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Kamala Harris’s Vice Presidential Selection Is Welcomed by Indians

Some in India praised Joe Biden’s selection of Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, calling her a strong representative of her mother’s homeland

8/13/2020 5:45:00 AM

Some in India praised Joe Biden ’s selection of Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, calling her a strong representative of her mother’s homeland

People in India reacted to Joe Biden ’s decision to pick Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, some praising her as a strong representative of her mother’s homeland as the first person of Indian descent likely to be nominated for vice president by a top party.

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SHE IS NOT BLACK—SHE IS A MIXED WOMAN WITH A MOTHER FROM INDIA AND A FATHER FROM JAMAICA. The success of this country (United States of America) requires determination, fortitude, drive, patience, attitude, leadership, time and the people. Biden/Harris are NOT up to the challenges. ♀️ The Oppression Olympics. Who will win the Ultimate victim challenge? Aren't people tired of being manipulated yet....

I’m Indian too, and she’s a mendacious hussy. Indians are more worried of her hinduphobia. Duh...obviously more open to some than others...Have not seen Eastern Central European candidates in presidential elections since Muskie... So how many racist is Harris how many men did her mother sleep with that night dam

Her mother is Tamil. Tamils are hated and despised by Indians. She hasn't bragged about her Asian heritage since she tried to use it to pander to Asian California voters when she ran for the Senate. She 'identifies' as African American, even though her parents are from India and Jamaica. She's fake through and through.

TL;DR Precisely two Indians who supported Kamala Harris were identified. Meanwhile, 56% of Indians support Trump. There are many Indian-Americans vastly more qualified than Harris. Perhaps most are. Maybe Biden should reconsider. PaulStewartII South Asians you mean? She’s not Indian Openness by many, but not the Republican party. Imagine the dilemma they(whites)are wanting to put themselves in. Send every non-white back to their country of origin. Then the white population will have to work longer hours in those low wage jobs. Heck they will have go to work.

If she was not prominent in the US, she would be rejected as a 'dougla' under the Hindu caste system. There is no place for Blacks or half Blacks in India. I won't vote for her but I agree it is an example of America as the land of opportunity!!! Wait! So now this African American woman is if Native blood? Sounds like she and Fakeahontas drink the same kool-aid. Wake up America

Wow, we are so hung up on this whole race and ethnic’s just crazy. Indian, Italian, African, Jamaican, French, English, this why people vote for someone? All you need to know: this VP candidate is to the left of Sanders and Warren! Double yikes!!!! If Kamala Devi Harris,whose mother, Shyamala Gopalan,who emigrated from Tamil Nadu,India,has strong affiliations with Indian BJP racist extremist Nazi ruling party,it will be a slap on fake Americanism. Kamala Devi comes from Brahmin caste & class,who enslave the Indian Dalits

No not Indian Best system and worth fighting for! I guess tulsi wasn’t coloured enough for DNC Bc she was anti-war No shit Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley say hi. On the other hand the Trump supporters in the Indian community would probably banish her to the lowest caste because her mother married a Jamaican PhDs or not.

WSJ are hacks Indians vote for Modi/Trump kamalamadingdong harris is the rachel dolezal of elizabeth warrens. And there is this from a the fine felon Dinesh, revealing how very misogynistic and racist the GOP is currently. WSJ recycled its reports to repeat one agenda item in the past a few days. Please check : “Some in India...”, “Many on wall street ...”, now “Indians...” This is not longer the behavior of a normal newspaper.

white lord made his choice But frankly she discard Indians and more pro Pakistan. Elites are always brewing up something to set people apart &whether we like it or not we are all in the strife together. If you don't like Harris, keep Trump the last time I checked he has taken away social benefits, sabotaging USPS and the virus is still out of control.

Congratulations wise yes. But Indians don’t support her blindly. Let the campaign start and let’s see the stand she will take on India. Btw americans solely should evaluate whether she is worthy of being Vice Pres based on her character and ability instead of her altering roots. And all of the comments on social media attacking her demonstrate she was the right choice. The more vitriol thrown at her by POTUS45 and his supporters the stronger she will become

reghud MVPKamalaHarris BidenHarrisLandslide2020 This pro pakistni? India supports? How do you base your false arguments? And shows Indian as not open society in their system. Far from the truth, if your ideology is right wing how can you welcome left wing, what if it is of your race. She is a socialist. Who cares!

