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Justin Bieber Says He was Just Playing About Fighting Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber Says He was Just Playing About Fighting Tom Cruise


Justin Bieber Says He was Just Playing About Fighting Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber says he wasn't serious about taking on Tom Cruise in a fight, but maybe he just changed his mind.

He says he had just seen an interview with Cruise so he was on his mind, and decided to tweet out the

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Justin kick his ass...He sucks. Ha! Sure he was!! Looking for publicity more like it Attention hound He better be. Cruise would beat the hell out of him. No doubt. He is only playing because he knows he would get his ass handed to him K Here is a preview of the fight...,., Looks like y’all were right. Biebs don’t got the heart MarcSesslerNFL DanHanzus

Urijah Faber Gives Tom Cruise the Edge Over Justin Bieber in MMA FightUrijah Faber is taking sides in the Justin Bieber -Tom Cruise beef. 56 25 Who do you think would win Hailey could beat up the Beb

Suuuure He's an idiot trying to get on the news not cool ! I know he wanted attention that's what a lot of celebrities do when they humble down they feel insecure so to start something in the media now you know my name that so sad Too late... Tom would kick his ass anyways. And this was news? TMZ u all starting to lose your credibility...Who cares👎🏽👎🏽

Hilarious Realized Tom was with the shits 😂 It was stupid anyways

Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise — and no one knows whyIf you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I want to fight Tom Cruise in a UFC-style showdown” (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?), then you and Justin Bieber have that in common. Sounds like a cry of “I’m not relevant anymore” Publicity stunt. And it worked.

Yeah after seeing the polls in Tom's favor of kicking Bieber's ass. justinbieber sings happy... Ok J.B. 😄 we gathered that. 💙❤🧡 We didn't BELIEB you. 🤩 Who care how is this shot any kind of news !!!! JB is a pice of shit Beiber just wanted to touch him. A little bro-mance maybe? Bieber is crazy... You’ll get knocked out soft ass boii

You want a Mission Impossible👉🤣

Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise and people really want to know whyThe 25-year-old singer took to Twitter to announce he wanted to take on the 56-year-old action movie star in a UFC clash. No, they don’t. No one cares. The only people that care are clickbait factories. Literally no one is talking about this Justin has mental health issues and Cruise is a Scientologist..kinda the same thing. Despite that, Tom Cruise would beat him silly. i don't care why I just wanna see Tom cruise whip his millennial ass 🤣

Lmfao He's backing out because Tom was probably down to fight🤷‍♂️ He knows Tom would whoop that ass! Bad! Of course he is! Someone showed him the JackReacher movies Bieber vs Dirt Yea, who didn't see that? He’s mentally ill

Justin Bieber Challenges Tom Cruise to MMA Fight Justin Bieber doesn't believe for a second Tom Cruise is half the badass he seems to be in his movies. How about Logan Paul This is 2019 in a nutshell

I’m not surprised Tom would Hand him his ass on a plate 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lol Tom Cruise bout to whoop ur ass now Everyone who knows Justin a bit knows that it was a joke. I’m surprised so many adults took it seriously and even stared bullying him Ha Beeeeber realized he challenged Maverick and said “Oh f$&k what did I do” 🙄

Fear ThunderDome, for those two, methinks..

Why Does Justin Bieber Want to Fight Tom Cruise?'Tom if you don't take this fight your scared and you will never live it down.' Bieber you are a joke and now so Is this magazine. Yes, I quite agree with you😀💋

Cmon, you know you would have paid $300 to watch this. We know. The only people that thought it was real were the ones thinking they could make a buck off of it. Bieber trying to backtrack out of the Danger Zone. Cloutlife Righttttt When he saw him running at him. Too bad. What Justin Bieber is right now Why is this a story?

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Who gives a shit....sounds like someone trying to stay relevant... Because Tom Cruise would kick his weak ass! A strong wind would blow both of those two whimps over! Well, I've been holding my breath waiting for this. I can move forward with my life. Too late! The people have already decided that’s something we wanna see.

