once again!

Good luck to all in the US because that right there is beyond words First Trump and now this....Americas dream 'make America great again' is slowly but surely going down the drain. Kim K—— Flotus PatienceDube19 😹😹😹😹 Please don't glorify this because it's wrong we need to stop acting like the White house is a joke and that running the country is a reality show

No Stupid!! He won't even win. Let's not lie to the public Lord have mearcy, what is wrong with Amerika 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 He’s as qualified and credible as Trump so... 😂😂😂😂😂 thanks god i live in europe! Never gonna happen if it does then its money thats talked not the people! He is clearly doing Trump's bidding! All you people who keep supporting this joke man and his clan are responsible for this nonsense! He got away with his red hat crap and now this..

I mean to be fair...Trump was a T.V personality before being elected. Nigga !!!! WHERE'S TAY TAY WHEN YOU NEED HER? DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM YALL THIS IS SUCH W SET UP Don’t encourage this. give me a break Omg another idiot in the office... 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ So from “God Bless America” it went to “Good Luck America” 😅 Haha nope

He flexed Kim being a billionaire when people are literally starving to death. You're a joke if you support this man. Welp he kept his word 😂😂😂 Lady_Blazes Helps trumps chances Biden voters will vote Kanye 😂 Kim kardashian as First Lady. Omfg 😂😂😂 Is it April fools! 🤦‍♀️puppet KarlaRivadenei1 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Fuck , god help this world ! We don’t have any educated / top Commanders / Harvard background in US ... what is wrong with this stupid people 😁😁 White House or a hooker house 😳😳 oh boy Is this real? Distraction Just tbh, I don't think we could take him seriously enough unless he changed his whole persona. Not that being who he is is bad or wrong, presidency is just a whole different playing field from being a rapper/artist and celebrity.

His stupidity has no limits! 🙄 UncleTom boycottKanye The biggest racist in America I don't think so What happened USA? Nuts What fake news AGAIN?!? But that trick *never* works!! Funny! We already have a clown who had never been in politics, is/was a supposed billionaire, not playing with a full deck and we all see where that has gotten us!! Biden 2020 🇺🇸

Oh god no I don’t trust him. You can’t trust a person who has a feud (Taylor Swift one of course). Imagine if someone mistreat him, he will go around the White House and sing famous Why? Can he even get on a ballot? And I repeat a ha ha ha ha ha ha Please please PLEASE!!!! Don’t tell me this?! What is wrong with America

I hope people have learned enough from the current clown running the US and be smart enough to choose this time. Can he just give the money he will use up for the election run to those who are really desperate right now? Haha idiot 🤦🏻‍♀️ Ay noooo! esta gente es tan idiota que seguro gana 🤦🏽‍♀️ idiotic kanyewest

You all remember when potus 45 said he will run and everybody said it was a joke ,well kanye may be potus 46,he can finance himself wife is a billionaire is that why Kim is studying laws? Who is better? We are choosing based on 'who is less likely to destroy us.' mcuban save us! Business Plan: - win the race - release 'Yeezy Boost White House' - Make more billions

This shit is just too fucking unreal I can't 🤣 Lol Omg cahoot once cahoots together n forever 🙊 Idiot. finkshere and govtnom your boy is running for president. We kicking Trump out. Seserius itu Kanye mau jadi presiden, GILAAK GG NYANGKA banget. itutuh kek kek gila guyss. i don't know what to say. uuhh mu meninggal. reviewkanyewest ggdiendors

He manifested that well. He says 2020 and here we are Neither him and his wife belong in politics. I would rather wipe my ass with the ballot paper then vote for him. I could never vote a bully into office. Another reality tv show. 🤔🤔🤔I wondered where Kanye was but i was not expecting that but yeah why fucking not vote another reality tv / celebrity into the position again, worked brilliantly 4 years ago

Luh 🤦🏻‍♀️😂🤡 This nigga just wanna increase his net worth period unfortunately it will end in tears his just a 1$Billion dollar nigg.elections require donors that believe your policies and he Will need to hire serious policy makers which come at the cost meaning his net worth will decline Stop giving this attention

E dopo La famiglia Trump ci manca la famiglia Khardashian/Jenner alla presidenza. Sai che party organizzeranno. Il prossimo che dice che l’America è un grande paese, gli sputo in faccia Brief headline. . . All white men retire,umm, it's just temporary.Michael Jackson told me last night that we will all move to the moon, so, behave,antifa is on the move right now,every Native American fall in line!.Ma hommies are coming,who isn't standing in line to welcome them?