Trump landslide Indians are with Trump Some of the most intelligent and compassionate men and women I have ever known in my life were from India. Never Expected Wsj will start sharing a fake after nyt & wapo without Asking people views alot of indians hate her Indians do not like Kamala Harris. Dear America, vote for someone who cares for you. Not to the one who uses her brown or black skin to play identity politics.

Didn't that start with Bobbie Jindal for Indians? Get a grip who cares Her views on Kashmir still remains a conflict point. FAKE NEWS I’ll guarantee you that no one in India, outside government circles, knows who this polical hack is... What an irony! The indians value more american values and principles than the very democrats themselves.

We indians dont like her “it showed the openness of the American system” Hold up! What about this systemic racism in America that you’ve been blabbering about for nearly 3 months now 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Another SF hyper liberal?! I don't think so wall street hedge-fund oligarchs. BeijingBiden and harrisite harrisisnotblack ain't your hosanna.

Miss Harris or anyone else.. the power of decision making in the US of A seems to be with someone else. These are just faces that are led to believe they are running the show. But Modi's regime does not I am indian and I suport trump That is racist. Her only qualification is being brown and split down the middle.

As an Indian-American, I don't really care about her Indian-ness. I am more interested in her and Biden's policies. Unfortunately, their policies are anti-American - exporting jobs overseas, putting the interests of outsiders over my fellow Americans, weak on law and order. I thought America sucks? But the narrative is she's black...

A ticket with two senators. No governing experience! 🥴 lol she's an Indian only in fundraisers. 🤢 More the openness of the Democratic Party. Only left wing welcome kamla. Majority with Trump. rolling tribal drums ;-) No, we don't congratulate Terrorist supporter Just because of her roots? What about what she thinks I think that’s important and that’s what people need to evaluate if she gets their vote or not !

She is 100% American!! Chhoti Chhoti Khushiaan for Indians :-D Hey McDonalds dominos KFC & pepsi Help Teachers & Students forced back into coronavirus classes Pls visit contribute to buy masks & Face Shields, Students &Teachers TeachersLivesMatter ResistersUnite Dems StrongerTogether FBR Is she related to Pocohontas?

She's a cop who's for mass incarceration and put trans women in men's prisons. I think realDonaldTrump is attempting to create just enough doubt so when the results show he lost in November, he can file suit, which will go all the way to the Supreme Court, where he believes his stacked bench will rule in his favor It's a long game And it just might work!

Much in same way the Irish took to the pubs to congratulate Kennedy, who had family from county Cork, saying it showed how much American's embraced the land of Guinness and 🍻... This is the last time you will hear of her being 'Indian'. She wants the Black vote, and doesn't give a damn about the small Indian vote.

No we indian not like kamla 😟 About time! Americans have a history of theirs: Red Indians or simple Indians, nothing should worry Americans or non-Americans. We don't know , Who is she And yet.. still nobody likes her. I doubt it. FakeNews She is Leftist as your reporting..... We support Mr. Trump FrankLi74767813 Maketh1 How do you think?

She wasn’t picked for being Indian give me a break she is leftist radical, Black and the face of anarchy and socialism I guess Joe Biden has listened to the radical socialists pressuring him to pick a Black woman as his Vice President so he wouldn’t “lose the election.” That’s all you really need to hear to know what the Left is focused on this election.

For a lot of Indian-Americans her ancestry may be all they know about her. But she won't be able to hide in her basement and when she articulates her views, I think Indian-Americans are going to be very discouraged. I wonder how many Indian Californian would cheer on her. I am not sure which Indian Amercans are cheering for her especially so since she is pro Pakisthan and identifies herself as african american ?//

Openness of the American system? I thought it was only open to white people 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️ leftwinglies So, she’s not African-American then? What is BLM going to do now? I’m shocked she didn’t identify as ethical, moralistic, and monogamous! 'You ain't black!' --Joe Biden Now do the black slave trader part of her family.....from Jamaica.

