Entertainment, Kanye West Says He May Change Name To Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West - Cnn

Entertainment, Kanye West Says He May Change Name To Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West - Cnn

Kanye says he may change his name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West. Then again, he says a lot of things

Kanye West suggested that he may legally change his name to 'Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West' for a little bit.

11/8/2019 6:17:00 PM

Kanye West says he may legally change his name to 'Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West' for a little bit. It's hard to tell if he's joking.

Kanye West suggested that he may legally change his name to 'Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West' for a little bit.

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What a lovely name No wonder he likes Trump🙄 He’s coo coo for coco puffs! I think he’s crazy but he’s got to be joking! Will he go away mad I don’t have an issue with Kanye, but why is this news? Who cares Is this guy normal Fuck him!! Shame on you!! I thought he already changed his name to Mr. Kardashian This money Whore will do anything to stay relevant.

It doesn’t matter if he’s joking. He is a joke. Period. EVargasTV Kanye.....who Kanye West also said don’t vote Democratic. He said that’s not where the power is. kanyewest take your meds dude. Trust me Kanye would fit perfectly in David Brody ‘s congregation. Kanye is of himself and no other is above him.

Why the hell not? 😂😂 This guy has issues!😂😂😂 I'm with Pete Davidson as once he quoted on SNl 'Bring back Kanye West from 2004.' How about “Tiring delusional over-exposed, over-rated nut case”? Who cares... EVargasTV I don't think Jesus would sell shoes for $200-$2,000 after bragging about making close to a billion dollars from Adidas who does nothing for the poor and underprivileged communities they sell shoes in. So cut the crap clown.

But it’s easy to tell he’s an idiot When he took Taylor Swift's award from her, was that the Christian part, the genius part, the billionaire () part, or the douchy West part? Please tell somebody who gives a fuck He has multi-personal symptoms... he think he is that, or this or it... God has a special place for kanyewest

It not hard to tell if he’s crazy. is he trumps 3rd son? Don’t care don’t care don’t care Omg, what a nut. His poor kids Prince had to. Go for it Kanye!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 He gets my vote for 'Turd of the Year' IdiotSlimeball stop putting this clown on tv. uou will regret it..giving people ideas 👎🖕 Like my kids say “he stupid”

Like who care what he does with his name KimKardashian plz stop him 🤮 How about sell out. Billionaire AARNO_XXII is he trying to tell us something? pfft AARNO_XXII Kanyon Man. Honestly, I just find it disheartening that finds this, newsworthy. I believe he just wants the reaction. Man, fuck Kanye He is another psychopath!

He’s none of the 3. Makes total sense that’s he’s a Donald guy That would be funny!!! Especially when he has to appear before God!!! Hod will probably say ! You wasted a your time here on earth in pursuing paper .which he cannot take with him...showing up naked before Hod is not a good thing...he has to be clothed with Jesus.

He needs help. Pronto. And his family is more occupied in which make up to use or which surgery to get than to help him. His kids deserve thats somebody care about him and not his money Just change it to ‘massive arsehole’ and be done with it! Give that man his Lithium. Why doesn't he just change it permanently too, heres what a tosser looks like!!!

How low of a self esteem must you have to actually care about this? While we have Trump, we don’t need West. Kanya West, the guy i only know of not be able to sing. fakeartist Lunatic would be more to the point 😎 Listen kids, this is what happens when Bipolar folks don't take their med's... Kayne West Likes Fish Sticks

What he needs is to look for an institution and check in. This guy is not normal to any standards He may be joking. It was a bad joke if he did. Makes him sound like a narcissist wanting to rub his money in people’s faces. And wanting to include genius....narcissist. I don’t think that is very Christian like either.

But not hard to tell he’s a joke. He's been in contact with Donnie a little too long Who cares!? Clown in Blackface How about you report news not hype or pr. Does he wake up think of something bizarre to say. Then when peole respond the world is rascist, unkind and he is depressed. Really, interesting way to gain attention then make $$. Has he ever helped a hungry child, cleaned a park, help a street person down a different path?