Not_TomCruise 😏 did you see this? i guess Cruise's legal team got to him. Biebs when he realized Tom might take him up on his offer..... leave tom cruise alone Grow up Justin . It wasn’t that funny! JustSayin 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤪

I’d rather see Tom Cruise fight Xenu, anyways... 👾👽😁 He'd get battered anyway 😂 Oooooh, so he did it just for attention like a silly little boy? Who knew? Mmmhmm. 🙄 💤 Attention grab 101. He’s scared lol Two famous no-accounts... Lol I’m calling BS. Because he realized Tom Cruise was going to give him those hands🙌🏾😏...bounce

He should instead challenge Robert Pattinson obviously Well, duh! But why? It was just weird... I thought he was dead serious about it. Duh George Now that’s the true definition of a childish man... 😂👎 No1 GIVES A DAMN THERE'S A MASSACRE GOING ON IN SUDAN AND YOU GUYS ARE WORRIED ABOUT JUSTIN BEIBER FFS What a tool.

No backsies. He was talking crap and now musbd punished.

has no bearing or relevance to my life,, utter horseshit. Oh no biebs your pr sung didn’t pan out the way u expected. Oh well walk around town with hailey your bible and full drew attire that should keep you in need or have a baby the media loves that shit The “man” is afraid of Water bottles. I think the fight would last 1 second

Coz he would get his arse kicked Those officials from Scientology have called to Justins door. Showed him facts they have him and told him to mind his own business Looks like Bieber wasn’t getting any attention, so he threw this out there. Notice me, notice me, notice me.

He has lost his mind, get him some meds LMAOOOOOOOOOOO 🐓🐓🐓🐓 A joke with no punch line. Funny -Face tattoo time I knew it was a joke since he tweeted it because that’s just how Justin is but people are too dumb and to sensitive to realize that I'm guessing Tom was up for it and Justin shit a brick 😂 😂😂😂

When u skip your meds for a couple days. Wow. He don't want that smoke Did Justin Bieber just chicken out?

I love that song Attention lol As I said it was just planned PR for him and Tom Cruise Big troll😂 Yeah that’s when he comes to his senses and realises our little man would absolutely murder him. TeamCruise Justin Bieber has flashbacks after taking his meds and says “oh no Tom would do this to me too. I was just kidding!”

He better be playing because Tom Cruise would kick his punk ass this is some icarly vs victoria justice shit Well I'm still serious about wanting to get yelled at by Tommy Lee Jones... make him tweet it

Atleaat now you guys came to know 🤷🏻‍♀️😥 ⏪ ⏪ ⏪ Must have watched Tropic Thunder Yeah hes shat it, he watched mission impossible and knew right then and there that Tom Cruise would smash him Bieber couldn't punch a hole in a wet paper sack Justin Bieber wasting time by challenging Tom Cruise everyone knows Tom Cruise will win

What a pussyhole Y'all don't get to take shit like that back. You called for a fight. And we need to see an was whoopin DrJimmyStar He’s so full of crap he was serious. He need to grow up and stop harassing the elderly

You’ve always been a Pu$$Y Justin He’s high as M.F Woah what a suprise, didn't expected it at all 😤😤 Say it ain't so .... Tom obviously contacted him directly as a real man does and accepted the fight Beiber wanting to fight Tom cruise Would have been hilarious Lol PSKamath7 shlok272 I hate this is even talked about

Of course he was....

Shame...Tommy woulda merked em Did anyone actually believe him? Clout chasing from bieber.. Too bad because Tom deserves an ass kick! we already knew he's like this. all of them takes him seriously like tf A Pulling A BRITNEY Tom cruise would kick his ass lol Emiily2Queen Wimp Bottlejob

I hate Tom Cruise but he can beat the fuck out of Justin Bieber. I'd actually pay to see that because Justin deserves to be put in his place. Playin?! Bieber, you was stupid for tweeting this. Glad you came to your senses. Coward Oh now he's just playing... He was drunk or high....and just wants attention...F him!

He's playing it off because he knows Tom Cruise would beat the shit out of him Cruise would Molly Wop that boy 😭 yeah - playing chicken There was a horse head in his bed. And Tom Cruise was in his house.

I'm not playin' after i kick Kirk Cameron's Ass, I'm going kick Tom Cruise's butt as well... No he wasn't he just got scared I mean,wasn’t that obvious from the get-go? Imagine just hate justin without reason. Clowns I’ll fight them Well, that makes more sense Bieber fever It was obviously a joke. We all know nothing can stop Tom Cruise. Not even the fact he was in The Mummy reboot!

