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Justice Department urges Texas to halt new migrant order

A new order by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott that allows state troopers to stop and turn back vehicles carrying migrants on the basis that they could increase the spread of COVID-19 drew swift backlash and a threat of a lawsuit from the Justice Department.

7/30/2021 2:38:00 AM

A new order by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott that allows state troopers to stop and turn back vehicles carrying migrants on the basis that they could increase the spread of COVID-19 drew swift backlash and a threat of a lawsuit from the Justice Department.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A new order by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott that allows state troopers to stop and turnaround vehicles carrying migrants on the basis that they could increase the spread of COVID-19 drew swift backlash and a threat of a lawsuit from the Justice Department on Thursday.

hardline mantle on immigration.The letter from Garland is among the most forceful pushback yet from the Biden administration over the actions taken by Abbott along the U.S.-Mexico border, which have also includedand building new fencing. Civil rights groups and immigration advocates have also slammed Abbott’s latest move to curb border crossings, saying it could invite racial profiling and restrict the ability of shelters to take in newly arriving families.

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ADVERTISEMENT“The order is both dangerous and unlawful,” Garland wrote.Garland said Texas had “no authority to interfere” with the federal government’s broad powers of immigration and raised the potential of a lawsuit if the order was not lifted.In releasing the directive Wednesday, Abbott said “we must do more to protect Texans from this virus and reduce the burden on our communities.” The order allows the Texas Department of Public Safety to “stop any vehicle upon reasonable suspicion” that it was providing ground transportation to a group of migrants. Troopers could then reroute vehicles back to its point of origin or impound it.

Abbott shrugged off Garland’s letter in a statement that blamed the Biden administration for high levels of migration along the southern border.“The Biden Administration is jeopardizing the health and safety of Texans on a daily basis by refusing to follow the law,” he said.

The directive is not the first time during the pandemic that Abbott has put focus onmigrants and the virus’ spreadat a time of heightened worry over COVID-19. He raised similar worries over migrants in March — without providing any evidence that they were causing increased COVID-19 caseloads — which came as he faced criticism from public health officials for lifting a statewide mask mandate.

Abbott is now again facing calls to impose new coronavirus safeguards as the spread of the COVID-19 delta variant is raising infections. But he says he will not order new lockdowns or reimpose mask mandates.“Blaming the current coronavirus surge on immigrants in his executive order, is a flagrant attempt to absolve his ineffective leadership that ultimately led to the unnecessary loss of life of our fellow Texans,” Democratic state Rep. Rafael Anchia said.

Large numbers of migrants have been showing up at the U.S. border with Mexico, with many turning themselves over to U.S. Border Patrol agents in seeking legal asylum status. U.S. officials reported this month that they had encountered 55,805 members of families with children in June, up 25% from the previous month. That figure still remains far below the high of 88,587 in May 2019.

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The order goes WAY beyond that. DoBetter AP. AP Editors where is the $400,000,000,000.01(that's almost 1/2 trillian dollars) that's reported stolen from the rolls of the CV19 stimulus funds. Word on the street says 'The Greatest Heist Ever' was accomplished by International crime rings. This is all race based by the hooded patrol 😒🤥🤫🧐🤔😔🗽⚖️Who else can you get to pick your food for FREE 🤭😒😳🧐😔

They ought to sue Abbott! How do they know or prove they are migrants? Brown skin? Why is he attempting to deflect his failures as Governor to implement policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on brown people…because it’s a winner, ain’t that right “Dos Veces” impeached 45. Thank you turn them back please They can't get the virus shot they can't do anything because they're not legal in America bringing viruses and disease

It’s a little ironic considering the fact that he doesn’t mind Texans spreading it amongst themselves. WearAMask I have no problem with him turning them around. It a pandemic you know. The federal government is disgusting Racial profiling isn't legal; ask Sheriff Joe Arpaio jodotcom Sheriff Arpaio went down this road of racial profiling in Arizona. It earned him a court order to stop it. And then a Contempt of Court conviction for ignoring it. He is now a felon.