He is crazy AF..joke Genius! 🙄 Who cares? Machinila Why do you keep reporting stupid fluff like this?! Media outlets should NOT be enablers. Just stop. You do you Kanye! Sharing your beliefs is a positive thing. You’re a great husband and father. Don’t listen to the haters, that’s all they do! ❤️ kanyewest

Whatever. can we PLEASE cancel this clown? He should he really really should. Maybe that would increase his record sales. Who cares? N u t why don't you and kim give to people of need and raise your biracial children is not that easy for others you two represent self centered lives of not patriot and backing trump tore the rag off the bush

Narcissist Ew Shut up about this Kanye guy and his name. Nobody cares! This nonsense is like trump talking in his rallies. Even the stupid republicans in the senate news is more interesting than this crap Why is this even a headline. Who cares!!!! Who knew kanye could get any doucheier? I love him! ❤️ Pathetic.

Wow,,,poor kim,a preachers wife do not act like kim. I never laughed so hard when I heard this!!! He's a joke, something is not right about him. Ok This is not news. It doesn't matter.. it's not news either way. Jesus would lose to President Trump by 100% of the republican voters and 38% of democrat voters if the election was today in America.. The reason is that President Trump’s words are more believable than Jesus’s words by Americans in America.

If he does this, it disproves his new name. Actually, he’s already done that. Nut job Apparently the “Christian” billionaire never actually bothered to read the Bible. Mental Genius.... Sounds like the Onion or he’s still high off of something. sYeo Guess he’s off his meds again. Poor Kim. Why genius billionaire Most Christians don’t put such importance on those two words.

Keep going CNN. Anything to discredit a black man that isn’t voting democrat. Lol Him and Trump are made for each other. Here comes the mental crash in, 3,2,1… So Kanye want to change his name as a Christian and for all the liberal anti trumpets he is insane... Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali and same liberals thought he was heroic.. got it 💩 heads!

Kanye 2024 💙 Jesus is so dissapointed at this dilusional avaricious man. Kanye Who? As long as he pays his taxes you can call him Shitbird if you want.. I’m sure he just needed a little spotlight to keep himself relevant 🤷‍♀️ I think it should be “Napolean” complete with hat. Maybe he is bipolar ... that's no excuse for being stupid

NO!!! HE NOT JOKING... HE IS THE JOKE. NOBODY LAUGHING.. west is CLOWN No.2 trump CLOWN No.1.. 2 clowns TOGEATHER = What!! 400 pounds of SHIT? How is this news? Leave this to the tabloids where stupid stuff lives. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 🤡 Because if Jesus loved something more than the poor, sick, and hungry, it was billionaires patting themselves on the back in his name.....

Crazy Lunatic Millionaire ( because he’s not there yet) Kanye West Why do you waste time reporting on this nonsrnse? Maybe if everyone stops giving him attention he will go away. He is suffering from severe bi polar is off his meds Guess ya gotta have ya heroes 🤮 Here’s a man in need of a new psychiatrist.

I thought Donald Trump was going for that name! I don’t care if he changes it to I’manidiot. Off his meds again... Yes, then people will take you seriously. he is pulling a trump on yall, he will say outlandish things so he gets free media coverage and yall are falling for it head over heels. SUCKERS, way to go kanye tho, play yall like a fiddle.

dude Prince you are Not! 🙄 Straight. Jacket. He really needs a check up from the neck up. He is a freak in every sense of the word .... A joke , none the less. The joke is that legitimate news organizations are reporting this....🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ He sure got FAT This guy is such a joke. Do it...geni-ass.

Certifiable He needs help Idiot He's some kinda crazy and looks as though he's been eating too much kartrasian booty because his bloated chipmunk cheeks don't lie. I suppose his children will spend his fortune on psychiatric treatments for both him and themselves. So sad to grow up with crazy-ass parents.

Stop giving this psychopath money. Stop giving this psychopath a platform. Who cares? Scream for help right there . But i dont really care . Do you ? 😂 Only for your network. The Democratic talking points will be coming shortly, stand by. Wouldn’t want to cross any intersectional lines without Zuckers approval first.

Who cares He needs his meds adjusted Is this like when you call a big guy tiny? How about all news sources around the world stop reporting about people like him? That would surely make him want to change his name. Let’s hope he is only joking. Can we stop talking about Kanye? overexposure He’s great Why oh why didn’t kanye take the BLUE pill?! 🤦🏽‍♂️

Mental illness is real. Just saying And he is relevant how? It’s kind of sad. We all need someone to call us out on our own BS once in a while, seems like no one is doing that for him. Well, that’s done. Now I’m gonna go mark my calendar to remember the 1st and last time I cared about Kanye. It’s only hard to tell when somebody’s joking when your tone deaf.