Cuz he would get his ass beat Shithouse

Because his a wet lettuce couldant fight his way out out of a wet paper bag 😂 JBCrewdotcom of course he was these dumb hoes don't even know him and his dumb humour, he's dumb but is funny ☺️ also it was fun seeing all men so press.ed and popping veins 💅🏻 They got to him😳😳😳 Dork Somebody got visited by some deacons.

Oh well then realDonaldTrump I take it back Oh boy, but we are not. Now you'll have to fight. Yeah, I bet he backpeddled that fast. Must've seen one of Tom's movie after he sobered up. JustKidding Cries for attention from Justin. I hope he was playing, I'm pretty sure that even if it was just slap boxing that Cruise would put him in the hospital.

Don’t do drugs kids Chickenshit ...scared ..maybe Tom said ok let's do it ...😂 He would welp up in shame Scientology wins again man... Bieber when keyshawn and Tom Cruise show up at his door in a Prius 😂 called it 2-Days ago.... That’s it. I’m burning all my Justin Bieber CD’s He’s getting nervous, Maverick said I win you’re a Scientologist.

I wish He would get help for His MentalHealth issues 👍 😐😐😐 Duh. KSP He chicken out Oh wow really.....🙄👈 This guy is such a dork. I wish cruise would just knock the crap out of him anyway. Have nothing against him, but Tom Cruise would have got a hold of him and it would be over. I don't care if he gets fat between movie's or not.

He obviously is childish and plays too much...

Tom Cruise please Sure you were, Justin. So childish. Because he would get his ass kicked Just playing now that everyone is clowning him. but Tom Cruise doesn't play Justin he'll make you love scientology and you wouldn't even know. Girls and their silly jokes. Grow up justinbieber. Want a role model? Lookup to Keanu

Mission...impossible🤷🏽‍♂️ How much did Scientology threaten him to say that? 😂

He Just wanted to be Trending On Twitter! Recanting from the fear of the impossible, mission impossible. LOL has Bieber ever seen The Last Samurai? Cumon dude Kidding or not, I still want Beiber to show up at Tom's house, looking all homeless as per usual, crack Tom right in the chops, go jump on his couch, make a sandwich and Beiber can continue to not wash his hair. Carry on.allthemoney buysomeherbalessence LRonHubbard

Little boy justinbieber sat down. Now the adults can continue Tom cruz would have Beat your behind 'Just playing' or just sobered up? 😂😂 Well at least this is cleared up😂😂😂

It’s too late to turn back Someone's being stalked by scientologists Kiddos! Good for him After justinbieber saw this footage he didn’t want that smoke. Lol TomCruise justinvstom 🙄 Because he’s a troubled kid, clearly

Cause he knows hed get smoked by that scientologist old man strength Tommy Boy would love to give justinbieber a beat down! Me thinks Justin needs some help🤨 JBCrewposts gladforkidrauhl his smile🤤 Tom Cruise was about to hit u with the pull up demo Maybe he knew TomCruise could kick his ass! You scared yung in.

Bc he's trying to stay relevant.... sad Or maybe he was just scared of facing Logan Paul

Clout chaser. Bieber wakes up hungover and looks at his Twitter: Tom cruise would have beaten up Bieber 😂😂😂😂 stream i don't care Oh Justin stop being a boob Cant be playing like that. One day someone is gonna call your bluff. Red flag.....

Probably cos everyone was behind the Cruise He knows he’d lose that’s why This is JB running from his joke... Great! Opens the way for Ami AmiYamato challenge! Okay. Some of them Scientology shooters musta reached out. Hate to see it (not really) “I was hiiiiiiigh” Wow!!! That clearly shows that Justin bieber cant handle the pressure. And it afraid of the challenge from real fighters.

lmao we been knew ofc it a damn joke

Obviously it was a joke. Anyone who thought that tweet was serious is an absolute moron Coming out of that K2 rage... He's afraid of catching Top Gun hands I expected this. He took you up on your offer and you pee peed you pants. Tom Cruise should’ve been all like... I bet! Scientology’s crew came for you didn’t they? Lmao 🤣

PatMcAfeeShow HeartlandRadio Lmaoooo he was just doing it for the meme y'all took it so seriously

This fight needs to happen, and it needs to be on pay-per-view with all proceeds going to charity. That boy never been in a fight inn his life Whew! I was worried. Tom Cruise from Tropic Thunder would molly woo The Bieber fever out that boy and all his fanbase. He didn't want that smoke Damn t0m_cruis3 did you threaten Justin Bieber?

