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Justify Failed a Drug Test Before Winning the Triple Crown

Breaking News: Weeks before the colt Justify won the 2018 Triple Crown, he failed a drug test that should have disqualified him. Instead, regulators buried it.


Breaking News: Weeks before the colt Justify won the 2018 Triple Crown, he failed a drug test that should have disqualified him. Instead, regulators buried it.

Bob Baffert guided Justify to the 2018 Triple Crown, but a month before the Kentucky Derby, the horse failed a drug test that could have ended that campaign before it began.

, Viagra, cocaine, heart medicines and steroids have all been detected in drug tests. Scopolamine cases have resulted in disqualifications , purse reimbursements, fines and suspensions over the decades. Dr. Rick Sams, who ran the drug lab for the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission from 2011 to 2018, said scopolamine can act as a bronchodilator to clear a horse’s airway and optimize a horse’s heart rate, making the horse more efficient. He said the amount of scopolamine found in Justify — 300 nanograms per milliliter — was excessive, and suggested the drug was intended to enhance performance. “I think it has to come from intentional intervention,” he said. Baffert and other trainers in California were well aware that scopolamine was a banned substance and that it could occasionally be found in jimson weed, though the plant’s strong odor and foul taste make it unappealing. In November 2016, Dr. Rick Arthur, the racing board’s equine medical director, warned horsemen to be alert to jimson weed in their feed and hay, saying that a positive test for the drug is “totally avoidable.” “Now, the likelihood under our current procedures of getting a positive from environmental contamination is rather low,” Dr. Arthur said at the time. On April 20, two days after learning of Justify’s positive test, Dr. Arthur wrote in an email circulated to Baedeker, the board’s executive director, its lawyers and its interim chief investigator that the case would be “handled differently than usual .” He asked for further testing and review of the data. In an interview, Baedeker said he believed Dr. Arthur meant that the investigation had to be thorough. Image Baffert, right, with Justify after his win in the Santa Anita Derby. Justify was found with 300 nanograms per milliliter of scopolamine, an excessive amount that suggested it was intended to enhance performance. Credit Jae C. Hong/Associated Press Other doping cases have moved swiftly through California’s racing bureaucracy. In March, an employee of a trainer, William Morey, was caught on surveillance giving a prohibited drug to a horse. Lab tests were conducted, an investigation completed and a complaint filed and made public 28 days later. On the morning of April 26, four days before Justify was to ship to Louisville, Ky., for the Kentucky Derby, Baffert received notification that Justify had tested positive for scopolamine. Baffert, as was his right, asked that another sample from that test be sent to an approved independent lab. It was sent on May 1, four days before the Derby, and that lab confirmed the result on May 8. (By then, Justify had won the Derby, the first leg of the Triple Crown.) The same day, Baedeker notified the board members that Justify had tested positive for scopolamine. “The C.H.R.B. investigations unit will issue a complaint and a hearing will be scheduled,” he told them in a memorandum obtained by The Times. No one ever filed a complaint and the hearing never took place. Image Justify during the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Credit Morry Gash/Associated Press Instead, on Aug. 23, 2018, more than four months after the failed test, Baedeker said he presented the Justify case directly to the commissioners of the California Horse Racing Board in a private executive session, a step he had never taken in his five-and-a-half-year tenure. The board voted unanimously not to proceed with the case against Baffert. Without a formal complaint, Baedeker said state law prohibited him from discussing in detail the evidence of environmental contamination. In a written response, Baedeker said that a handful of other horses may have been contaminated, but he offered little supporting evidence. “The other horses had the presence of scopolamine but below the screening level and therefore were not positive tests,” he said in a written response. The California racing board, along with the horse racing industry at large, has been under fire because of the death of 30 racehorses since Dec. 26 at Santa Anita Park. The Los Angeles district attorney is investigating , and the state legislature has held hearings and considered changes to improve how horses are treated and tracks regulated. Image Smith, aboard Justify, after winning the Kentucky Derby. Credit Christian Hansen for The New York Times California statutes do not prohibit active horse owners from being appointed to the regulatory board overseeing the sport. Beyond the chairman’s owner-trainer relationship with Baffert, the board’s vice chairwoman, Madeline Auerbach, and another commissioner, Dennis Alfieri, employ trainers and jockeys in California. Joe Gorajec, a former chairman of the Association of Racing Commissioners International , a trade group of industry commissioners, said the system was doomed to fail in California and other states in which the regulators are in business with the people they are there to police. “Minimal prohibitions should preclude active horse owners, trainers, breeders and jockeys, or anyone else that derives income from the business, to serve on a commission,” said Gorajec, who was executive director of the Indiana Horse Racing Commission. “Commissioners should be prohibited from wagering in the state they serve.” Image Smith, right, in jockey silks, after winning the Belmont Stakes aboard Justify. He was joined by Justify’s owners, including Teo Ah Khing of the China Horse Club, third from left, and Kenny Troutt, fourth from left. Baffert is behind Smith. Credit Lucas Jackson/Reuters In the months that followed the decision to drop the case against Justify, the racing board moved to lessen the penalty for a scopolamine violation from disqualification and forfeiture of purse to only a fine and suspension. Baedeker said regulators had been considering a move to the lesser standard. He said the plan was to appeal for the lesser classification if the matter came before a hearing . “Our staff failed to bring those changes to the board — we admit that,” he said. Baffert has endured previous regulatory proceedings in California In 2013, after seven horses in his care died over a 16-month period, he was the subject of a report by the board, which revealed he had been giving every horse in his barn a thyroid hormone without checking to see if any of them had thyroid problems. Baffert told the investigators that he thought the medication would help “build up” his horses even though the drug is generally associated with weight loss. In that case, the board’s report found no evidence “that C.H.R.B. rules or regulations have been violated.” In r etirement, Justify mates as often as three times a day. Coolmore, the international breeding concern that bought Justify’s breeding rights, receives as much as $150,000 for a mating, or $450,000 a day over a five-month breeding season. That means Coolmore has already recouped its $60 million investment. Justify is currently in Australia. Owners there have their mares lined up in the hope of getting what is supposed to be the perfect seed from the perfect racehorse. Image Read more: The New York Times