I don’t care what he does. He not important. Hardly matters if he's joking or not, does it? Take your meds, Kanye. 🙄 christiangeniusbillionaire ffs KanyeWest get a grip kanyewest Ray J wants to know if you can still taste his 'genius?' Get stronger meds dude.... Christian Genius Billionaire Slavery’s A Choice Kanye West... seems more appropriate.

That will make him even more unbelievable...another flash-in-the-pan stupid move. Another award-winning Pulitzer worthy story...... TedTurnerIII PLEASE COME BACK !!! LouDobbs I remember when Dr. Dre declared himself a billionaire in 2016 now we're in 2019 he still ain't a billionaire🤔. Women lie, men lie, numbers don't

For you, it may be hard to tell if he is joking... But for us, it's not hard to tell that he's crazy as hell... Speaking of hell...He's a SatansSeed Does anyone know the best pizza place in Ny? Thanks! It’s tongue-in-cheek. But of course Liberals will take it serious they have no sense of humor MKanye Ultra says blablabla....

I thought Jesus “humbled” him 🤦🏾‍♂️🤔 😂 Want to rank your website High or popular your business than need to do SEO. Rank your website First with manually work. seo traffic backlinks highprbacklinks websiterank ranking Cada quien su party!!! Kanye is only a billionaire if he adds his wife's money 💰. In 2014, he was worth an estimated $30 million, according to Forbes. But in 2016, he tweeted that he was $53 million in debt and asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in 'Kanye West ideas.'

Is Kanye East taken ? Also hard to care if he’s joking... About he changes it to *Nuts , it’s much shorter I really don't care. Moving on. With all that money can't he pay to go on a self-awareness course? kanyewest Go, just GO AWAY! Just Stop!!! We don’t want your crazy anymore! It’s just as annoying and exhausting as realDonaldTrump

It's really hard to tell if CNN is saying the truth this time coz the've been on a lieing spree lately Can we get some real news. Please and thank you. Idiot Those K women can really mess up a man. I think he is bipolar... Just go away already. So many people commenting and using his mental illness and medication as a way to insult or belittle him need to do some soul searching. I’m sure many of you also bashed Trump for mocking someone with disabilities/mental illness (incl Greta). You are hypocrites.

Who is this clown? I wish all people who have to tell us they are Christians would act like it. I think god needs to reach down and pop you in the back of your head. at least he's staying humble. Wow what a devil Oh brother But it’s easy to tell he’s insane. This man needs help, not fame. Therapy Kids.... don’t do drugs.

Lunatic between the C and the G has a nice ring. Beautiful That’s no news...when u sell ur soul for fame and money 💰 what u do its ur problem, ur time is running out...repent and be save by JESUS Surprised he doesn't want to add trump in there About just the name change or everything? It would be hard to tell because is ignorant

Why is this guy a thing at all? Lord help us People beware .... ! Especially those who’re lost and searching for answers. kgosimohale SouthPark I don’t knee how such a mentally deranged person can walk around ....oh yeah he’s a trump cult follower And I’m just considering legally changing my name to “Who gives a F*ck”

Correction, it's hard to tell if HE IS the joke. He's such an ignorant joke, why us thus newsworthy Why are u trying so hard 2 make kanyewest seem like he's lost his mind? He can say whatever he tf wants to say. It doesn't have to mean some crazy thing. Stop trying 2 invalidate someone good just because u dont like it. Ur FakeNews Keep protecting sex predators u assholes

I think I’m an idiot works better Why is this newsworthy? Is the Onion impersonating CNN now? Lol Lol Having money and fame aint for everyone especially this man Prick! When you see Kanye say something, and he’s smiling, he’s joking. The narcissism palpable on this prospective new name is a complete opposite of what Jesus, son of God stands for. Your worn-out styled clothing line immitating homelessness is not a sign of humility.