Wait, I thought we were all racist. Race is not important, don't emphasize that. We are all from somewhere. Skill and dedication is what people can get behind. at a certain point im not gonna have the endurance to keep up with all my laughing outbursts, but on the other hand prob not I thought as a potential leader, it should be her expertise other than background of blood that matters more. And why does the openness of American system need India to certify?

So your drooling over phony Harris and she sat at less than 2% and was so unpopular she dropped out early because she couldn’t even carry her own state. Enough Most could care less. silly post Identity politics can't change someones moral character and I'm afraid she has none. She has a very corrupt history and no amount of press will make her a good person. It's like pearls on a pig. She might look good, but she stinks.

Indians are very racist by nature. I would like to know the reaction of her grandparents when her mother married to a black man. Is there any pic of her father with her grandparents? The media and many democrats, especially rich and powerful people, do not like the openness of the American system. They prefer Chinese Communist Party over America.

So, America is racist when Republicans run it, but in the same breath NOT racist when there's a possibility Democrats will run it. Hm strange, almost like the media is biased... Indian are very racist by nature. I would like to know the reaction of her grandparents when her mother married to a black man. Is there any pic of her father with her grandparents?

La K-mala y el Biden-peor. she is compeding to be prime minister in India...this racialisation of people is disgusting. What has Obama done for africa? for black people? nothing. But he did a lot for the clinton , the Espteins and more of these people. If you talk about female Indian politician in the US, I support Nikki Haley rather than Kamala Harris.

When the WSJ of all papers use the word 'many' instead of the actual number you know it's low lol send her back to india As an Indian, I don't care about color of a prospective senior government official. All I care about is what they have done in the past and what they plan to do. In past, she had done horrible things, putting her DA record above serving and abt her future plan she is mute

If it was a Chinese descent, how would WSJ comment? China is trying to control the US election? Does this mean she's not African-American? Indians are ambitious and hardworking, although sometimes it is difficult for us to understand their motivation. 😂 but she’s corrupt Anything wrong in congratulating her for her Indian and Jamaican multi racial background

Double Buff Enjoy life without toilets America. How many? 5? Dear fellow Indians in US: dont get carried away by 'Jaichand' kinda people again. Divide and rule policy exist globally. Remember Prez Trump has been one of v few to have given due credit and respect to Indian PM Mr Modi and the world dsnt like it. SayNoToKamala

WHICH CARD IS THIS IDIOT WOMAN PLAYING BLACK OR INDIAN 😂😂😂KamalaHarris Most of those Indians are misguided and Democrat-emotionals. K does take mileage out of Jamaican father who separated from her mom. That’s so sick. That’s absolutely true and proves once again neither the US nor the UK, for that matter, are institutionally raciest. But I wonder if Harris proves to be a good VP or even a Pres? If they win she’ll still have to prove herself. It’s a humangus job within a democracy.

Why is no one talking about her Jamaican father? The last part is either propaganda or a joke well i hope she will stand firmly against the racist criminal Indian PM since her mother came from the south of India The greatness of the United States has effectively been destroyed by a cabal of intensely neurotic narcissists vis-a-vis the welcoming, just nature of the the American People.

Is she African American or Indian American or just a woman of colour? 'Many' did, most didn't. They questioned her Indian-American identity politics just in time for elections. This is A-grade propaganda. Indian global diaspora? If Kamala was in India she would have grown up unwanted because of her skin color and black heritage. It is the story of all Indians with dark skin. This man has been doing so much to change hearts and minds and Kamala is like his efforts paying off

Indians know she will support Kashmiri people so they are trying to make a soft corner for themselves. Too early and too childish. $SNMN stock is 40% up and they are planning to finish financial. OTCX ask price $0.0199 this is gonna be huge! DO NOT BE LATE 💸💸💸💸💸 She's not native American Indian Biden-Harris

She certainly is an Indian American when she wants those checks from rich Indian Americans but doesn't talk about h1b visas that trump hates or how so many indian students in us are afraid to be deported. What does she offer Indian Americans Identity politics doesn't work It is racist and discriminatory to pick a presidential running mate bases on race and gender.

black or indian? Don't spread fake news we don't like her she is not good for america and also India too Trump is very patriotic men and whatever people say about him but he is loyal to his country joe biden is not good for America he can compromised American intrest I'm on a personal crusade to raise the price of chicken wings. -You KNOW what I'm talking about!