Not sure which I want to see get beat up. It’s a toss up. Dislike them. Both. No shit he wouldn’t be able to fight him he wouldn’t last even a second

Let’s be real Tom Cruise would whoop his ass He don’t want that smoke Typical...really hanging with Mayweather! Probably realised that Tom cruise will kill him The Church of Scientology probably spoke to him. He’ll probably join now. JamesWalkerShow guy look high as fuck Y’all really thought he was gonna fight Tom cruise ship? 😂🤡 Justin clowned y’all

Dang would have been a money maker

ya his whole life’s a fucking joke now, he’s selling records in crazy numbers but he’s lost his originality he’s just like every other pop ArTisT. ps ye, very entertaining to see dumbfucks take these tweets srsly and freak out 😂 shithouse Buddy got scared 🤣 You know Cruise called him up and said 'Anytime Pansy'.

Oh hell no. get back there and fight, bieber. We all wanna see the smackdown of the century Tom Cruise: “Okay, su-” Justin Beiber: “oh, nah. It was a joke, man, relax!” K. 🙄. Thanks. 🙄. We were wondering. 🙄🙄🙄. Not.

Tom Cruise must have accepted the fight.... When the high wears off 😂😂😂 Justin is a jerk whoop both they silly asses at the same time while playin a willie nelson song on my geetar me suckas He was serious until he saw Mission Impossible Tom would convince him to be a Scientologist LeahRemini 😂😂😂

Dude changed his tune when Tom Cruise sent his Scientologist helicopter to shoot the Thetan rays at casa de biebs I am not a Tom Cruise fan by any means but if I were to put money on this, I'd wager on Tom. Bieber is backing out because he knows he'd get his ass handed to him.

C'mon Justin. That's your grandpa! 🤣🤣🤣 He said he was joking after realizing what an idiot he sounded like.😆 Bieber: *watches M:I2, checks Twitter* Bieber: We kno beebs...dat wuz jus Pride F•ckn Witchuh Dustin diamond would beat his ass for free Because he was just trying to get press Because he would get his sorry ass kicked!!!!!!

He knows tom would kill him no shit who would've thunk it 😱😱😱 So this was a waste of time to devote any news to this..as usual That’s called “avoiding a butt whipping” 🤣🤣😏 Tom pulled up on him He saw jack reacher Harvey he’s your fault. Lest he forget that TomCruise destroyed some bare knuckle boxing fools in FarAndAway. Tom would knock justinbieber out.

Silly lil bug what was the reason is he that bored No shit ? We all knew that but still weird way to promote new music Duh 🙄 He just saw the 'Scientology admission required' clause when Cruise accepted so justinbieber tweeted this saying TomCruise was scared if he didn't take the fight. then, he backtracked on his tweet saying he was only playing. guess we know who the scared little puss is. and honestly, i doubt cruise would soil his hands to touch the biebs anyway

MTV bring back celebrity death match! ...Cause Tom would kick his arse! Periodt. No shit

Did people actually think this was a serious tweet? Lol what?! Ok. Was funny though! 😎 Real life Bieber Selena Gomez called him and assured him that Tom was just a friend. Until Toms people got in touch .... then he dialed that shit down yeah cuz you aint finna get ya ass beat on the tv!

No bitch!! you said what you said and I wanna see this fight Yea cause Ethan Hunt would f*** him up! 😂 No he wasn't. The only thing that happened is he realized he'd get his ass kicked Something seriously wrong with that boy. yeah OKAY sure That's because he'd get his arse kicked No shit ? I think it was something much more.

