‘Justice League’ Investigator Says Walter Hamada Did Not Interfere, WarnerMedia Defends Exec From Ray Fisher Allegations

‘Justice League’ Investigator Says Walter Hamada Did Not Interfere, WarnerMedia Defends Exec From Ray Fisher Allegations

2/27/2021 11:36:00 PM

‘Justice League’ Investigator Says Walter Hamada Did Not Interfere, WarnerMedia Defends Exec From Ray Fisher Allegations

WarnerMedia has broken its silence over Ray Fisher’s recent tweets about the investigation into alleged misconduct on the set of “Justice League.” In the most recent tweet, posted…

interfered in the investigation, and that Warner Bros. lied to the press about it.“Do ya’ll remember that time Walter Hamada and @wbpictures tried to destroy a Black man’s credibility, and publicly delegitimize a very serious investigation, with lies in the press?” Fisher wrote, adding: “But hey, Black Superman,” in reference to the news that Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing a new Superman film for Warner Bros. and DC.

Do ya’ll remember that time Walter Hamada andtried to destroy a Black man’s credibility, and publicly delegitimize a very serious investigation, with lies in the press?But hey, Black Superman…A>EFebruary 27, 2021In response, WarnerMedia released a statement defending Hamada and upholding that the investigation was done in a fair way.

“Once again there are false statements being made about our executives and our company surrounding the recent ‘Justice League’ investigation,” a spokesperson for WarnerMedia toldVariety. “As we have stated before, an extensive and thorough third-party investigation was conducted. Our executives, including Walter Hamada, fully cooperated, no evidence was found of any interference whatsoever, and Warner Bros. did not lie in the press. It’s time to stop saying otherwise and move forward productively.” headtopics.com

Katherine B. Forrest, a former federal judge and current investigator into the alleged misconduct on the “Justice League” set, also released a statement affirming Hamada’s innocence.“I am disappointed by continued public statements made suggesting that Walter Hamada in any way interfered with the ‘Justice League’ investigation. He did not,” Forrest said. “I interviewed him extensively on more than one occasion and specifically interviewed him concerning his very limited interaction with Mr. Fisher. I found Mr. Hamada credible and forthcoming. I concluded that he did nothing that impeded or interfered with the investigation. To the contrary, the information that he provided was useful and advanced the investigation.”

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I wonder how stupid you need to be in order to insinuate that a federal judge whom you’ve praised on multiple occasions and has no personal stake in your BS, is desperate. 🖕 Thanks for getting this cleared up. Any chance of getting us an update on FrostyTheSnowman too? Maybe a further comment from Walter is in order? That's right. UsUnited IStandWithRayFisher

Well hamada DID NOT INTERFERE but yes he TRIED TO INTERFERE and play around covering things making him an ENABLER !! There’s a difference !! You guys think we're stupid to believe that. IStandWithRayFisher 👎 Sweet, sweet ratio. Here's your thumbs down button people 👎 Yeah nope. IStandWithRayFisher IStandWithRayFisher

Yeah, you can missme with that nonsense💤💤💤 IStandwithRayFisher How much money did you get from Hamada? Walter Hamada is so desperate 😶😬 IStandWithRayFisher apologise to ray fisher Of course they will defend Walter Hamada irrespective of the truth. Why the fuck u lying? That's not what he said. You're supposed to be professionals here, but all you are is in the pocket of that studio. Accountability Entertainment IStandWithRayFisher Destroying your own credibility for this worthless studio is not worth it

Noe you lie. IStandWithRayFisher HamadaMustGo IStandWithRayFisher Accountability Entertainment No more lies IStandWithRayFisher wbpictures fix your shit, fire hamada, johns, berg and Emmerich, otherwise you're gonna suffer a huge loss because we WILL boycott your movies after the Snyder cut. Test our patience, and you shall see how light as feathers y'all wallets gonna get.

