KAL’s cartoon

8/14/2020 7:24:00 AM

KAL’s cartoon

“a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.” Read more: The Economist »

McConnell under pressure from conservatives to fill Supreme Court vacancy before election

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Congratulations to Putin's Russia. いかにも英国の政治漫画らしい。 That's some nice Chinese propaganda right there The winner is best - called Putin ! Sure I feel secure! 🥺 Mill waglenikhil Where is Superpower India 😤 Good one and so appropriate in these times

Idles Share Michel Gondry-Directed Animated Video for 'Model Village'Michel and Olivier Gondry created the surreal cartoon clip for British punk band

Scary LarsonThe Onion brings you all of the latest news, stories, photos, videos and more from America's finest news source. This is low, even for you. 😂 is that Moby? Making enemies fast