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Justin Bieber Delivers Emotional 'SNL' Performance of 'Holy'

The singer hit the stage in Studio 8H for the third episode of the show's 46th season.

10/18/2020 8:04:00 AM

Justin Bieber stole the 'SNL' spotlight with two powerful, emotional performances that blew fans away.

The singer hit the stage in Studio 8H for the third episode of the show's 46th season.

Bieber's second performance of the night was even more powerful and heart-wrenching. The unique number began in his green room -- instead of on a stage -- as he sang the opening, painful lines of his new song"Lonely" into a mirror.The camera followed Bieber as he sang while walking backstage through the halls of the studio. He delivered a flawless and incredibly touching set as he came out from backstage and slowly walked into the spotlight, ending the performance in front of the audience -- who responded with thunderous applause.

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ngl i may have cried a little bit. i have listened to jb since 2009 and to see him develop into a talented singer and wonderful husband brought tears to my eyes. lysm justin!!! No, no he didn’t Yes. His last song broke my heart. I wanted to hug him & tell him he's done good. He's strong enough to make it through. I've never been a Bieber fan, but I didn't dislike him either. Now I'm a fan. Powerful & emotional, indeed. 💔😢❤

I’m not even a fan and I loved these performances. I may have to change my mind on that not a fan part. Amazing You have got to be joking I was very impressed. Meh It was terrible Really? I share the same birthday at Justin (March 1st) Glad to see how much he was grown as a person and musician. Great performances!

And the rest of us PVRd & fast forwarded through it...yawn The feels!!! Speechless.... I thought they were great!! He was amazing!! King wbk But only his fans. It didn’t steal it, he OWNED IT! Not really. , he seem like a lost puppy. . It was amazing!! So proud I really like the second song . It’s good to empathize with what he went through as a kid. I want him to collab with BTS. 💜

He’s always pretending to be someone else. He’s a different persona for every song. Can’t bare folk who lack identity. They often have zero integrity either The most beautiful performance ever. I cry a lot 😭 Blew fans away? Um, no. Not a FAN 👎 MUY BASURA/IMBECILE ...thinking he can FIGHT!!! HE'S Justin BUTTHEAD ...NOT JET LI 👎

his vocal is so perfect OMG Some of your standards needs to be re evaluated, everyone. Awaliashaw So proud of him 💜💜✌️ Awaliashaw Fuct He killed it 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 BieberOnSNL Yes'ss'ahhh☺ Way! Cool!☺ perfeito 💜 BieberOnSNL period. Well done justinbieber 🙌🙏 PRINCE OF POP FOR A REASON He k!led the show What? 😂

EndSARS EndSWATNow EndPolicebrutality I loved it. I mever was a big fan but now that he has found God and not praising his name to the world I love it! In a big fan now and will support his music! Unless this little punk of an asshole ripped in half a picture of the Pope on camera, I really don't wanna hear about it.

Sure Will they get the 46th President in their 46th season? He was good .... Singing in a stable with a crucifix on the wall? I’m blown away that this was considered appropriate. He stole that ENTIRE SHOW... I remember nothing else... BieberOnSNL JUSTIN BIEBER💜 BieberOnSNL Jb really grew I’m so proud You could feel the emotions in every word he sung

EU N TO PREPARADAAA QUE SAUDADES Q EU TINHA DELEEEE VEI BieberOnSNL I don’t know what people are talking about. He still sounds like a whiny teen going through puberty. His voice does nothing for me. Justin Bieber BUY LONELY ON ITUNES BieberOnSNL StreamLonely So proud of him. Some of his best performances, hands down

Two things...1. I am not a Justin Bieber fan, and 2. I almost always skip the Musical guest on SNL. Didn’t tonight because he was so compelling! Well done sir! justnbiebernws He’s a king BieberOnSNL Absolutely brilliant! Meh. His voice is perfection 😴 It's was vocally and visually perfect BUY LONELY ON ITUNES

LEGEND he did that. JUSTIN BIEBER BieberOnSNL Awaliashaw AS HE SHOULD PRINCE OF POP JUSTIN BIEBER BieberOnSNL Lo hizo increíble i'm so proud 🥺 BieberOnSNL im so proud of him Jdrewbieberhelp YASSSSSS THATS OUR BOYYYYYY 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 thank u for including my tweet!!! i love him sm BieberOnSNL bgdisterheft Wasn't impressed by him as a teenager, but he's definitely grown & marriage is working out very well for them both. Well done.

truly amazing🤧 BieberOnSNL I can relate to both songs 1 I’m a preachers kid and two I feel lonely a lot and have had hard times Stream Lonely 💜 so proud of him! 💜 JUSTIN BIEBER DID AMAZING Stunning blue mood performance I love it!. Justin Bieber did amazing BieberOnSNL JUSTIN BIEBER DID THAT He really is super talented and has a beautiful voice.

so proud of him 🥺 HE WAS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL JUSTIN BIEBER DID AMAZING SO EMOTIONAL AND HIS VOCALS WERE ASTRONOMICAL HE SOUNDED BETTER THAN THE STUDIO VERSIONS BieberOnSNL lovatorns A aclamação veio aí BieberOnSNL King BieberOnSNL You absolutely right Jdrewbieberhelp Justin Bieber did that💜 BieberOnSNL

We are so proud of him Justin Bieber did that. so proud of him!! THE PRINCE OF POP SNAPPED SO HARD WITH THE VOCALS AND LOOKS he did amazing, so proud of him 🥺💜 ♥️him! Yup stole it! They were so raw and beautiful. An honest performance from him Jdrewbieberhelp yesss justinbieber King 💙 BieberOnSNL im so proud of justin bieber

The besttt BieberOnSNL I’m so proud of Justin Bieber King 💙 BieberOnSNL Lonely owbiebs we stan a talent king BieberOnSNL He killed it i’m so proud of him Those performances were truly amazing! I felt emotional just watching him. 👏🏻❤️

Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco Team Up for 'Lonely': Watch the VideoIt's 'Lonely' at the top. Lonely isn't just a song, it’s a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves. it’s art, the first gift you open on xmas, a hug from a loved one, everything you’ve ever wanted, everything you need. LonelyIsComing Justin bieber💜💜💜 LONELY isn't just a song, it’s a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves. it’s art, the first gift you open on xmas, a hug from a loved one, everything you’ve ever wanted, everything you need LonelyOutNow

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Here's Why Jacob Tremblay Was 'Nervous' to Play Justin Bieber in 'Lonely' Music Video Justin Bieber turned back time to his 'Never Say Never' era, where he was selling out arena tours but felt 'Lonely' in the poignant music video for his new Benny Blanco collaboration. He was great! Handsome little guy. 🥺

Watch Jacob Tremblay Transform Into a Young Justin Bieber in 'Lonely' Music Video - E! OnlineJacob Tremblay portrayed Justin Bieber in the singer’s new video “Lonely.” Keep scrolling to see the actor’s transformation in the emotional visual. USE ANOTHER PHOTO OF JUSTIN COME ON E! I KNOW YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS!! Justin has so many more pictures that you could use - yet you use the shittiest one ever - come on 🙄