What you do in dark will be revealed in Light. Who knows how many more. So you are going after the horse and owner instead of those who should’ve disqualified the horse barring him from the race Damn drug addict Horses I swear it always starts in California .....This gives horse play an entirely new meaning!

So when surrounded by reporters, Justify asks “Why all the long faces?” The horse failed a drug test, hmm. The horse must have acted alone in this situation. The horse should be arrested for using drugs. A horse won the triple crown? They still do that? I liked Seabiscuit!

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Justify can now play for the New England Patriots On the positive side, that is going to be some incredibly strong glue! KentuckyDerby WHR horseandhound SuperGlueCorp Did they stop him of the crown? Or do they just do that to the poor black kids in Chicago who got the llws title striped from them? hwkbgr The story regarding the Kentucky Derby winner Justify doesn't surprise me at all. Anyone who has followed horse racing knows that this sport has been dirty for a very long time. And now that gambling has entered the picture, the stakes are even higher.

Take it away. So Justify was hungry and was fed well to run. Missions accomplished 😎 It was justified Winnings already spent. Yes. TRACKGABEMEMES NYTIMESSUCKS TrashTalk trashy FAILING graspingthemoment Well everyone cheats why not involve other animals

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Shady business!!! Naughty Naughty.. No more betting ponies for me. Seems like everything is rigged from the NFL to the financial system, horse racing, why not. No holds barred!!! He bought a bad container of Jack3d from a dude on EBay Oh boy Pro athletes, race horses. You just can’t trust ‘em Kentuckyweather I think Bob Baffert’s attorney‘s letter to the NYT should answer all questions raised by the NYT regarding Justify and the minuscule amount of drug found at Santa Anita. The Times must be desperate for copy or sloppy in the verification of info. Check & VERIFY.

I want my money back Deserves a little side-eye Well a sport entirely based on gambling is bound to have some corruption The horse should have the titles taken away immediately. No cheaters in any sport. Interesting

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Wtf is wrong with you people, meaning the NYT's, well, & the. comments, they're kind of ignorant, too. NYT's what are you getting out of this story, because I know your fake news & slander about our president isn't over. Why don't you dig up all the tc winners & check them, too. Another horse on drugs !!!

Explains the 'early retirement' JoshMankiewicz It was the veal scopolamine After one year? Come on. Justify will continue being the unbeaten Champion. breaking news justify has been sign to a contract by the new England patriots details coming Wow Too many tweeters making fun of a poor unsuspecting horse as of he injected himself. What’s wrong with all of you?

This horse has some serious explaining to do. Word is he has lawyered up and won’t be issuing any statements.

This Former Naval Officer Retired At 41 And Despite Two Recessions Has Seen His Portfolio Triple Over 17 YearsThrough flexible spending of his portfolio, having a large cash reserve, a decade-long bull run and using a nice pension from the Navy, Doug Nordman has seen his regular FIRE become a FatFire 17 years after he retired. Bro this is the heartbreak kid? That’s all very good. Still got a shocking barnet though. Shawn Michaels?

