Kansas' top health official says he was 'Fauci'd' out of job after politicization of COVID

'It was [like] sticking a stick into the spokes of a bicycle,' Dr. Lee Norman said of the political tensions that led to his departure.

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12/2/2021 3:30:00 AM

'It was [like] sticking a stick into the spokes of a bicycle,' Dr. Lee Norman said of the political tensions that led to his departure.

'It was [like] sticking a stick into the spokes of a bicycle,' Dr. Lee Norman said of the political tensions that led to his departure.

was in office."The shameful treatment in the Trump administration of public health leaders, I think, set the stage for having the same thing happen at the state level," Norman said."Fauci was Fauci'd. And to be honest with you, I think I was Fauci'd."

Shortly before Norman's departure, Kelly publicly opposed PresidentJoe Biden's proposed vaccine mandate for government employees. Forty-eight Kansas counties lost their public or county health administrators due to the mandate, and Norman referred to these losses as a"brain drain" and supported COVID-19 vaccination.

"The vaccines are safe," he said."One of the counter-narratives that natural immunity is better than vaccine-driven immunity is simply not true. The longer we have non-immune individuals roaming the Earth, the more variants we are going to see emerge." headtopics.com

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For more reporting from The Associated Press, see below.Kansas Governor Laura Kelly stands outside the front door of the governor's official residence for a holiday event on November 23, 2021, in Topeka. The Democratic governor is defending her decision to sign a Republican bill to financially protect workers who refuse to get COVID-19 vaccinations, saying,"leadership means seeking compromise."

AP Photo/John HannaNorman had been the health department's top administrator since Kelly took office in January 2019. He was replaced quickly by Janet Stanek, a longtime hospital administrator from Topeka.Kelly, in announcing Norman's departure, praised him as"the most consequential" leader in the department's history.

Norman was perhaps the most visible Kelly adviser early in the coronavirus pandemic, often standing alongside her in a white lab coat. But he was less visible in recent months.Conflicts with the public and elected leaders at the municipal and county level have resulted in the firings and resignations of many public health leaders across the U.S.

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Norman reiterated that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and offer the best defense against current and future variants of the virus.

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