I'm still largely *lost* on what is alleged to have happened here, or in the overall Joss Whedon 'scandal.' So, in other words (according to WarnerMedia), Ray Fisher is now Jussie Smollett...? So exactly how much money does WB pays you to suck their dicks BS Smells like bullshit, but okay... 😒 You better update your piece of 'news'

Except… Y’all full of crap I'm suppose to believe the same outlet that tried to defend an abusive director, then deleted the article? Another attempt by WB to harm ZSJL this must be attempt number 8-9 by WB to negatively hurt ZSJL But its only making the movie more in demand We should do a top ten list and rank them all

Snyder cult now IStandWithRayFisher Enough of this BS I think we're all tired of Walter Hamada trying to play with the trades to protect himself. Hamada tried to uncover the victims to give the list to Emmerich, Fisher has been clear about this. This play on technicalities is pathetic Fire Hamada and emmerich

HamadamustResign We know better now don't we I was today years old when I was reminded is a public relations arm for wbpictures y’all act like you don’t understand the difference between “tried to interfere” (which Hamada did) & “interfered” (which he was unsuccessful in doing). IStandWithRayFisher AE

Also, stop with parroting Warner's lies, it makes you seem completely devoid of journalistic integrity. IStandWithRayFisher He didn't interfere because Ray and others were successfully able to stop it. Was this ghost written by Adam Vary, perchance? IStandWithRayFisher IStandWithNadriaTucker This shows that both WB and Ray are both proven liars.

They just need to apologize to Ray and give him whatever compensation he wants and just move on. Seriously, that easy. They are so predictable 😂 .. which is why they're slowly rebooting.. a character at a time slowly but surely. If anyone is not with their program.. there is the door... IStandWithRayFisher fuckhamada

Why today,I wonder? Frostyman with Momoa when? IStandWithRayFisher Shame on you IStandWithRayFisher Nice click bait An investigator didn't say that, a representative said it smh 😴 Your attempted character assassination of Ray Fisher is blatant, and vile, for all to see. We see you, Variety. We see you. IStandWithRayFisher

I can't believe how hard it is for Hamada and co. to just admit they fucked up and say sorry... WEAK! 🙄 IStandWithRayFisher Lie JesseSanchezV Ray toxic fisher !!! IStandWithRayFisher Not true. IStandWithRayFisher Lol who is writing these? So much disinformation. Embarrassing IStandWithRayFisher Did anyone expect that they would tell the truth. But just because they're saying nothing happened, doesn't mean that it didn't. These vanilla Hollywood men will stick together, especially against a person of color, more specifically a Black man or woman. It's what they do.

What happened to this masterpiece of a film IStandWithRayFisher IStandWithRayFisher firehamada HenryCavillSuperman HenryCavillIsSuperman ReleaseTheAyerCut DavidAyersSuicideSquad WeWantManOfSteel2 RestoreTheSnyderVerse We won't believe WB Pictures and Emmerich's and Hamada's lies anymore. AE IStandWithRayFisher

Damn you guys and THR Have some timing 😂😂😂 your shit doesn't work anymore ppl NO SHIT buhahaha If it's true, then why doesn't Hamada sue him? Because we all know the truth and WB is covering for that dickhead, just like they were covering for Johns, Berg and Whedon IStandWithRayFisher Lol Hmm... Yeah right😅😂we see through your B.S with laser targeted vision

That is a lie and you are a shame to journalism Huh. Imagine that. Variety of all places posting this. Today of all days too. Totally can be trusted. I wonder what are those people defending a multi billion dollar company thinking? I mean, even if everything Ray said wasn't true (wich is) why the fuck are you choosing the side of a company? Company's don't give a fuck about people.

If Fisher is lying, why WB don't take any legal action to resolve this instead of using silly articles like this? Something tells me that WB continues to lie and just are trying to pull the strings through the media to control the situation... IStandWithRayFisher ray8fisher you seen this shit Warner spinning more lies like they haven't been caught before

IStandWithRayFisher the embarrassing pushback WB is trying to do after the discourse from their Black Superman article 😂 1)Its possible both men are being honest. I believe RF did experience racism. I also believe Hamada investigated the matter truthfully. But what 1 minority considers racism another may not. Does that mean it did not occur? or does it mean individuals experience things different

Hey, Variety. How much is WB giving you to suck thier dick and put these hit pieces at a very questionable time? F*ck you variety. You lost your credibility in this matter a long time ago That's simply not true lol... Last time I checked running hit pieces on the person accusing your company during the investigation to sway public opinion is interfering with the investigation...