Not news My dog said the same!😂😂😂😂😂 Why not GOD Tell him it's genius and he'll do it. He should throw a 'Flattery Tool' in those names as well. In his mind , he is already there. This foo is nuts And he slips further into bipolar schizophrenia more each day. Its time for his docs to adjust his meds again

i guess Katelyn was already taken.... piece of shit that he is kanyewest Humility is a virtue. I feel sorry for his family ...sounds right to me 😁 Who cares Billionaires should not exist. Every billionaire is a policy failure. Ask Nas. Wibble A Monster Raving Looney Tunes Narcissist!!! He definitely belongs in that parallel deranged universe currently occupied by Trump and his GOP Sycophants. When he tries to return to the Real World he will be at risk of a total mental breakdown

Why not irrelevant since thats what he is to most of us. Total joke. Pathetic So funny how many ding dongs will fall for this bipolar lunatic Explain to me why this is more than click news? CNN now officially sucks And I’ll still call him jackass He is so stupid! Yeah and my cousin is the Queen of France...Kanye needs to knock it off with this one. 😂

I don’t think he will vote for warren. Just a guess 😂 How about Anything But Christian Genius Kanye West Another reason for not watching cnn I thought he was broke? Reminds me of an old Star Trek episode in which the alien derives its power from worship. Only reason Kanye has power is ‘cause media legitimizes his inflated ego. In reality nobody needs to give a shit. He can do whatever he wants on his own time. I’d rather not hear about it

Who cares? Warning lights but as usual we humans, what do you expect, we enter doors that say 'Warning: Do Not Enter' cnn claims to be real news. It’s hard to tell if they’re joking. He forgot the word....stable Well, he does have a point. the headline sez...Christian Genius Bill...I like it Christian Genius for short. BFF of Stable Genius.

Wasn't he begging for 5 million dollars not that long ago? Wishes they’d stop sharing anything about this fool .... but you can keep calling him Asshole, for short. How about Black Trump Yup The Bitch Lost His Mind🤦🏾‍♀️ It’s hard to tell if you’re a news media outlet. yashar The Babylon Bee wore it better

Only in America can an unfortunately sick individual become rich and famous. 🤪 With everything going on in our country, who cares!!!!!!!!! Why are you even wasting air time with this? Doesn't this guy understand that the Bible says it's very different for a wealthy people to go to heaven. WTFC’s As someone who is currently on meds, someone needs to make sure Kanye is taking his.

ActualEPAFacts He ought to stop smokin that stuff! Dude is CRACRA! Change it to the artist formally known as marrying a reality has been ... kanyewest ActualEPAFacts Who cares? He and trump belong together. Peas in a pod. WGAFF? How about dirt poor remember my roots kanye west sounds better in my opinion.

Ummmm. It’s hard to be a true “news reporter” in 2019. What a toad. It’s hard to tell if CNN has broken the news after having the banner breaking news 24/7. Seems pretty broken to me. Great journalisming Sad Fucking 🤡 Well at least it’s something you can say & not just a symbol a la Prince. Guess that’s a plus.

Go home and stay home. Perhaps you could consult with Metta World Peace. And the more you report on his ridiculous antics the more he will act up to get press. Don’t you get it yet? Stop talking about him and he’ll eventually go away. Seriously, does it really matter what he says about anything? Ask him if he eats fish sticks.

Fuck Kanye And gloating, bragging is Christian? What bible is he reading? Kanye wants people to call him the Notorious CGB. ChristianGeniusBillionaire He can afford it. Who are his people and why are they not taking care of him!! He gets way too much attention. Who cares. Enough! this guy is a mental case Depend on how balanced his Meds Are ?

When I say I hate this man.. We really don’t care. People are still buying this bullsht? Can’t you find something more worthwhile to report. The guy’s a clown. Who cares Throw a “Stable” in there before the Genius and it will be perfect! Christian Frozed Breaded Genius Gay Fish Billionaire Kanye West kanyewest TMZ eonlineTV TooFab I knew it wouldnt take long for Kanye to start making money off of this no matter his intentions. When you start charging is when the crowds will get smaller. If he was serious he would be donating money to poor neighborhoods & report it to all

Irony is dead CNN can’t help but scoop a nonsense story. You all are the true bottom of the barrel Kanye. Don’t! well it got you to write a headline about him Who Complete & total Bellend West would be more appropriate 2019. The year when severe mental illness got the worlds media attention. And everybody laughed.