Shut up lol 😂 2020 gets weirder every day!! isthisreallife I for one welcome King Kanye Hahaha there is something between your teeth, hahaha yo go and brush and come back. Kanye is a waste of time and oxygen. Take this election very seriously. Stop wasting my time Kanye West Why are oeople mad? No ones making you vote for him.. lol

WTF From Crazy to Silly 🙃 Why tho An artist? FFS the world has got bigger pandemics and more important issues to deal with. Lol!! Waste of time! You’re a joke & so is your wife & family! Why not, trump proved that any fool can get elected istg america became a reality show lmaoooo this is crazy So, he’s off his meds again?

I mean, people were making fun of the Orange Trump for doing so and look where y'all are at now. NO My favourite billionaire couple embarrassed E gives this any credence. disgusting. 💥I'm a Black man.I got pulled over going to the gym.Cop walks up to my car and I see he has a box of donuts in his hands.He screamed 'STOP RESISTING!!' So I had a donut.😉 ❤Laughter bridges gaps. SHARE if u LIKE.

Watching from Australia..this is ridiculous..clown show!! Good. This will only help trump and hurt Biden. Biggest Joke of all times Yo! KarlaRivadenei1 un payaso acabado que pone a una mujer en un video como porno. Ok Kanye run, take votes away from Biden, which doesn’t hurt my filling because by doing so what votes Biden does have, won’t be near to touch President Trumps!! Smart move Kanye!! Also if Biden is elected that will end Kims work for aiding for people who are in jail.

🙋🏼‍♀️ I thought Africans were well known for joking too much but I think the disease spreads like the virus itself😂 😀 Oh no AdebolaShomoye come and see your celebrity here Wow good luck to the USA So ridiculous 😂😂😂 kaney west for 'president' wow how low can america go? And kim as the 'first lady'? 😂😂😂 that family is just ridiculous 🤣🤣🤣

Join the club😂😂😂. Jesus, I know, right. Just patiently waiting. It’s now a full on clown show, fr fr. We’re in the Twilight Zone LIVE. Lol....i think this is a joke. Trump's buddy ? 🤣🤣 HES GONNA SABOTAGE THE ELECTION. NOPE Delusional Ye! We copy that loud and clear...but why did it feel i read a gospel according to Trump?

Oh hell no If Kanye becomes POTUS I’m definitely moving! Our country has become a mockery to others! England I’m coming home! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fool LMAO!! Anit nobody voting for him.. Boring and not news It's obvious he's trying to help his buddy mess up TeamJoe votes. That's so f*cked up. Boycott Kanye and the Kardashians ASAP! BoycottKanye BoycottTheKardashians

Clown 🤡 kanyewest It's obvious you are going this because you're in bed with Trump rocking your MAGA hat and wanting to take votes from Biden. Ahhh...nooooo... This is how trump will win again 😡KimKardashian wake up! Dumb and dumber🤣🤣🤣 Boy by. Get some psychological help ignorekanye pp Kanye the Peroter. Good plan Don.

well I'm going to have to unfollow y'all because I need this off my timeline. Sorry not sorry Kim, come get this fool. the next time kanye comes out with another shoe or some ripped up clothes y'all better tell him the truth how stupid those thing looks! Stop making that idiot feel like he can walk on water!!

Trump told Kanye to run to take the black voters from JoeBiden..this is reality show White House election episode Trash To help Trump steal the votes off Biden! What does he know about running a country? He can't even run around his wife's huge ass! Old Donald is just using him as a distraction That's it!! I have to get out of this country!!!

❓❔❓❔❓❔ Don’t vote for him Gross and NO This is a joke right ? Serious? kanyewest we don’t need you messing up the number for your buddy. Go away What the actual f*ck No way What a joke!!!! CALLING .taylorswift13 Just. Stop. IAmKevinTerrell He needs 2 take several thousand searts philippingout 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤡 AtmokoSulthan free yeezys for those who vote for him

🤔 Hell no 🤦‍♂️🤯🤭 Sorry what I remember his iPhone passcode was 0000 at this time😂 Aww, how cute...🙄 LaraAbdallah ew are you serious LOL I guess it can't get any worse. That’s not even a funny dumb joke. Sorry but the lane for a clown with a red hat in the 2020 election is already taken. Oh no!!!! pandemic back to back

God forbid!!! Kanye has already proven to the WORLD that he is unfit....you would have to be a damn fool to believe this 💩! What party ticket is Kanye West is running under? He's definitely not a Democrats. Stop the Insanity! Someone/KimKardashian tell Kanye to take his meds & sit down. Seriously. Lets all rally behind JoeBiden & we all know KamalaHarris will be an incredible VP!

