K-pop fans are taking over 'White Lives Matter' and other anti-Black hashtags with memes and fancams of their favorite stars

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K-pop fans, some of the strongest forces on social media, are using their power on the internet to rally around the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police.

If there's one rule on social media that people can agree on, it's this: Don't cross K-pop stans. With tens of thousands of K-pop fan accounts posting over six billion tweets last year, they have become one of the strongest forces on social media.

Now, following George Floyd's death, K-pop fans are using their power on the internet to rally around the Black Lives Matter movement.Floyd, 46, died last week in police custody after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes during an arrest. His death has sparked nationwide and international protests.Hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackoutTuesday have been trending on social media as Americans demand justice for Floyd.

— sterre ✿ May 31, 2020 The police department said the app was back up and running on Monday and that the cause of the"temporary interruption" is"still being determined," according to a statement. When asked for further comment, the Dallas Police Department referred CNN to its statement.K-pop stars are speaking out While they might be thousands of miles away from the scene of where Floyd died, numerous K-pop stars have used their platforms to speak out on racial equality.


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White lives matter is now labeled anti black and that’s hypocritical but it’s ok to have BLM that’s not racist?

When you say Kpop stans are the most powerful but forget about 4chan trolls

Remind fans old enough to vote to get registered and VOTE!!!!!

What exactly is Kpop?

All Lives Matter Think We All Bleed the same Color we all are the Human Race

Great that they are speaking up but as a band they suck


These people should not promote domestic terrorism.

Rally round this

Media likes to talk about the dead for advertising

CNN will use just about any one that presents themselves to peddle their agenda. All these would be put to rest after a debate with DumbBiden. Just in a short while. I guess they will need another pandemic to win the elections

When these cops are cited charged prosecuted put in prison then justice has been done.! If it were on purpose they should impose the death penalty!. All peoples lives matter.! End of game this isn’t about racism it’s all people are being treated this way on world government.!

When we get down to the final solution that all lies are equally important and is valuable then I’ll be impressed so far it’s a big political move except For the unwanted death of Mr. Floyd!

my gosh! enough! haven't u've been heard already wat? next? capitalization?

IMPORTANT: Please check out my profile if you are protesting or know someone who is. I have a whole thread based on precautions, tips etc. It’s the first tweet. Share it as much as you can.Stay safe!

Please Join ARMY in matching bts_bighit donation of 1 Million 💜✊🖤

Thank you and you’re welcome 😉 KeepTexasRed STFUHillary

Americans are dying of OVERDOSING ON screen time brains being bombarded with Helter skelter electrons filled with lying liars leading resulting in self-hating remotely controlled killer zombies! No one is immune. Fortuitously I survived w self care and acupuncture2day needling.

BlackLivesMatter AfricaMatter Africa calling her children home from where they are oppressed - for whatever reason. If they wish...

I hate kpop

They are not supporting blacklivesmatter they are using the hashtag to get views. They do it with every trending tag

I ❤️ this!! realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse

Fake news! Using the anti racist pro trump forums.

The only thing worse than the media writing an entire article on social media is their incessant need to talk about themselves.

Whitelivesmatter and Alllivesmatter are not anti- BlackLivesMatter. Anyone participating in the silencing white voices is racist.

blm ❤️

All lives matter!

Let’s not talk about the Kop stars 🌟 who are hounded so badly by kpop fans they commit suicide

Really got nothing to promote. Follow me, I follow back.


All lives Matter💓💓💓

The same group who shaved their heads because Twitter told them to. 😰😰...(🤣🤣🤣)


Twins With Different Skin Colors Astonished Their Mom When They Were Born

Maybe all the annoying kpop jerks should fix the HORRIBLE RACISM in their own country and stop worrying about the USA. Also, they should learn to dance and make songs that don't cause involuntary vomiting. KpopSucks

When are people ever going to realize that we're all human and should love each other for that?

Follow this account for all the cops that are getting arrested

Strongest forces never heard of!

New generation stepping up. Love it.


Japanese animation movie Please look at it 荒野の光

The fascist black lives matter and Antifa are most dangerous terroist organizations than ISIS and Al Qaida. So crush them like Hell our boldest president of US and the best president Trump to ashes.,,

Why don’t you talk about how BTS donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter instead?

Another disturbing trend on Tucker Carlson of young black BLM members forcing scared whites to kneel and denounce their whiteness. Black leaders better stand up before the REAL SH*T hits the fan.


Anyone from the media and entertainment industry should be last on the list to influence your common sense (what’s left of it). What you see on TV to form their narrative are mostly done with CGI. The control we are under is much more than the social justice you’re fighting for.

Their video clips are awesome!

K-Cuck music is fucking trash. THE CCP OWNS AND CONTROLS THE K-POP MOVEMENT!! STFUHillary Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

More cops died today

Let the KPOPs know how many white soldiers died to save their grandparents from North Korean oppression along with my father in the 82nd Airborne and a friend in the Army who suffered frostbite during the 1950's. How they only exist because of this. Or maybe pull out our troops.

I support the protests, but K-pop is shit.

This whole thing is fucking dumb

And this...

BLM should be helping them...Those poor kids, they work them until they die.

Start your day right.. have some Fentanyl and methamphetamine.... just like George used to do.

No police? What the plan after that?

Next we should talk about racism in Korea


Oh barf.

LOL Soros' bots


We have to stan


What happen to all the deaths from the Covid Virus

Never heard of them

AllLivesMatter we must end all other nonsense. And stop all Violence.


Who had “become a kpop stan” on their 2020 bingo card?

I'll never understand or accept parents letting their kids be exploited like this. It seems so weird and twisted. imo anyway.


As they should. Note to everyone (myself included): what are you using your power for? 🤔

I'm reminded of Stetson Kennedy's undermining of the KKK by giving their secrets to the Superman radio show

If you are a person of color and have experienced bias and/or racism from Yahoo removing your 1A rights to express your opinions on their website and Twitter feed, let me know. Along with the ACLU we are preparing a class action suit against the racist company Yahoo.



We are living one of the biggest media uproars of the decade. But what if the media were wrong ? What if George Floyd did not die because of his skin colour, but was instead simply a victim of police brutality ? What if all of this was just serving a narrative ?

take a knee

As a black man I think it is absolutely idiotic to say white lives matter is anti-black. Just foolish.

K- Poop ?

Yessir we goooo

i can see the replies

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