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Justice official resigning amid uproar over Dems' subpoenas

BREAKING: The Justice Department’s top national security official is resigning after revelations the department secretly seized records from Democrats and members of the media.

6/14/2021 5:50:00 PM

BREAKING: The Justice Department’s top national security official is resigning after revelations the department secretly seized records from Democrats and members of the media.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department’s top national security official is resigning from his position after revelations that the department secretly seized records from Democrats and members of the media.

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America what is it going to take for all of us to understand? If our system doesn't educate us how all this works. We will need to educate ourselves before these fools destroy the great American experiment. wheredkittygo Tighten ? Excuse me? Everybody seems to do this. Where are ethics and self respect?

Here is a bit of work the Justice Dept. / FBI, should be investigating. There's a Insurance Company name Great West Life & Annuity Insurance Company based out of Colorado, and knowingly use forged beneficiary forms to defraud a beneficiary out of money rightfully due to them. Why would this mans resignation even be accepted? When will some type of action be taking? As I always ask but can never be given a answer to “What is wrong with the Democrats on the Hill”?

Good!! Good, now arrest him!! EnglishJulinDog I thought it had been reported that his plan to leave at this time had been known for a year? Good riddance! He should have been gone a long time ago! What's the big deal... He or they will resign only so the IG (Inspector General) has no power over them, the IG only has powers over current employees.

Justice Department secretly subpoenaed McGahn’s records, source tells APApple told former Trump White House counsel Don McGahn and his wife that Justice had subpoenaed information about accounts that belonged to them in 2018. Interesting miner from Genesis Mining. This are our present investment and returns, bitcoin mining has some tricks that can make mining very much more profitable than expected. Unfortunately not everyone is knowledgeable about this awesome way of mining. with the devil mf'er

😡 As I recall Shifty Shifts committee did the same thing and there was nothing to see. Oh the hypocrisy of both the Democrats and the MSM. In other shocking and completely unexpected news, water is wet and the sky is blue. 🙄 Ducking a bullet? Okay. Now the rest can follow suit. ChaseOdell7 Need a good house cleaning!

Of course, who wants to be in the way of the lefts obsession with President Trump. RUN RAT RUN! 🖕🏻🖕🏻 Doesn't matter at all. Still will be receiving his subpoenas anyway. Now he can tell all about Trumps dealings. This man knows them all.

Opinion | Did Trump's DOJ weaponize subpoenas? We need to find outOpinion | BarbMcQuade: Even if there were a legitimate basis for seeking the subpoenas, reports suggest the Justice Department failed to comply with its own policies. - MSNBCDaily BarbMcQuade Daily NO ONE is above the law! BarbMcQuade Daily AND HOW ARE THOSE INVESTIGATIONS GOING IN NY WITH TRUMP, GULIANI GATES. ZZZZZ. DOJ. WHEN YOU HAVE A DEPARTMENT RUN BUY POLITICAL APPOINTEES AND DOES NOT FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE LAWS JUST THERE OWN POLICIES OF THE DAY. ITS WORTHLESS. BarbMcQuade Daily I think the policies (and for that matter the article) are missing something. Presidents have no authority to request anyone's records. It's not about whose records they are.

He should not be allowed to go until IG inquiry is completed and guilty prosecuted. Good riddance. 👍 That’s called Guilty The DOJ said they employ a lot of people and there's probably a number of them doing wrong things.... Think about that for a minute.... They re the dept. Of Justice. I wish I had that excuse next time I get caught

Someone file charges against this guy…. Even if it’s just for being an idiot Subpoena him now!!! Would ya look at that 🤔 Mr Demers is just one of many beneficiaries of the “trump touch” More to come One down. 2 or 3, at least, to go... So now the DOJ IG can’t reach him.

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BYE 你我放× 👋🏼 Resigning . . . Why is he not jailed? Oh, I remember now, regular folk should know better than the actual people running the country. We're jailed for much lesser matters. My Bad - I'm just a common'er. Is this what you call “draining the swamp” right wingers! Well done on the Trump fiasco 👋

Apples' excuse for not contesting does not hold water. The court could have decided if the release was warranted. This type of behavior is only allowed if it benefits democrats. Due to the amount of corruption during the last four years of Trump’s Administration it will take billions to try to weed out the corruption. Don’t wait for resignations; terminate them


Petition calls for NJ school board members to resign after holidays removed from calendar: 'Cancel culture'A new petition is calling on New Jersey school board members to resign after they voted to remove holidays from the official school calendar on Thursday. Worst threat in America ? I was new I really lost all my investment cause I was new and I didn't meet the right account manager to invest with I was at the verge of quitting till I was introduce to kimberlyalr88 my story changed its worth a try I can testify on platform. inbox kimberlyalr88 'When the Nazis attacked Pearl Harbor?' 'Don't stop him ... he's on a roll.'