That’s the way it works, now LeemanMilt cheating? Wow, did he get tested before and after the Tripe crown? BAN ALL ANIMAL SPORTS ! Does Justify play for Clemson? It’s all about greed and money at all costs. Leave Justify alone. Withh all the crap going on why does this even matter. RInsideTracktv paddytheshoe

Wow,so if I payed millions for an offspring of an average racehorse that was only winning because it was juiced up,I’d be pretty pissed right now,and on the phone with my lawyer.

France to win Britain's finance crown in EU after Brexit: reportFrance will likely win Britain's financial services crown in the European U... It is more likely to go to Germany Hardly!!! Big money don’t like to regulated by French. Propaganda

Sleazy sport with sleazy people calling the shots. Hey hay ha ha Now he’s on viagra and goat weed Stop gambling on animals It leads 2 AnimalCruelty n crime govbryan No horse racing tracks. Its too hot, crime n other pollution u can't prevent USVInews Put an asterisk next to justify. Let’s be honest this athlete didn’t know. Sad that such a beautiful creature was drugged up

It was justify I'll abbreviate it for you: 'FTS' Won the 2018 Triple Crown *

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I know for a fact that Justify went to Rehab and received a clean Bill of Health from the Betty Ford Clinic Oh, man. He told them to ket to fuck with those alligations. This is like pointing out a leaky faucet when THE GODDAMN HOUSE IS ON FIRE Harveyrolltide Lol ok NYT Wealth is the devil. Do you want to know the terrifying truth. Or do you want me to win the Triple Crown?

Cheating is so common now in EVERYTHING Hopped Up Horse 🐎 So it’s just like Roger Clemens 2009 Yankees fraud championship for steroids

davemeltzerWON And at the end of the day it is meaningless and unimportant because it's a story about a horse running in a circle. Damn horse probably learned about drugs from video games. And now how could anyone Justify this? Who have we become ...? The only time 90% of Americans paying any attention to horse racing is during the Kentucky Derby. A Triple Crown attempt draws interest, and money, to the sport.

We need trust AND a ban on racing 2 year olds: broken cannon bones, death. Translation: 'I owe my bookee a ton of money, so I wrote this article.' davemeltzerWON Out of all the athletes that say, 'I did know what it was.' The horse actually didn't And the New England Patriots have been fined $3 million and a draft pick because of it!

If he has his medical card it shouldn’t be an issue. To me it totally justifies it. So The Gronk was the winner?! BrianMc_Donnell 'Regulatory capture' is the problem here. It's an issue in many sports and a prominent problem in govt-regulated utility commissions. Industry pushes for ppl w/deep knowledge to be on boards & commissions but the ppl with that knowledge mostly come from the industry itself.

Sounds like a GOP nag. Thank you so much for tenaciously researching the truth and bringing it to the public. integrity IndependentJournalism stevecarp56 I would like to hear your thoughts on this. Surprise, FUCKING, Surprise!!! JHerridge91 He had beef tacos with Canelo

I really don’t see how regulators are going to Justify their actions! Runner-Up horse: 'See, I told y'all.' davemeltzerWON Just the the government and their petty shit! It’s because the horse ate meat from Mexico while hanging out with Jon Jones. Justify this lance armstrong 🚴🏼‍♂️ why do y'all word this like Justify, the horse, got hooked on roids and not that his handlers drugged him up

TheFoodDood Why even test then? Can i get my bet back

Geezus, there are no heroes. Not even horses. My father said ' I've never met a horse that could count money' BoJack just can't stay clean. So it appears that the ends did in fact JUSTIFY the means. Take triple crown away from him You are a news source who has been proven to take sides against horse racing numerous times with false reporting and made up stories. Anything to make a headline (and make horse racing look bad in the process). You can never write about anything good regarding racing, can you?

DLdamnit Fantastic journalism aDopamineFiend What else they bury ...... when u lie, u steal and cheat..... Drop an asterisk on Justify. American Pharoah was clean. WELCOME to the AGE of TRUMP, where EVERYONE, from the North Carolina Republican House to a fraudulent racehorse, has discovered that THE ONLY WAY FOR THEM TO WIN IS TO CHEAT!