Now TC ready to beat his ass! Don’t be Scared!!!! Force him to do it now Naaaaa he just chickened our hardcore became he knew Cruise would cruise to victory using his Scientology super powers. I hate Tom cruise but that dude would destroy beiber Of course he was, he's Canadien Anyway he can stay relevant, that boy needs more attention than a middle child on drugs

Bc he knows Tom would kick his ass lol He didnt want none of Lestat 😂

no his dumbass was on something Chicken sh!t! I think he's sober now Sadly in need of attention. Imagine not knowing he was messing around Drugs wore off and he realized he would get his ass beat. Tom Cruise Outsiders Years? What a coward He probably was serious then realized everyone thought he's an idiot & now he's 'joking'. I don't like either one of them but Tom Cruise would beat his ass. BieberVsCruise BieberDouche

Sounds like justinbieber got a visit from Jack Reacher

No he wasnt, he just knows he'd get his ass whooped. And noone was showing support for him... sad day Realized all the comments about Tom liking to do his own stunts went just fabrication... Little punk Awe poor baby back peddling bc Cruz could kick his punny little ass lol He got scared as hell. He'd get his bitch-ass stomped by The Crowned Prince of Lord Xenu's Casbah.

¿Es en serio que sacaran noticia de esto? Que coño, solo alguien tan estupido y negativo habría creído que era de verdad, desde que lo twitteo se sentía el sarcasmo It was in the 'people jokingly challenging celebrities 31 years older than then to a fight' Twitter Moment . Internet, cmon now 😐🤣 Glad Tom Cruise didn't give the kid a response.

So funny...

Bieber needs to stop taking drugs that his cult church hillsong is giving him to control him!Go to a real doctor not no church pretending to be one get help from a a license professional bieber looks miserable! almost all the time now! Wbk he loves making drama while he’s bored sjsksksk If you took this seriously, trace your footsteps, you just lost your sense of humour.

He learned how to google 😂😂 Dudes got a weird sense of humor 🤦🏼‍♂️ fine, ill do it please either get this young man medicated, OR get his current meds adjusted. pronto. Seriously who gives a shit? He realized he would get his ass kicked.

“Wait, Tom Cruise is Maverick? I rescind.” He just wanted attention, which the internet gladly gave him. he's backing down now, in fear of getting wrecked. 💁 . Of course he was joking lol but I will volunteer to wrestle Tom if he wants to. :) The ecstasy binge finally wore off Hi your friendly celebrity drunk interpreter is back for another translation. What Mr. Bieber actually just said was “Oh shit I just watched Jack Reacher and everything is all cool between me and Tom, I never said I wanted to fight him haha 😳.”

What you say when what you thought was a good idea, backfires on you, badly!!..😂 Shawty needed the attention so bad RoyaleWitCheeez Cruise called him and told him he'd whoop that ass, and Biebster dropped that shit like a hot potato. A PR stunt from wannabe star

Cruise would’ve kicked his ass in a second! He meant Tom Kruse, Inventor of the “Hoveround”. Obviously I never fell for it. I want to be clear that I was dead serious about fighting andersoncooper. I love him and he would kick my ass and that would be great.

Yeah, is it too late now to say sorry? He wasn’t playing. He got called out for being an idiot and then backed off. Suuuuuuure Well durr! Tom must have called to say he accepts 😂 He didn’t want that smoke! Damnit, I was a Belieber! Of course he was. He’s a child. Cause he realized he’d get that ass tapped You can say almost anything and then say IWasJustPlaying 😂🤣😂

He must’ve read, literally, anything about Cruise 🤣🤣 Who cares! Shitebag The Lil Bitch is Scared TomCruise. Boy talks smack online then has regrets..... No. We KNOW he wasn’t. He knows it too. Yea, when he came down from his high😂😂 Playing or not.. no shit sherlock

He probably took a break from whatever he was smoking. Or he also challenged Clint Eastwood and things got complicated... JBCrewdotcom i knew it😹 He couldn't fight himself out of a wet paper bag. That’s cause he knows he would get his a$$ whipped. justinbieber your scared and you will never live it down.

lame Someone is scared Tom would crush him JustinBieber TomCruise talkRADIO Iromg _ Perhaps the tweet didn't look so good when sober.

he had no choice but to say that I’m not sure there’s anyone out there that Biebs should be serious about fighting. Of course he was. He didn’t want any part of that old man strength Backing off eh? He wimped out. Stephen thank you. Why ? Did Tom Cruise accept ? lol. Still...but why tho? Wait till church of Scientology announce u as a 'Suppressive'

He probably saw that movie Far and away hahaha He didn’t want to catch hands 😂 drewspersona whoever thought he was actually being serious n got all presses are clowns He must just have seen Last Samurai Why Tom Cruise ? Kind of a random challenge. Why not Chis Hemsworth? Or Michael Stratham ? I’m not kidding. These BAMF ladies would lay me out!