The fact that she’s a liar doesn’t bother them? Indians also expect her to denounce Islamic terror and communist China Wait til they find out she gave up on the whole 'Indian' thing and will be 'black' for the remainder of the election. WAJ fails time mention the negative comments by Indians regarding Harris.

It’s a pity that Harris identifies herself aas black rather than Indians for obvious reasons Let’s ask Indian American what they think about their daughter marrying a black man. I believe senator Harris identifies herself as a black woman for reasons that are obvious. This is hypocrite in some way. Hasn’t made daddy proud.

Check out my commentary about Harris on You Tube. Search for August 12 Crowder’s Corner. what does race have to with elections if Nafta doesnt support India for trading purposes. Take alook at the stocks. Canada Mexico United States. Another false agenda depending on the so called G8 G10 or G20. Races are always mentioned, never change.

Kamala only cares for Kamala. PERIOD Vote biden for good relationships with China She is already more famous then Joe Biden ever will be. Trump is now on his third TV in the Residence in the past 48 hours because he keeps throwing Diet Coke cans at the TVs and breaks them. Why? Because he can't figure out how to defame Harris without resorting to his inherent racism. Apparently 'She's mean' actually benefits her.

Wasn’t he supposed to pick an African American? This identity and representation politics has ruined policy making in this country. Will Trump team be talking about election interference from India? We are happy to see KamalaHarris as a rep of black/African in US.We are too strong a civilisnl nation & culture to be seeking a chearleader in US. India must stand basis own history,econ strength & social ethos.Reciprocity & Mutual respect shud be basis of our inter relations.

REVEALED: Kamala Harris Campaign Lawyer Convinced Clinton To Take Money from Registered Foreign Agents KamalaIsaCop rofl no one gives a shit Biden - Harris to the finish line!!! No harrisite. What a joy to write about the Democrats. When did the NYT buy the WSJ? Who the hell is that political novice? She is anything but Indian. An India baiter who knows nothing about India other than perhaps the spelling.

Bullshit. She doesn’t even practice Who cares about how Indian people think about the Vice President of US? 😅 😬 Kamla Harris has been selected to run for vice president on two basis To get support of Indian-ameriacns And also to get support of black people She is not proud of her indic roots at all. No. She’s fine but she doesn’t rep India

“Some in India”?! India has a billion people. It is a free country and they can have all kinds of opinions. Why does WSj emphasize that one particular view? Why should we Americans care that? Wow, this is how biased WSJ becomes! While most in India do not recognise nor accept Sen. Kamala Harris, a self identified African origin Baptist as an India, and call her as a person detrimental to India's interests.

what again this headline? we elect someone because of his origins? or we elect someone to do the most complicated job? and we want a pedo and an indian? this is all what they have on their cv? a color? a sex? Why Is it so important that India is happier with our Biden/Harris electorial candidates than Americans are,in a US Pres/ VP election year? Ethnicity and skin color have nothing to do with moral values, and capability of serving and protecting citizens of USA.

Who are these Indians? Wait!! She is playing her Black HipHop card, when did she flip doing her Goa trance dance? Oh yeah... flipflop Democrat..🥴 Indians overall dislike her for her protectionism towards paedophiles Some It's not that Harris will be the first Black woman to be a major party's vice presidential nominee; it's that she will be the first Indian American.

Sounds like OBAMA’s Kenya. Maybe someone should check Kampala’s birth certificate. Lol. Guess they like girls who will prostitute themselves for a political position like she did in San Fran. Could run for VP of madams And who cares here? We Indian only want trump government. !Ab ki bar trump sarkar!Joe Biden and company will detroy the growing and friendship relationship with India.