Still a better pick than Biden or Trump Just because you bang someone that has been in a sex gape doesn’t make you presidential, thanks Donald for setting a bad example Kim. Come get him 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Disclaimer: you don’t have to suffer from anything to say the things Kanye says. Anyone can say shit like this; but just wanted to point out his illness, combined with being a celeb has always made him seem and sound...how do I put it, weird? Make good music, man 👊🏾 ❤️ rest is bs

Wtf 😳 Lol 😂 this country is a comedy nowadays. We already look like a joke with trump in office now we're going to look like a straight-up clown with kanye. PrayForAmerica Scary!! Could you imagine the Kardasians in the white house. SMH You must remember, Kanye suffers from an illness. And he has a megaphone (platform) as a celeb. So take this w/ a grain of salt; tho it’s next to impossible for him to run.

Don’t give this kind of bullshit attention please. It’s actually serious and could potentially sabotage our election. Lollll? How? Primary is over. What party? Is this for real? Yeah, people will enjoy watching KimKardashian SEX tape over and over again. You know the one with Ray J when she... Not to mention boycotting KUWTK!!!!!

hahaha He is funny af BoycottKardashians This is to F up the election This is to take votes from Biden ... pathetic Is it April 1st? Does the presidential post not require any qualification?! Might as well have Bieber n Swift run! N how about some of the real housewives cast maybe Erika Jayne or Lisa rinna also run? Where are all the smart young educated sane people :(

This is not funny at all! The presidency has already become a joke and now it's beyond! Do you see this Tip marclamonthill SnoopDogg like for real what the hell is wrong with him! I'm getting real sick and tired of his often cliff stupidness! TMZ nobody has time for this This country is fragile and WE do not need distractions. Let's stay focus people

Why Lord😫 OMG! USA! Pls vote! 😂 😂 I’ll watch from over the border...😂🤣 Pretty sure the world is going to implode soon. 💥 You are doomed as a country. Time to boycott the Kardashians. Sabotaging our election is not funny and not a joke! Kanye running for president is just another cry for help from someone suffering from mental illness.

Was his account hacked or something cause...😳 These two are in cahoots to try and pull votes away from Biden ! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ He's being paid by DT to draw Black votes from Biden. ProjectLincoln needs to run one of their own so trump doubters who will never vote for a Dem have a Repub choice. Fund a contender. gtconway3d TheRickWilson SteveSchmidtSES

Gross. Ya we gon die 😂🤣😂🤣😂 I can't believe it until CNN reports it😆 That would make the FLOTUS the second one we've seen naked. Classy. if this green light 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians In The White House' I'm fucking moving to Canada. 2020 please stop Kanye is the Ralph Nader of this generation. Will get enough votes to cripple the Chinacrats.

Can’t wait to see First Lady Kim welcoming foreign dignitaries to the Hoes Garden. No❤️

Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential Bid, Elon Musk SupportsMr. West says he's running for President ... and it might happen this year! Now he a Democrat 🤔 Better than those two trash candidates

Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential Run'We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States,' West tweeted, along with the hashtag 2020VISION. He always had mental health issues. BellLetsTalk Please don’t validate this...

Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential RunKanye West announces 2020 presidential run The world is going to end soon. First we had to deal with Trump and now this? Joe Biden better be careful in not losing black votes.. This sh..t is real. KanyeWest stop wasting our time It’s time to leave US and file asylum request in EU I’m not against a rapper/celebrity running, but please no more mentally unstable candidates.

Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential RunOn Saturday night (July 4), West took to Twitter to announce he is running for president, sharing the hashtag 2020VISION. Wtf? 😂 Who's going to be his VP? 😂😂 What a clown. 🤣 It's 2020 everything is possible What party?

Kanye West Says He's Running for President in 2020Kanye West just announced his intention to run for president in 2020 on Twitter! 2020 at its finest

Kanye West tweets he's running for president in 2020, Elon Musk offers 'full support'Kanye West announced with an Independence Day tweet that he intends to run for president in 2020 — 122 days before the Nov. 3 election. Less votes for Joe Biden 🤣🤣 He is just doing this for publicity. He must have a new album coming out. Or he is off his meds again. BUT is kanyewest serious? 🤔