You don’t need to care, though. forgot the wanker somewhere in the middle... lol he just might Kayne just wants attention Yawn This guy needs some help Who cares 🙄 Someone needs to tell him that Christ preached humility Say yes to psychiatric help. Huh? I feel like the world is going to get really bored one day, and all the news media are going to have a Kanye segment. 'And what is Kanye up to today?' Kanye: 'I now identify myself as half lion and half water buffalo! 'Oh, that Kanye.'

Oh..oh..we here in twitter got a few what is better suits you...like:: anyone help me out (Mine maybe too aggressively rude for him😁) So? It sounds like he just spent to much time in the White House with the Trumpster & the arrogance rubbed of on him For white Jesus sakes ok. Christianity died a long time ago Kanye. Your efforts are weak and futile. Please stop supporting Trump - you're hurting any bit that is left of 'christianity' my friend.

Its a free country. Who cares. Something happened to Kanye fr For me news will be if he says something that's not attention seeking 😉😂😂🤡 Fake News, try using any other quote from this amazing interview, please Mental illness is nothing to joke at. He clearly has issues and it makes me very uncomfortable to see news outlets make stories out of what could be signs of a breakdown.

Too much time and attention being spent on Kanye Another rich house nigga Y'all the only ones who cares... Woo! Woo! Train number 5150 coming down the line! Oh! Looks like trouble up ahead. This guy is a train wreck waiting to happen. He's a walking talking joke. You can’t fix stupid... If it makes him disappear I’m all for it ....crazy idiot!!😱🥴

Why does anyone care? FuckKanye 🤮 That’s because Libs have not sense of humor. who cares? Ass Gross I have 2$100 Apple gift cards that I can't use because I don't have an iPad (I ❤ my Samsung).They were presents. Click below to buy from ebay! iTunes iTunesgiftcard giftcard giftcards giftideas gifts giftforhim giftforher eBay ebaydeals

Most Americans cant take a joke anymore so what difference does it make Ese es un payaso que corrupto america lockhim up that is America garbage 😂😂😂 holy crap he's off his meds. Go away! Tired of your BS already! He should change it to...I need fuckin medication stat Kanye West. It's not a good witness from a man who says he loves and follows Jesus.

Which personality is wanting to do that ? He trolls the media and they all fall for it lol How embarrassing for Kim and the family’s! Christian West sounds kinda normal Please refer to me as “Catholic Gay Genius Veteran Single Dad Uriel Saenz “ not legally changing my name yet though . Unless you guys like it

Kanye is an idiot! When is he getting divorced? Adding imbalanced egotistic neanderthal ... Somebody needs to make sure he’s taking his meds. And CNN props up this clown why ? Some village somewhere is glad their idiot is missing. I bet $20 he dies from a massive heart attack Another narcissist! Very Stable 🍌 🍌 🍌

Looks like a clown He’s a manic depressive, you never know which one you will get, I don’t see this ending well for him. In serious need of psychiatric help if you have to say it like that, you aren't. aspirational, no doubt. Can you fake news take a joke, chill out!! Don’t be so uptight.. This isn’t news. He’s crazy and no one cares.

So stupid! He'll always be Crapye to me. Why give this no talent tax scammer any kind of press! Who cares? An other 'fucked up' mind. How about changing his name to meaningless. It's called speaking it into existence. Hilarious how judgmental everyone is of this man for just being himself. Y’all act like it’s your $ he’s spending

I’m not against it 😂 He’s only 2 of those things. Ok boomer His kids are going to be wierd Whether it’s a joke or not, he’s getting the reaction he wants. He should add “Caunt” before his name What a modest name ye realDonaldTrump We already have one narcissist with a severe personality disorder...who needs this clown? Unqualified

He has lost his dour mien and now smiling. I wonder how his wife will open with being married to a Christian Billionaire who is not interested in looking at her barely dressed body Go with “God’s Cruel Sense of Humor”; F this guy. Who in hell he thinks he is . 😳🤔 Who cares? Cuanta m JFC lol 😂😂 I guess “Stable Genius Billionaire” is already taken?

Big fan of his music but he is absolutely mental. This is sad...C’mon family... He’s begging for help... He's insane. So detached from really can’t even tell the difference b.n a joke n real It’s for you CNN 😂😂 No one cares. Please get this man treatment for his mental illness. How does anyone pay attention to this madman?