It’s a good thing Barbaro didn’t live to see this sad sad day What I guess all bets are off since you won’t be able to trust the people that actually put the races on. It’s all rigged. I wonder what the people who actually won since he’s DQ’d think? I’m smelling major class action Get story right: A little more than 2 months (not weeks) before he became the 13th horse to win the Triple Crown, Justify failed a drug test in California, the reported tonight:

NOW, if we could get those crack investigative reporters on Hillary's emails and that pesky mysterious Mueller report. Congratulations to Good Magic the 2018 winner of the Kentucky Derby It further highlights why American horse racing is the laughing stock of the world. FUCK!

That poor horse. It sickens me that they would abuse the horse like that to cheat to win. Might have found his supplier... Oh Horsey Canseco. no 😥 This is a non story unless they will vacate his wins and triple crown Are you trying to tell me that people who make fortunes forcing animals to run themselves to death and then dispose of them when they stop being money factories would do something underhanded to win? Shocked, I tell you. End horse racing. That's what motorcycles are for.

Someone paid 60 million just to maybe possibly get a colt from this horse. That’s kinda fucking insane * Y’all make it sound like the horse is responsible for this.

That horse should be banned and fined When stopped outside his stables for an interview Justify deneighed all knowledge garyowenville 👀 Ruining the races for just about everyone. 😳🤫 Well then ElinOlson8 CHEATER! Bobby Baffert

Was the name of the horse Carl Lewis? So my money on good magic is a winner right? DAMN, DAMN, DAMN! If true, the crooks never left; they just took a break. This is could be a multimillion dollar scam. Prove it People bet on these races!!! Wtf! New stable names for Justify? Icarus Festina Affair Tour de Lance Pegajacked EPO & GO espn PardonMyTake

I want my money back! This cost me 10k! That's called UFC style. Wow some suckers actually paid $60 million for breeding rights? They were totally duped! Wait, horse racing is corrupt? What? Horse racing is manipulated? Who knew?

Well, there’s the DQ, not Maximum Security MikeTerril Other horses are trying their hardest and justify is over here horsing around !!! SEND JUSTIFY TO JAIL Friend of yours? lancearmstrong Hmmmn.! Justify Armstrong, Justify. Multiple sources confirm Justify convinced the horse in the next stall to pee in a cup for him.

Fan960Steinberg oh dear, oh very dear.. 🐷🐖🐷 Omg now we’re picking on horses More disgusting news and disappointment from the world of sports. Justify is innocent. Like a child. Ugh.

KVanValkenburg Popehat jbarro I can hear Josh already. 'Ken, could this be a RICO?' Which apparently is Ken's favorite question. How does a horse even buy drugs?!?! This shit is crazy Rich white men gaming the system? Shocker Sounds like the Times buried it, along with anything positive for Trump Who pays back all of the lost bets

Contaminated feed or topical application, I'd bet. Some supplements were added or liniment used without reading all of the fine print. Once that was figured out, it was tossed in the garbage where it belonged. Hey oufeh doesn't this sound familiar? Ban horse racing its a cruel and useless sport! Why is this news? I mean what did they expected? Planned n simple hired ppl who own no interests in the race. They played themselves. Why have those ppl there to begin with?

But it was justified. I can’t believe horses do drugs nowadays! Was fixed from the start So he's the Carl Lewis of the horse world Everything is a lie in our society. The whole damn thing is bullshit. Nothing is pure peam84 this news is baffling. All you horses out there........you listen! Don’t do drugs. Not surprising. Horse racing is not a pastime I'd be proud to support. Not too many animal lovers are a part of it. All about greed and $ and not the horses.

Can’t wait to hear the horses excuses on this one. How pathetic that he has to resort to drugs

To add insult to injury, they had the nerve to disqualify the horse that won the Derby............. Go figure Sounds right. Horse racing has been using PEDs since ... well, at least since that Three Stooges episode where the horse is amped up on amphetamines. Cynic Alert: Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 1973. The Soviets introduced HGH at the 1972 Olympic games. Yeah. JustSaying

“Everybody is on steroids” - Nate Diaz is FakeNews and the EnemyOfThePeople Big deal, all these horses are dopers. ilovejustify 🐎 ❤️ Drugs are bad.... Being a horse is hard let the nigga smoke weed. they gave a horse 5 hour energy Nothing better than a roided up horse. Worked tho 🤷‍♂️

Is there ANY place in this country we’re corruption DOESN’T rule? Everywhere everyday more corruption. Greed rules the world. When a regular horse sees a police horse, does it think “shit, it’s the cops” Have the Patriots signed him yet? What's the over/under for greedy old white men involved in this? 7? 8.5?

