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Kamala Harris and her husband's combined assets are worth up to $6.3 million, according to public financial records

Public financial records show Kamala Harris and her husband's combined assets to be worth $2.8 million to $6.3 million.

9/25/2020 5:10:00 PM

Democratic vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris and her husband’s assets totaled about $2.8 million to $6.3 million in 2019, according to public financial records. Watch the full video here for a look at how Kamala Harris made her money:

Public financial records show Kamala Harris and her husband's combined assets to be worth $2.8 million to $6.3 million.

Key PointsDemocratic vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris and her husband's assets totaled about $2.8 million to $6.3 million in 2019.The Biden/Harris campaign raised $364 million in August.Harris raised more than $41 million during her presidential campaign.

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After Joe Biden chose Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice presidential nominee for the 2020 election, we revisited her public financial records to see how she made her money.We also expanded on our previous reporting to get a better understanding of her fundraising history.

From her days as San Francisco district attorney and California attorney general to her first term as U.S. senator, Harris has been in campaign mode for the better part of 17 years.During her two terms as DA, she made between $145,000 and $263,000a year, according to her tax returns. Part of the large swing can be attributed to the release of her first book, published as she geared up for her statewide race for attorney general.

Her two attorney general campaigns raised about $8.8 million, according to California campaign finance records.In 2014, she won reelection as attorney general and married attorney Douglas Emhoff. In 2018, they reported and adjusted gross income of almost $1.9 million. Based on Harris' Senate disclosure filings, their 2019 assets were about $2.8 million to $6.3 million, a range based on the estimated value of some of their investments.

Her successful Senate bid in 2016 put her in the top tier of fundraisers. According to the Federal Election Commission, she was the 15th top fundraiser for Senate candidates that year.Before she ran for the Democratic presidential nomination, she released two more books, which bolstered her income. Her presidential bid lasted for less than a year, but in that time she raised over $41 million.

Since becoming Biden's running mate, the ticket and the Democrats have raised record amounts, including the single biggest monthly haul ever, at $364 million in August.Watch the video to find out more about how she accumulated her fortune and to learn more about her career.

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More than 58 million Americans have already voted

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are racing toward Nov. 3 with more rallies and concerts on Sunday.

Crook I don’t care what she made and until realDonaldTrump releases his taxes no one should. TrumpLied200KAmericansdied She doesn’t “believe all women” anymore. She used to make barely enough to be middle class in California. So she married a rich white guy making $1million annually and has 3 homes now. I could see how everyday black Americans will relate.

How do all politicians become millionaires? What a scam So nowhere near the wealthiest senators. Honestly that doesn’t get you as far in CA as it does in flyover country. ask her husband where the money came from. How is this possible! Just another humble civil servant A better answer is, who gives a fuck? This has nothing to do with her platform, her stances on issues. Why is it anyone’s business how much money she’s worth? For fucks sake, can we please get some responsible journalism back in this country?

Yes and I'd bet KamalaHarris and DouglasEmhoff will release taxes revealing where their income originated and what it was used for; now why don't you start pestering the piss out of Trump to do as much? To publish what Kàzlz and her husband assets shows that they’re a middle class family . I’m sure tat you’ll find her tax return and has not gone bankrupt like others who refuse the : Give his DNA, tax returns and a list of all dodgy deals

Who cares. It's a big club, and you ain't in it! She truly knows how the working middle class lives. But she expects us to live on $15.00 hour while they rake in millions. Look at Social Security, you live off $12k to 24k per year without a real CPI, its now adjusted to leave off food and energy - you move deeper into poverty.

and....... this doesn't raise an eyebrow? No problem with that. But it she’s worth 90 million after 4 years as VP, then it’ll raise an eyebrow. Now do the assets of the trump administration starting with DeVos. If elected it will be over 150 million in 4 years . Chump change if she wins If she wins election, in four years their net worth shall be over one billion. Let countrymen suffer, she hardly cares

In Chinese currency? Made good money working for the man. So what? So she’s like upper middle class in California. Lol now do trumpy When we will see the Potus’ records.Especially the tax returns. Tax Her! We’ll call it the politician tax and use its revenue to pay for unemployment benefits. SO another on who has no regard for the average working people.

Seems you saw theirs tax returns That’s nothing. Biden made over $16mm since becoming VP. She will cash in also. Crooked Another millionaire off the taxpayer. Must be nice! I don’t know much about her political views nor her missions, but didn’t she called Biden a racist before or I misread an article? Who cares! We have a fraudulent man In The White House as we speak who won’t release his taxes, apparently what they make is not a big deal!

Wow....she is so rich. She needs to pay 50% tax. So what! They worked very hard, saved, invested. Awesome. well done BidenHarris2020 Vote for our humanity It’s the fight for equality - wealth distribution: get elected, play your cards right and your family will be rich beyond your wildest dreams! The “public service” road from rags2riches - the americandream. BretBaier JudyWoodruff jaketapper TuckerCarlson margbrennan

Hello. I am a graphics designer. I am an expert in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I have experience 3 years of this work. I can do any T_Shirt design. That’s great! Poor What's your point? Or is this just a racist comment? Oh my goodness I guess she doesn't know about the 4% rule and retire on $252k/year. FIRE on.

and Trumps financial records? tax returns? that's quite middle class Typical fake liberal life... Pathetic like all kamala supporters Isn't it cool how she hasn't blocked access to this information? You just get to report it without anyone suing to keep it secret. Can't wait to see your story about Trump's assets.

But if Harris gets in the white house her assets will grow 10x or more. Biden commits the crime and Trump gets impeach: WTF And not a “red” penny made funneling illicit Russian money through failing real estate projects. Her husband has close ties to china smh Now do Pence. Not bad for a government worker

Waiting for the Trump supporters to have an issue with her wealth... Farmer freebees make that look small. That's a lot of BJs at $50 a pop. No matter what you report it will not change my vote. BidenHarris2020 BidenHarrisLandslide2020 🤙🏽 Both are colluded with CCP! Trump won already! Tapes of Hunter Biden abused children in China! He will be persecuted by RICO

1) Videos that The Republicans Don't want you to see! And Hunter Biden received $3.5M from a Russian billionaire.. She made it on her knees Now do Mitch McConnell Biden managed to choose a woman more phony than Hillary. In California that’s considered poverty level! Abolish millionaires.....😉 Only crooks make it rich off public service.

Lol. These 2 clowns just can't win, can they? Tax returns...let's see em So? EAT THE RICH... right ? Lmao We need to put Cameras on Hillary Clinton Turing the election on Nov 3-4. This would be Great Live Entertainment to watch Hillary Clinton throw Temper Tantrum when she finds out Pres Trump WON the Election Again! What will she do next? Contest the election or something worse?

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