Just ignore him,..he lives on attention. I dislike the man as much as anyone but isn't that actually a good idea? Good relations with russia will only be a positive thing and measures should be taken to ensure that. Angry1snowman RiseOfFoles it about time tbh. Khristian Genius Billionaire Kanye West aka KGB Kanye

I still think funny that everyone listening to this new album think hes still talking about Jesus and not holding himself up to Jesus's level. This guy literally thinks hes on par with Jesus Christ. Kanye needs to slow his role,before the devil swoop him up! Being a Christian is a little more than singing in a choir.He needs to get some word under his belt before his mind explodes! The word changes you not singing!

He should take his medication first. I bet kyle should be named billionaire.. not him williamlegate It would be the only way he’d be recognized as such. Please give your money to people in need like a real Christian. And all of the white evangelicals will fawn all over him for it. It’s not hard to tell if he IS a joke.

He sick again. Take him back to the mental ward before he make a bigger fool of himself. Someone should do it before he does 🤣😂 Who? What..have all the crazies come to roost? Laugh!! It's funny! 😅 He's not Errbody don't realize all their hoopala ways right off. A lot of that eye is still blind. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Living proof that amassing vast wealth is absolutely totally pointless... Who cares? This guy deserves no attention. His music isn’t very good at this point. Why tolerate the idiot? When he was bangin maybe, but this is sad. I don’t need to see this bad dude’s meltdown. 🙄🙄 Wasn’t he broke? Who cares? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Young_Based_Rob this is literal fuckery Who cares? Why do we give this person any coverage? Entertainer of the Year ~ Yawn. He is nuts! Sure, like there's anything remotely Christian about him Dude has always looked like Satan to me. ImJustSayin Not a fan of his but of course this is a headline because well , it s

CNN cover important shit please Crazy as a cootie! Just do supporting his fake Christian movement music. He's just finding a niche to get rich off of. He's fake AF. He might be off his meds .... 🙄🙄🙄 Get this dude checked man... Go sell crazy somewhere else Kanye. We’re all stocked up here. Is there a way to keep news about Kanye or any Kardashian off my news feed, for like, ever? 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Who cares about him? Darn few I suspect I think we need his handlers to sort him out again except he is not a billionaire Why not have a duel ceremony with 'Underappreciated Genius Magnus Ultimus Trump'? He’ll probably be President one day and FauxNews will be proud to show it’s not racist by supporting him

He needs to go back into the mental hospital. No joke. He needs help 😪. iGachango MDG4NOW and the circus continues😂😂 Don't fucking care People need to stop suing attention to this false prophet clown. Dumbest guy. Y’all are...... you know what. Y’all have a great day Pimpin the game like everyone else

I this true or fake news..... CNNTABLOID Who cares? Do it. Nut case Who cares ? This is not the type of news CNN should be reporting. I follow back immediately Caution: Do not consume hit liquid while reading stuff about kanyewest Kanye is the top narcissist fo sure !! This isn’t news that anyone needs to know. It’s the kind of reporting that gives journalism a bad reputation, less respect. NewsHour MSNBC CBSNews NBCNews ABC

I'll say it again. He will never be Prince🤦🏻‍♀️ O.M.G. That dude has mental illness CraigSJ I'm changing my name to President Of The United States. Sometime I wonder is kanye in his right mind. One minute he bugging out .Now I guest God found him. But he still talk bull crap.I don't even listen to his music so how he became a billionaire.I don't even here his name on radio. unless he doing something crazy.oh forgot he marry

*sigh* 👎 cnn does not understand sarcasm or humor. Ridiculous. STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM! The question is: who cares? What a dikhead! Wasn't he recently saying how broke he is Now all of a sudden he's richer than Jay-Z? Idiot How about “Off His Meds Again Kanye West” I don’t care. Why are you writing about this person.

Poor guy.... like forest say...only stupid people does stupid things Really tired of hearing from this loon. williamlegate Looking for something to feed his narcissism. This Kanye is another crazy man. I’m over his publicity stunts. It’s hard for you CNN, bc leftists don’t understand humor. Don't do it Kanye!

williamlegate Is it possible to cancel someone twice? Asking for a friend... It's hard to tell I care. Wait.. nope, I don't. So humble I don't mean to sound judgmental but I hope he's still on his meds. Only if RobertDowneyJr gets to change his to 'Billionaire Genius Playboy Philanthropist.' Joss no one cares

Where is cancel culture when you need it? CRAZY Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West. When did Kanye become a Billionaire, or a Genius... also, is he a 'stable genius' or just plain vanilla genius? williamlegate I hope he's joking! Great journalisming..... This doesn't sound very Christian. Or Genius for that matter.