Lol most people just welcomed this decision because they only read that she's 'Indian' and nothing else. She comes from descendants of slave owners, she increased sentences to get cheap labour from inmates. She is using BLM by claiming to be African American. She's the worst. We Indians should stop doing this, she never acknowledged her being Indian as frequently as her being Black. So we should stop all this I'm so proud of her nonsense. She don't give a shit unless it's some election campaign. And we all know why she's is chosen.

Wait I thought she called herself black in today’s speech? 'Some' TL; DR In India, population 1.4 billion, 2 people (aka 'some') were positive about Kamala Harris. Meanwhile, 56% approved of Trump. Seriously, that's what the article says. Maybe a more accurate lede next time? Hahahahaha Join India to fight Xi-tler..!

Mantra Paritta 💫 Ishq Thunda ⚡️ Alexander Roll 🌕 GANESH - GO - GO ✊🏽⚡️🌕💫 Indeed, with the Indian only S386 to give out all employment based GC to 1 country. who are these people? 🙄🔔🧠🤦‍♂️ Her allegiance is more with India than with the U.S., as can be shown in her push for the outsourcing bill S386, which benefits Indian outsourcing companies & Indian nationals at the expense of American workers. She will open the floodgate to let them take more Americans jobs.

Those praising are very very few ,mosr indian dnt gives FK about kamala Harris. Better if she loses; she hates india,so we hate her! We will be more happy for TulsiGabbard than kamala ,who is not proud of her heritage Do they know she is being promoted as black and not as an Indian American? A good day for India. Trump cannot be trusted by anyone. He does not have any friends. For him friendship is of transactional nature.

sure it is not father's homeland? So she represents India, not America right? She surely authors NoS386 to displace AmericanWorkers with Indian H1B Of course, Kamala works with MumbaiMike to sell American jobs to Indian. Hahahaha Those same some love Pakistan & ISIS !!!! My Indian friend who sits on a large committee said Indian women are not impressed and could care less.

🤢🤮 Geeze... She is smiling so much cause she knows she will be the next pres, after Biden cause he can’t finish his term! Weird. Kamala Harris has very strong views on Kashmir which modi will not like. Good bye to anymore US visits unless he piles on to the annual UNGA meet every September. Nope. You got that wrong.

This tabloid WSJ is full of idiots. My neighbor an Indian resident Rasiklal submitting nomination paper for VP post in US against Gamla Hariprasad. Let's see what turns out. Kamla is a US citizen, Kamla is an evengelist christian, Democrats are hindu hater. I’m sure her family and heritage of people are very proud! And should be. Her story is an example,and the epitome of the American dream. May more examples of Mrs. Harris come to exist.

Her job would be to represent the United States of America, not her mother’s homeland. Either way, HeelsUpHarris won’t be in the White House. Trump 2020. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 😂 No one Fake news. Indians don’t support her. Please don’t vote for her. Sanction India for interfering US election! India is a threat to global peace.

Ah our little globalist Only when she needs money. Stop mainstreaming her. She’s literally the most left leaning senator. And India has an actual caste system so they’re opinion doesn’t matter. ???? weirdo So? This isn’t India. Some stupids, who don't realise and also support Kamala's anti-india jihadi sentiment.

Which India you talking? Congratulations Kamala. Indian people are warm and intelligent. Other than skin color, gender and national origin, does she have anything to offer as a candidate? Today's media really seems intent on damnation by faint praise. So Indians suck their way to the top? While Kashmiris are being raped and killed, Dalits still untouchables and slaves. Muslims r lynched. Compare to that this American democracy is a dream for millions of poor Indians. It’s not perfect but thank fully still in process and functional. Bernie with any as VP wld hVbe👌🏼

Right. They’re all cheering for her in the ghettos of Mumbai. 🙄 No Who are these illiterate some? Further adding to the division narrative of our country right now. I don’t care about anyone’s race. I love humans. We are all the HUMAN RACE. we bleed the same. And our poop stinks. When we go to the doctor. The protocols are the same. Stop the division.