No! No backing out! He has to actually get his ass beat by Tom Cruise now! We can make it the sequel to Tropic Thunder but with real fight sequences. sorry TheNotoriousMMA on to the next one 🤷🏽‍♂️ liar yeah ok

lol Did Cruise’s attorney send Bieber a cease and desist letter? I’m serious tho I wanna fight Tom 😬😂 Such a cutie Tom cruise will beat the shit out Justin Bieber 🤷🏾‍♂️ So Tom Cruise came 'round finna offer the sauce is what you're saying. Yeah sure he was “just playing” Maybe a Guardians dance-off would be a better idea?

justinbieber is a little wimp, so he claimed to be joking when he realized that he’d get beaten to a pulp OMG LIKE IT WAS A JOKE? LIKE THATS SO CRAZY HAHA!!!! .......😑 Jackass. Smart man, J. Biebs. I’ll fight justinbieber Doesn’t Beleibe in himself.... Shat it ! Pussy Tom must have told him come off the porch! He didn’t want that Mission Impossible smoke!

I heard he said he was just playing mere seconds after receiving a call from Tom Cruise. Wonder why 🤔

Why did anyone think he was being serious in the first place “I’m joking! No! Stop! Ahh!” justinbieber what happened? Did David miscavage threaten to make you go missing Tease!! He probably got a yes from tom’s camp and back peddled. Cagoneaste picaron What a coward TomCruise / Scientology fucking fight me in the Octagon rn!

A little passive/aggressive there Beib’s? The Church of Scientology when they heard about this

Sounds like his 'issues' are getting out of hand Shat it Not a fan of either Tom Cruise or Justin Bieber. But I would say with confidence that Tom Cruise would win. Tom Cruise would dog walk his ass Shat it Thanks for this quality information Yeah Justin bieber didnt want that work lol TeamTomCruise all day TomCruise

Too late. You've sealed the deal I mean obviously 😭 He was on a natural high

justinbieber ain't ready for THIS!!!!! Scientology got to him... Tom cruise’s people probably called biebs lol 🐔 he's scared The old “I didn’t mean to challenge someone to a fight on Twitter when I said I wanted to fight someone on Twitter ” trick This is one export from my Country of 🇨🇦 that you can KEEP forever 🇺🇸 P.S... TomCruise would whoop justinbieber with ease

Well he is a pussy so makes sense. One of those fights where you would wish for a simultaneous knockout 🤷‍♂️ Yeah so his bodyguards hold him back from getting his ass kick like always The most stupid thing he could’ve say 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

No shit Man, I was just getting ready to challenge Steve Martin... Oh well. YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaA we knew that This dude is an idiot LMAO bullshit he backed out when literally everyone on Twitter told him that Tom Cruise does his own stunts. Bieber probably can’t even make a fist That moment you get scared because your dad never spanked you like he should’ve

Homeboy is on drugs.... Upon a second viewing of Jack Reacher I bet he was joking. Upon a second viewing of Jack Reacher I bet he was joking.

No kidding. that blonde bitch would be eating through a straw! the bugle wore off and then he realised Tom Cruise is in a cult and would literally sacrifice his skinny arse to the spirit of an ugly science fiction writer. He has realised that Tom Cruise would break his legs. Because Tom would drop him. I see his baby sitter has had their holiday cut short

The blokes a prize dickhead, sorry did I say bloke,, that's debatable! anyone who was taking a tweet this seriously doesn’t get how twitter culture works

Shat it. The scientologist got to him, blink twice for help Justin. Nope. You don't challenge someone to a fight then just back out like that Someone drank way too much that night. . . . . . . Its Justin. He drank too much that night. Nah he was serious then realised how fkn dumb that idea was😂😂😂😂 I would pay to see cruise beat bieber to a pulp

Can we still do the bieber and jarpad fight? I'm so in on this. Of course rooting for Jared! Of course he was. Tom Cruise ain’t got time for him. Asside the fact that Justin would get his ass kicked. No need to start the ridiculous. Didn't want to catch those hands! JustinBieber TomCruise 💩🏠.