Future snack BobBaffert knows what he’s doing.. This is an injustice, remove the triple crown, this is how mlb let the steroids slide because of Sosa/McGwire. We won't stand for it. grandpa0411 Lets see how TVG covers this up also

What is wrong with these people? Regulators should do just that, regulate! Fire that group! The public and the other entries (including Justify) need protection! Resign!😡 How in the hell is a horse gonna shoot itself up with steroids. They don’t have hands , dummy Smh BoJackHorseman we need a comment

A horse named Gronkowski owned by now retired New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski came in 2nd during the Belmont! Robert Kraft praises Rob Gronkowski's business savvy via patriots_wire AzHigh13 ummm... 🐎 triplecrown. Isn't this from an episode of BoJack KentuckySports The story will be the fallout on all of the post race drug disqualifications in California since the 2018 Santa Anita Derby - what will the courts say about those DQs?

WHY DO WE STILL BET ON ANIMALS ronflatter Appreciate it Ron that you send this out but nobody can read it except the first paragraph unless you want to sign and give your email to the New York Times which I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s not interested in doing that do you know any other way we could read that story

I hope this horse finds the love and support he needs to kick this horrible drug addiction.

KVanValkenburg I HATE......HATE. AMERICAN Horse Racing. European is ok. I got nothing againts it. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Did he do lines of coke to celebrate? Uh-oh... I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the horse took PEDs unknowingly. Too much money to be lost in horse racing! it's yea racing all horses are on drugs

BenRothenberg Is there a more corrupt sport, if you can call it that, than horse racing? American Pharoah better anyway

Ashley Schaeffer up to no good again. Stable genius We go live to the runner-up for his reaction It’s people’s problem. Glad that Justify is still alive. Unlike JonnyBones I'm confident Justify did not know what was put in his body.... camluke Unbelievable 😥 Whats crazy is the stories are made to look like its the Horses fault . Like the horse went out and bought drug enhancements 😂😂😂😂😂. Why protect Bob 👀

And they DQ the Derby winner? Drugging a horse is much worse than anything that happened this year. gjmann77

This is the Seabiscuit plot in Bojack Horseman Barry Bonds approves this tweet Did he knowingly take the drugs tho? When asked if he did it, Justify said “naaaaaayyyyyyy” Take the CROWN AWAY Who was his trainer? Lance Armstrong!? So the board fixed the race n didnt disqualify him..waited a mnth 😮 You’re telling me a horse can smoke crack. Ok NYT sure.

How dy justify that oh...it’s a Joe Drape special..... whatever Barstool_Quotes One of the great athletes of our generation sad he turned to PEDs I’m pretty sure I saw that horse on Holmes Street in Frankfort around that time. Oh, that corrupt Kentucky Derby! Dancer's Image won the 1968 Derby, but when the owner donated the purse to Martin Luther King's group, they found, weeks later, the horse had failed a drug test and rescinded the win.

Baffert again! Suggested college test cheater Joe Drape loses money at horses, writes about being cheated. Drama queen. So Imagine we had to pay that $600 back EastsidePalms If they know it now, they should take back the Crown and give it to the rightful Winner!!!

'It was tainted beef' -Justify the Horse LetItFlyTom The horse didn’t do anything. I guess his win wasn’t justified. CandiceHare_ Coverup and favoritism from the California Horse Racing Board. Heads needs to roll. * BSacksNinj Perfect Triple Crown 'Winner' for our shamelessly fraudulent times. :-(

hamdawg99 money talks Crooks LindaC2010 this article when asked if he used performance enhancing drugs Justify said, “neigh” CandiceHare_ RSN927 m_felgate Mattunchained Punters that horse was on enough steroids to kill a lance armstrong 😮 Because $$$$$$. Horse racing is dirty? 😯 —— There’s my shocked face. Thanks for this breaking newsflash. Next thing you’ll tell me is that professional wrestling isn’t real.

Dang, even the horses are doping. Wonder what that doctor/dealer looks like California Chrome.

follow the money 💰 Are they GOP? Gotta cheat to win, buy someone off to bury the news. That's the GOP way. How pathetic. Hope they lose the prize money. Greed is ruining America. Lance Armstrong is in horse racing now? How did they justify it? Cc MikeFrancesa Y’all talking about the horse right? 👍🏾 I’m supposed to be mad at this horse despite all the ones who have been dying lately?! No way. I don’t even care if Barry Bonds or Mark McGwire is the owner. I’m just happy it’s alive.

Show me a racehorse that’s not on drugs they’re always one step ahead 99% of the time Woah!

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