Kamala Harris has gone 46 days without a news conference since being tapped for border crisis role

Kamala Harris has gone 46 days without a news conference since being tapped for border crisis role

5/9/2021 2:37:00 PM

Kamala Harris has gone 46 days without a news conference since being tapped for border crisis role

Kamala Harris received no weekend pass from Republicans on Saturday as they continued to point out the vice president’s absence from the U.S.-Mexico border region.

region.Saturday was the 46th day that Harris has neither toured the border region nor faced reporters’ questions sinceappointed her to oversee his administration’s response to the migrant crisis.U.S. Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas,in an appearance on Fox News

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, disputed Harris’ claims that migrants entering the U.S. through the southern border were from the Northern Triangle region of Central America.Nehls claimed that he learned – during recent visits to border sites in Yuma, Arizona, and San Diego, California – that many individuals entering the U.S. at those locations come from countries such as Russia, Cuba, Brazil and Romania.

BIDEN ADMINISTRATION HAS SPENT $3B ON MIGRANT FACILITY CONTRACTS: REPORT"Russia and Romania – 6,000 miles from the Northern Triangle," Nehls said."So no, don’t tell me, Kamala, that all these individuals are trying to seek some economic assistance and the global warming are bringing these people up. headtopics.com

"This administration has invited anybody in this entire world to come into America and just claim you need a little bit of asylum because your government that you live with at home is corrupt. That’s what this is."It’s not upon the American people to help every Third World country that is dealing with corrupt government. We can’t handle this surge and the American people, trust me, we are going to be paying for this. You just wait and see."

VideoNehls claimed that some people arriving in the U.S. were flying into Mexican cities such as Cancun and Mexicali from places such as South America and Europe, and then entering through Tijuana into San Diego. He claimed that he and others on a recent border tour spotted discarded airline tickets in trash containers as they investigated border areas.

Earlier in a conversation with Fox News’ Jon Scott, Nehls claimed that Border Patrol agents were"begging, they’re pleading for help" in dealing with what he said was a 600 percent increase in apprehensions at the border during recent months.

"This president and this administration does not put America first," Nehls claimed.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPOn Friday, Harris held an online meeting with Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador as she prepared to travel to Mexico and Guatemala on June 7-8 to discuss the"root causes" of migration with leaders of the two countries. headtopics.com

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It remained unknown Saturday when or if the vice president planned to meet with Border Patrol personnel or local and state officials in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona or her home state of California regarding the migrant crisis.Dom Calicchio is a Senior Editor at FoxNews.com. Reach him at dom.calicchio@foxnews.com. Follow him on Twitter @DomCalicchioFOX

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As far as I'm concerned she can go her entire term without a news conference, The less I see or hear her the better I am. Thousands of days Fox news has never spread the truth but lies only! President Biden and Vice President Harris have set a course, change tack and are moving our country forward. She was tapped alright,just not sure by how many

And yet the crisis has improved. So who TF cares about a news conference? Oh, and I don't recall you tallying the days w/o a COVID news conference for Trump in the last 3 months of his time in office. Despite the fact that 3000+ Americans were dying a day from it. Yall suck. FOX PROPAGANDISTS HATE & FEAR MONGERS PIRRO, INGRAHAM, CARLSON, BARTIROMO, HANNITY, AND OTHERS 🤮 SURE KNOW HOW TO LURE, THE RACIST, BIGOTED TRUMP MINIONS, OUT FROM UNDER THEIR SLIMY ROCKS🤮 PROOF...JUST READ THE RESPONSES TO THIS POST BY THE DESPICABLE, HIDEOUS, RACIST OGRES❗

This is exactly why the dems picked Biden, this is TRUTH ❤️: Think of the lives you could save if you put that much effort into persuading your followers to get vaxxed. You don't even have to write a new article. Just spam this one daily. Don't you want Donnie to get credit for saving everyone with his vaccine?

There never was a crisis and the overcrowding problems have been substantially reduced by competent hard-working people. Pay attention because government can work. Overcrowded facilities are no longer bursting at the seams. Try a new angle on the story, please. Smoke & mirrors, the democrat way...

Kamala Harris has gone 45 days without a news conference since being tapped for border crisis roleVice President Kamala Harris held a “virtual” meeting Friday with the president of Mexico – while another member of the Biden administration visited the U.S.-Mexico border in person. Hooray!! The only ones who care she is not holding a press conference vs working is Fox News - just y’all. pathetic Vote for republicans and destroy America. Vote for Mussolini Trump

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Trees, visas and graft feature in Harris migration call with MexicoThe United States must fight corruption in Central America and help its economies in order to stem migration, Vice President Kamala Harris said on Friday in a call with Mexico's president who pitched a tree-planting-for-visas plan. An open border perhaps SHERLOCKS These charlatans will say that it’s the “climate crisis”.

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U.S.'s Harris to discuss immigration with Mexican leader FridayU.S. Vice President Kamala Harris will meet virtually with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Friday to discuss immigration policies, her second time talking to him in a month.