Justin and Hailey Bieber Go Swimming In A Creek in Utah

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Justin and Hailey Bieber went on a camping trip in Utah, swimming in a creek and rock climbing.

are practicing some serious social distancing ... getting away from it all for a camping trip in the middle of nowhere.

Justin and Hailey spent their Saturday in scenic Utah, camping in a park and finding a creek for some swimming, rock climbing and cuddles. After jogging in yoga attire, Hailey slipped into a skimpy, green bikini and tested the clear creek waters ... and then Justin hopped right in with his wife, exploring the creek bed together.

It's pretty cool ... Justin and Hailey had to do some serious trekking to get down to the creek, climbing up and down huge rocks and cliffs. Nothing great comes easy. The super-cute couple even found a flat rock perfect for laying out and catching some rays and snuggles.


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Is he flaunting his penis again this time?

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The Miss Caribbean UK 2020 Finalists have come together in this video to speak about their personal experiences of racism. It is now time for this injustice to STOP R. I. P. George Floyd

These pictures are creepy AF!

Y'all really following them on a vacation? Must be desperate.

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I thought the Boarders are closed to non essential travel? They have been in Canada during the pandemic, have they not?

Guess they’ll get back to standing in solidarity with Black folks when they’re done ✅ having fun BlackLivesMatter 🐃

Can lice spread in creeks?

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Imagine not being able to go CAMPING in peace. Fucking camping in Utah and ppl can't leave them alone?

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Wonder where this is in Utah. Dixie National? Looks pretty

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Who the fuck cares!!!! They should go swimming in Canada where they both belong!

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Now this, this is the news we need. People are dying of viruses and being murdered by racist cops but atleast tmz made sure to get he scoop on a white couple in water

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Who cares TMZ. Let people have they're vacations in peace, you peepin Tom's.

Only swim in the ocean. Inland water is like a toilet bowl. Your swimming trunks smell a lot nicer when you come out of the ocean.

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Thought they were in quarantine in Canada

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“Utah is white people’s Africa.” - Aries Spears

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Did the Beibes go to Utah to sell the fact he wants more than one wife? “Hailey, the do it here, so can I?”

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They seem to have fun together, hopefully they’re happy.

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flatlineshady This was yesterday but okay

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is marching for justice.

Why is this even a headline 😂😂😂

let them have some privacy. Out of all the states they went to Utah to get away from you guys

white trash at its best

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