Stop lying WB. We know the truth. IStandWithRayFisher IStandWithCharismaCarpenter IStandWithRayFisher Straight bs from wbpictures again!pathetic Nice try wbpictures warnerbros . Aint falling for dat & aint paying for d pigsty dc movies that yall have been putting out, since yall pushed out ayer snyder ben & famuyiwa. SnyderCut is on d way. Announce a black aquaman movie monday morning if yall like.

The timing is always impeccable Sooooo why dont they just sue Ray if hes lying? Ooooooh thats right.....how much they pay yall for this? then sue him. Let me say it louder FKK 🖕🏿 👎 Poor attempt at a lie IStandWithRayFisher Then sue Ray if you know he is lying WB, oh wait you did not I wonder why Again and again ffffffff warnerbros IStandWithRayFisher

DCsDoctorFate Of course they do.... Why haven’t they sued him if he lied? Of course they will say that. Thats what toby emmerich & walter hamada paid em to say. Like d time wbros had a writer from WSJ say that there is no SnyderCut right? 🤣🤣 good one. So you are backing Hamada on the fact that he said 'I didn't do it'. Its hilarious, Ray has over 80 people on his favor. IStandWithRayFisher

IStandWithRayFisher IStandWithNadria From the people who brought you the frosty the snowman with Jason Momoa news... Fuck off WB IStandWithRayFisher IStandWithRayFisher Ray never explicitly said Walter interfered in the 3rd party investigation, but rather interfered to prevent a thorough investigation from ever happening. Ray raised these issues publicly in June, yet a third party investigation was only conducted in late September? Why that

We are tired of your lies, Variety IStandWithRayFisher Stop fucking lying IStandWithRayFisher DCsDoctorFate Interesting. Now, will RF and the ZS extremists apologize to Hamada for slandering him? Of course they won't, that would mean taking accountability for their OWN actions. Ray didn't say Hamada interfered. He said he TRIED to interfere. Big difference IStandWithRayFisher

Suuure I’m guessing you lot forgot about Ray’s last phone call with the investigator. Get your fingers out of WB’s ass and start reporting the truth. IStandWithRayFisher Hamada is an enabler. He let joss to do whatever he wanted to do. Everyone who worked with joss whedon says he is an abuser. They are all together in this. IStandWithRayFisher

IStandWithRayFisher JusticeForRay IStandWithRayFisher The problem was that Hamada tried to not let there be any investigation, not interfere when it already began. IStandWithRayFisher Wtf ray never said this. Get your facts straight variety 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ So why isnt Hamanda or wbpictures sueing for libel? Something doesn't add up, if they are truely correct, why hasnt this finished with a legal case against Ray? We all know the can of worms that would open.

So what did they come up with in the investigation? Let's hear it IStandWithRayFisher No ones buying this bs IStandWithRayFisher IStandWithRayFisher Variety hit piece is like clock work... shows up EVERY TIME 🙄 IStandWithRayFisher I want Ray Fisher out of my life. I don't care who hurt his feelings. Time to mute his name.

He said Hamada attempted to destroy his credibility and publicly delegitimize the investigation, not that he interfered with it. This is a bullshit non-story. What is this variety... Off cause the investigator is in there payroll They are not going to do a thing with their executives. If you want to protest their decisions simply don't subscribe to HBO max, and don't see any of their movies in theaters, if you want to hurt them do it where they care the most. The wallet. They don't care for online outrage

I believe Hamada didn't do any injustice to Fisher. Hamada is head of studio, if sources are true. Hamada texted and called Fisher about solving the solution. And Fisher didn't want that solution and is why he went after Hamada. 'spokesperson' I miss the times when the directors were all crazy dictators, actors drunk and drugged and everybody hated each other on set. Those troubled artists made the best movies back then. Something these woke Nazis will never be able to.

Our executives, including Walter Hamada, fully cooperated, no evidence was found of any interference whatsoever, and Warner Bros. did not lie in the press. It’s time to stop saying otherwise and move forward productively.” Now shut up Ray IStandWithRayFisher So they paid their own investigator to investigate themselves and released a statement saying the results of the investigation was they are innocent? We are supposed to be convinced? 😂

IStandWithRayFisher liars Lmaooo IStandWithRayFisher BORGLIFE IStandWithRayFisher Let's goooo Ray 🤦‍♂️ wrong choice WB