Yea, he was only “playing” once he realized that he’d end up losing his spleen if his challenge was actually accepted. LeoFunDio todo asustado 😆😆 Don’t back down now dude,, TOOL The Bieber Bag 🥊 Tom Cruise would beat his ass 🥴 comedyasylum Only an imbecile would think this chick had a shot against the guy who has trained for movies like MI, Jack Reacher, Collateral etc.

justinbieber very immature. Biebs be like:

Who's the suck now? Cus he’ll get beat up thats because hes like Justin Trudeau, a walking vagina Idiot!! Gonna need another Bieber. Why is this douche noozle still relevant is beyond my comprehension Fame really destroyed this kids mental health. It’s so sad to watch): people should leave him alone. Is this when we bring back celebrity death match

Don’t tell me there’s an actual childs who believes that on the first place All he wanted was attention!🙄

Smart move Biebs, Tom is crazy. Sounds like Scientology shut that show down Thought it was gonna be cult vs cult! Bieber should fight anyone his age, so we can see him get drilled. He is just adorable! yeah, right........he's a little punk! Bieber got chin checked No you wasn’t! 😂

Tool Lol he probably saw me say I'd fight him in the octagon if Tom Cruise wouldn't and he could bring another person if he wanted. Because he knew Maverick would kick his ass Better be. TomCruise would destroy him anyway. Well duh ofc ✋🏻 but ppl like to drag him even over a joke, they are all acting so brave on Twitter by their jokes and disrespectful comments, I bet they r chickens in real life

Lol Because y’all report shit out of desperation before you know the facts and pretend it’s news.

We know 👌🏼 The fight would look like this....... Too late dude. The world has spoken. It's on. flatIinesIut His fans knew it was a joke, but all social media.. Perspective, people. If it's true he threatened to beat up a 57 year old man. Stunts or not, that would make Bieber look like a p*ssy. Gotta love this Canadian homeboy! Doesn't matter what he says or doesn't say he gets people fired up!

He was just playin cause He knew Tom would hand him his Ass.., if I HAD to fight Tom, I'd scratch his Friggin Eyes out, he would be doin the next Mission Impossible Movie with Ray Charles Shades.., yeah, it's like Dat.., 😀 JustinBieber TomCruise ufc Boring

He scared of TomCruise 😂😂 he should be🤪🙄👀😂 Jerry Maguire would've whooped dat ass😂 Duh 🙄 Riiight...his ignoring you may have had something to do with that. Plus, he’d surely kick your butt! This man does most of his own stunts, for God’s sakes. Justin bieber legend He's only taking it back because he knows Tom Cruise could kick his ass.

what u expect duh homeboy can't have some fun without getting dragged Aww man! I wanted him to beat his A** ! stream i don't care Good to know, given the fact that Tom Cruise can be his grandfather.

The funniest of all is that people actually took that seriously and used it to spread hate against him. Humor really is dead nowdays. We all knew that TomCruise would put justinbieber on soup for 6 months. Everything blended . 🍵🥤 Oh really!! Tom Cruise would definitely fuck that brat up! Sure he was Oh now he was playing!! He knows Tom Cruise would kill him!! I was looking forward to seeing the Beiber little girl crying. Oh wait Tom doesn’t hit little girls

When Scientology calls Bieber at home.... wbk y’all just want an excuse to hate on him Lol...no kidding 🙄

drewspersona Wbk, y’all just love to hate on everything Justin Bieber does It’s all fun and games till you gotta step up..... the littles famous or not gotta learn to stop running their mouths or they gonna catch someone’s hands Tom Cruise would kick his as s.. Anything to stay relevant now, the scientologist church will start to hunt your head justinbieber! be careful.

justinbieber Some of us knew you were kidding joking playing around 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 others , not so much What he would do to beebs. Lol Cuz he'd get his ass kicked but my question is, who taked it serious this shit? lol

Cruise would lose Nahhh it’s too late buddy.. We already put this fight in motion justinbieber Hailey probably had a little chat with him.🤨 Ha, he know better!!! He knows TomCruise don't play that, he would mission impossible his ass 😂😂😂 Alguien le habrá dicho a Justin que es gracioso? Está haciendo el ridículo haciendose al gracioso.🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

Its funny he thinks Tom even acknowledges his teenybopper ass. Of course you were!! 👍🤣 He watched mission impossible

Biebs is scared. justinbieber The boy smartened up. Obviously He don’t want that smoke say no to drugs, kids Nah...really? yeah no shit 🥚 🥚

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