The DOJ and the Biden Admin WhiteHouse should get rid of ALL trump's appointees in the government! SethAbramson 'Demers, who was sworn in a few weeks after the subpoena for the Democrats’ records, is one of the few Trump appointees who has remained in the Biden administration.' Why are there *ANY* Trump appointees in the Biden administration?

Fix this be equal we are almost there SethAbramson None of this is NEW! This “spying for profit” is available to anyone who can pay for this service and “knows someone” in DOJ! It’s white collar org crime & just the tip of iceberg. All part of “Organized Stalking” Not limited to Politicians! GangStalking OrganizedCrime

Stop leaking info and the DOJ won’t look into you Should resign and be indicted. He knows he should have told Trump and Barrr that he wasn't doing it bcuz it was against law, and if they did it without him but he knew, then he should have reported it. Department of Justice, where there is no justice to be found

Must’ve missed that one when draining the swamp huh 🤔 This resignation is an admission of guilt!! Guess his name appeared on some paperwork. I

Justice Department Secretly Subpoenaed Don McGahn’s Records: AP SourceIt’s not clear yet why the Trump administration sought the McGahns’ records. This just shows how paranoid the former guy was while in office. I wonder just how bad the paranoia really was. We are probably just scratching the surface of it. horrible It's called insurance.

Ok is THIS what finally brings Trump and Barr down? I think that “uproar over Dems’ subpoenas” is a pretty misleading, if not outright incorrect way to phrase it Kick everybody out and start from scratch Because of getting caught! Why not fired!? Prosecut Demers came to the department after the subpoenas had been issued and planned to leave at the end of June before the news broke. How is his departure related to the revelations about the subpoenas?

JoseArmand37 Grand jury NOW! Yeah that isn’t enough. Jail. Sorry, you get punished if you break the law with impunity. Anyone that was associated with Trump in any way would be smart to resign and disappear if they want what’s best for themselves.

Top Justice Department officials Sessions, Barr and Rosenstein all deny knowledge of secret subpoenas targeting Democratic lawmakersJustice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has launched an investigation into the seizure of the records from lawmakers, as well as from reporters at outlets including The Washington Post, CNN, and The New York Times So Trump’s deep state rogue operators did it right? Two lawless men as the AG of Justice Dept. who did plenty of illegal favors to Trump.

Bring him in. AFTER THE SUBPOENA WAS ISSUED. Who issued the subpoenas? KeithOlbermann Are we finally getting somewhere Translation: Schiff is being protected for illegal leaks but they will try to make someone else look bad. RonLeshnower Yet another Justice Department official resigning because he wasn't man enough to face the music and tell Republicans ,' You do your job and we'll do ours .'

Indictment? He should have been fired CleanUp DOJ Is resigning enough? There must be legal accountability for breaking the laws to prevent any of these from happening again! There must be accountability for the leaders who has abused of power to stop them from ever getting into important government leadership again!

Is he to be the Oliver north on this? ForgedinFire20 Resigning? you meant subpoenaed, right?

Well how do you do? And the slow-mo watergate continues Good riddance! Resignation? Arrest him! Jail! Don't even need a trial because he's admitted guilt! JAIL! IT'S TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE 1600-Penn. Ave, and The US Capitol. I have never seen so much Turmoil in Gov. in my entire LIFE! Like we said everybody that Donald Trump has put in office need to be released because this mess is not going away they tried to do Nixon's job but they did it worse than ever

I'd start the investigation with him. Fuk dat bitch. Arrest the mf. ChrisAlbertoLaw Good. Resigning should not protect anyone from legal liability. What the actual fuck.

So what? Obama spied on Fox News reporters and no one said boo. everyone that worked at DOJ under trump needs to resign or be fired Is anyone surprised there was misconduct in the Trump administration. You know Trump did a lot of dirty things while in office. He had people tricking his own Secret Service in conversations about Him to see if they would say something nasty about him so he could fire them.

LockHimUp John Demers' resignation comes amid questions about the Justice Department’s efforts to secretly seize phone data from House Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, as well as reporters, as part of the aggressive investigations into leaks.