Her father is from Jamaica!! Paid article. But she’s black right ? I’m so confused. She anti and anti hindu. 'Abki bar modi sarkar 2020'. Who gives a fuck about what India thinks I mean barely relevant. WSJ is no long a good news source Some? Please. Wait until they see her empty convictions in action. Majority of people believe on her

I thought she was African American No, we are not. No. Thanks. She is a disgrace to india and hindus in particular No, we don't Third .wsj dog-whistle story on Harris today. You only look at her race, not policies. Indian vote only Trump.. Trump is batter for india. Jeo Biden anti india. He against article 370.

The thing that is not voters in the US but I'm am and I and my vote is staying out vote local and who else is running. She ain’t that in the least. Not only praise, we Indian are really feel proud about that. If that group of some people is the coterie of leftist-liberal brown Marxist anglophiles who are deeply prejudiced against their own nation, then I don't think that would be right representation of even 'some' Indians praising Biden.

Only left wings happy. Fk with the race card, wow Indian should know that once BeijingIntercourseJoe get on the throne of USA , his tie with China would encourage the China's aggression in Indian borders. Wake Up! Trump2020 MAGA Yeah, but Modi got Trump disease. “Some in India”. Can they vote here? This is WSJ BS as usual. Indians don’t care about Biden. Majority of India is conservative, and they will always side with the GOP and realDonaldTrump

America is a great country upholding the democratic rights of every citizen irrespective of his country of descent but this cannot happen in India No we don't Some in India praise Donald Trump. She is anti Indian and anti Hindu 😂 😂 I believe in TulsiGabbard more than Kamala If she is so good why did she leave her Honeland for another? Weird isnt it

Few twitter handles in India counts for this dumbs pokharelkrishna rovingrajesh as voice in India..People give two hoots.. stop this mess Notice the word 'some'. Lol I don't think she will care for India unless Soros tells her to do so Reparations for black Americans mandatory period BlackAmericanLivesMatter sheisaimmagrant

All while others in India know she’s an opportunistic socialist nut job HeelsUp 😆 Who cares Ofc 🤣 Someone tell them she considers herself Black Follow TheNAJournal for non-partisan journalism. Facts not fiction.

Late Night Hosts React To Kamala Harris’ Historic Vice Presidential BidHours after Joe Biden announced that California junior Senator Kamala Harris would be his running mate for the 2020 presidential election, late night hosts finally shared their opinions on the news… Wait these aren’t all the same person? I guess they love it? Liberals loves liberals. Cool story bro

That's the ticket: Joe Biden picks Sen. Kamala Harris as his 2020 vice presidential running mateShe has been a VP contender since she endorsed Biden. Harris is the first Black woman and Asian American person on a major-party presidential ticket. Terrible decision. It will certainly help Creepy Joe in getting a leg or two up!

That's the ticket: Joe Biden picks Sen. Kamala Harris as his 2020 vice presidential running mateShe has been a VP contender since she endorsed Biden. Harris is the first Black woman and Asian American person on a major-party presidential ticket. Vice-President Kamala Harris has a great ring to it; the ring of liberty. Vote Democrat and Biden for POTUS Nov. 2, 2020! Lololol Trump 2020

Joe Biden Picks Senator Kamala Harris as Vice Presidential Running Mate Joe Biden 's pick for his vice presidential running mate is Kamala Harris . Someone alert Maureen Dowd. Let’s smoke some pot and listen to music that hasn’t been recorded yet We already knew, on account of all the plastic surgery or botox she got recently

Biden Taps Former Rival Kamala Harris As Vice Presidential Running MateThe two clashed fiercely during a Democratic primary debate, but Harris has since become one of Biden’s most ardent supporters Thank you Joe for it's a historic day for America. Pence better look for another job, Trump is going to dump you for diamond or silk. Funny way to phrase that ? Good choice: Harris is a good politician

Full coverage: Kamala Harris, U.S. senator and vice presidential pickA look at The Times' coverage of Kamala Harris . GameOn just another technocrat serving the interest of CEO's and shareholders. Kamala Harris preaches free speech and BLM, but she wrote a letter asking twitter to ban President Trump’s twitter account as his tweets about the impeachment trial sham were ‘blatant threats’. She is a hypocrite.