I’d love to be so unbothered in life like mr West So he’s using Trump logic Go bankrupt - declare yourself to be a Billionaire Kanye and Kim Who cares 🤢🤮 Jaaa... Remember that chapter of Friends, when Pheebee wanted to change her name to 'Consuelo Bananahagan' and her boyfrend said that his name would be 'Trashbag' ?

How about we stop reporting on what this guy says? I mean that is his only chance at being a genius billionaire Sounds like Kanye may be spending a little too much time with our President. There’s a fine line between eccentric and bat shit crazy Asshole will do just fine Who. Cares. Why report on the obviously sick individual?

He’s running. Drugs fried his mind cvize4 😂🤣 What a fool. You are no genius, that’s for sure Actually, it's hard to tell if YOU'RE joking since you're fakenews Really, who gives a shit!?! yashar Billionaire?! What a joke! Sounds like something trumpery would do “It’s hard to tell when he’s joking” 😭😭😭😭

He should. If for no other reason than to simply piss off the left. It's not funny, he's struggling with mental health issues and is surrounded by enablers. Is this idiot sick or what? Who really cares LuciaWamala I hope this precedent means you get to change your name to “Electric Lucia Billionaire” Who cares?

He's a loon MAGA makes sense now. 😮 He's out to lunch!!! He needs help or hes to far gone! His new album is as garbage as his personality. Who gives a shit? Okay, he’s a moron too. Or just Donald Trump 2 When Stable Genius is already taken you really need to think outside the box. Why is this reported? Why do we care? Is this a mental illness related piece? Is there nothing else more interesting going on in the world?

Anyone watched Gemstones on HBO. Getting that vibe Slow news day CNN What part of relevant news is this? Not everything that is said by Kanye is worth repeating. There is something wrong with this whole package. His humility is overwhelming! This man is manifestly, seriously ILL. Why do his family and management not intervene? I am frightened for him.

Millions follow Kylie so it doesn't mean she is genius lol Yeah Christian comes in handy when you're fooling conservatives “Crazy Insano Jackass” sounds better. Who? CARES! Arrogant This dude is fuckin crazy Can you please just stop reporting on his self promotion Genius Christen Billionaire 2024 😂😂😂 Now I know for sure he has Trump DNA in him. Are we certain he’s not wearing black face?!!!

Well “This Is A Viral Marketing Scheme” was already taken The guy lost his mind The ab of the rap game. I hope he’s joking..and he surely is. Why you you easily duped cnn? Chasing cheap tricks is so unbecoming. I’m thinking he may need some new meds... Can we please stop giving him attention and then when he runs for president y’all gonna continue to give him attention and then when he wins y’all will cry. media

Yea he is mental I share KMBAussie enthusiasm about kanyewest decision. 🤦🏾‍♂️ I am 90% sure he is joking though. Is he‽ Yuk He doesn’t need to Someone needs to get this man back on his bipolar medication or change the dosage or change his medication because whatever he’s doing is clearly not working There’s no reason for Kim K not to help her husband from mental illness if she’s helping those incarcerated ones

Why do people go crazy when they become this religious? Go away Kane Just another dough-head overproducing himself Charlie Sheen 2.0 and no, that's NOT a compliment Damn ,Ye! This how you showin 'em your bonafides? Name change, prez 2024 and all dat? Someone MAKE the homie take his pills ,PLEASE!! Can someone call his psychiatrist. Another mental meltdown appears to be kicking off.

How is this headline NOT something you'd see on TheBabylonBee West, joined on stage by Steven Smith, lead designer of West’s shoe brand Yeezy, was echoing a message about how Democrats have failed black voters that he’s taken from the stage of Saturday Night Live to radio interviews in recent weeks during the release of his latest album.

He wouldn't be the first person to make a buck from religion. Can someone please build an app to block any Kanye or Kardashians? 🤡🎈 TheOnion isn’t even trying to be believable anymore He’s pulling a JoelOsteen Watch him open a mega church next. He is obviously in desperate need of psychological help. His family needs to step in, for the sake of his children.

So? This is rich coming from CNN and the Left who literally believes there are more than two genders. 100% of these comments are boomers getting trolled. The most useless human being on the planet. Why doesn't he try Who Cares Charlie Sheen Syndrome Ugh Asshat He's not joking he is insane. CrazyKanye Anything to try and stay relevant. Maybe if we stop reporting every time he says or does something he will stay away. Seriously? Christian Genius billionaire? Dude needs meds, not stories like this.

Cuckoo Don’t care Why is anyone giving this man attention? I mean come on really! Ffs CNN. 😡 Maybe if you stopped covering every little insane bs thing he says or does... Please tell me I'm not the only one who read that in the 'Wile E Coyote, Super Genius' voice... And his nickname will be “asshole “ Guess after cutting stuff down you kicked our those with sense of humor

kanyewest is an idiot! God he’s so annoying. This new religious act is so he can run for President in 2024. I can’t. I’m not even going there. Or mentally deranged lunatic suits better .. Hes a nutcase who is only relevant because he is wealthy and married to another wealthier nutcase It’s the meds... He just becomes more stupid time over time

Kim come get your husband please Why do you keep giving him coverage? He’ll keep doing ridiculous things as long as people keep paying attention. James 4:6 '6 But He gives us more grace. This is why it says: “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Clown 'Douche' works! Surely he isn’t well and needs help.

He' clearly a deluded freak !!!!! 🤡 I hope he does so I can have even more reasons to make fun of him. Our culture is so screwed up to be able to produce and support this guy and all the people like him. Christians are supposed to be humble. It was mentioned multiple times in the Bible. Is he trying to be a distraction for trump? Why he’s being all stupid!

for so long so many people were shut out from accumulating that kind of wealth. Now if he does he should be taxed and lose it? This guys fucking ridiculous Who? In case anyone needed more evidence that he’s a scoop poop de poop loony tunes. As dumb as the voters of this country are, it just might work! if any1 wants to really f***k his little head up read him the bible passage “it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of god.” 🤭

Oh who knows. yashar Hey who gives a bleep? Gay Fish?

Kanye West might change his name to 'Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West'The rapper is unhappy about not being named a billionaire by Forbes. Too long and hard to remember. How about something short and simple: 'Douche' If you have to tell people you’re a Christian, then you don’t understand Jesus. How about “Under-treated Delusional Narcissist Musician Kanye West?

Self-Identified 'Christian Genius Billionaire' Kanye West Talks 2024 Presidential Run, Algae Sneakers'When people say it's crass to call yourself a billionaire, I say I might legally change my name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West for a year until y'all understand exactly what it is' Bipolar. Change it to Kanye Trump Jock-Rider West. OKBillionaire

Kanye West's 'Jesus Is King' Makes History on Hot Christian Songs, Hot Gospel Songs ChartsWest adds another unprecedented achievement, as he becomes the first artist to monopolize the entire top 10 on both Hot Christian Songs and Hot Gospel Songs. billboard i am not impressed. billboard Can’t stand fake / hypocrite Christians. billboard White people and colonizer apologists love it! They love it so much.

Kanye West says Kardashian work ethic keeps him active: 'It's like modern-day Medici or Rome'Both Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West on Wednesday stopped in at the New York Times DealBook Conference in Manhattan. Absolutely no one gives a F about either of them

Kanye West Says Kardashians' Strong Work Ethic Encouraged Him to Push His Own Career ForwardWhile attending 'The New York Times' DealBook Conference in support of wife Kim Kardashian and mother-in-law Kris Jenner on Wednesday (Nov. 6), West was handed the mic to share a few thoughts on the Kardashian empire from the crowd. kanyewest He is so unbelievably ugly and not even the slightest bit attractive so why him—why? kanyewest Damnit RayJ you just had to make a special tape with her. Now the world is infected with an incurable disease

Kim Kardashian Rocks Hourglass Chaps Look With Kanye West: Pics!It doesn't look like Kim Kardashian is toning down her sexy looks anytime soon! KimKardashian I guess they don't adhere to this portion of Christianity Why would she? That’s how she became famous. Kanye is “Jesus” (musical genius) and Kim is “Mary Magdalene” (sex kitten symbol) no shade because I see Mary in a different light then what the Bible tried to paint 🤷🏾‍♀️ Nor should she😍 she kills it 3