Texas Order Banning Ground Transportation Of Migrants Slammed As 'Flagrantly Illegal' Immigration rights advocates have slammed the order as 'flagrantly illegal,' unconstitutional and xenophobic. Abbott knows it is illegal but it is fuel for the fire. Thank you Texas GovAbbott gets his script from the GOP Central Bureau of Disinformation...several other GOP Govs are putting out the same trope of the infectious migrant instead of the real problem which is the unvaccinated infected American

I back TEXAS on this one. Turning them back should be done on a REGULAR BASIS....NOT JUST BECAUSE OF COVID. Yet he opens up the state to COVID….racist hypocrite and liat, Abbott. Lol, they want you to vaccinate, but don't want to stop illegals spreading covid. Go TEXAS LOL man these people hate foreigners

jjntx2020 ContinueToAvoidTexas ✔ Abbott’s version of stop and frisk ala gestapo western style. Welcome to Texas y’all! 🤠 Cannot wait until Colorado starts turning away all the vehicles from TX FL and GA. The whole border problem is caused by the Biden administration Funny how he’s “worried” about covid when he wants an excuse to send migrants away, yet gives zero fxcks about the ACTUAL spread among his ignorant, unvaccinated base to the point that he outright bans mask/vaccine mandates. But yeah, migrants. 🙄

Attention All Black, Brown, Asian and Native Americans! TexasTribune is stopping cars according to Skin Color! Prepare Accordingly DutyToWarn

Trump-backed candidate loses in Texas special electionState Rep. Jake Ellzey will head to Congress after defeating Trump-endorsed Susan Wright in a runoff featuring two GOP candidates. For the record: This replaces a deleted tweet to correct Ellzey’s title. Our apologies. Tired of losing yet? Where's Rudy? Let's stop the steal.

The lengths some people will stoop to justify or hide their racial animus, keeping in mind these are the same people who reject vaccines and Covid itself, only exposes the very thing they painstakingly deny. You're either shameless and uncaring or a sociopath...wait a minute🤔 If you are a migrant and want live in Texas then follow the legal process to become a American. Thank you GovAbbott for helping when our own POTUS does nothing but talk like it’s no issue.

A lot of innocent born U.S. Citizens and even people living in Texas for a long time could be profiled or seen as someone that is not from America. It's close to gestapo work. Everything is bigger in Texas including who is the biggest moron GovAbbott If he cares about stemming the spread of COVID, why has he enacted legislation that blocks counties and municipalities from having or enforcing mask mandates?

🙄 Force citizens to get vaxxed while letting c19 positive illegal immigrants across the border is nutz. Our government is absolutely out of control and evil. What on earth is going on with Texas I thought that guy didnt think covid was a threat. Or that people dont need heat in the winter. Texas can’t survive on its own We’ll pull NASA out of Houston Close our Military Bases Close our Ports. Railroads stop all federal funds We could be like the republicans want us to be. Just use the Military take the Oil Wells and the Refineries

Jake Ellzey Upsets Susan Wright In Race For Texas' 6th Congressional DistrictThe GOP state Rep. Jake Ellzey won a special election for a U.S. House seat in Texas , according to an AP race call. He defeated Susan Wright, a Republican who received Donald Trump 's endorsement. (keranews) keranews It's going to be interesting to see what happens in the Republican party when they realize Trump's endorsement doesn't mean that much. keranews Shits given keranews Midas ain’t what he used to be

When throws a story in a bad light like this, you just know Gov Abbott is doing the right thing. Washington DC wants rampant Covid cases to push their agenda of control. The media is complicit in this crime. Send in national guard to straighten this Gov out……he’s like Gov Wallace was in the 60s ? good, now expel any maskless republicans who are not vaccinated on the basis that they could increase the spread of covid…

Boycott Texas Well he should wheel himself down to the border and help out. What a way to prove that the government is hypocritical on what they are willing to do to stop this “pandemic” But at the same time won’t enforce the same policy of turning people back when the border isn’t actually open Luckily the states get to make their own laws and not rely on federal pansies! Keep going greg America is behind you. How are the conditions at the border by the way! I’ll tell you...worse!

If the Federal government did it’s job and secured the border the Texas governor wouldn’t have to do what he’s doing to try to protect the American citizens of Texas Texas doesn't adhere to American standards.. Abbott is an abysmal failure..

Jake Ellzey Wins Texas Special Election, Upsetting Trump-Endorsed CandidateRepublican Susan Wright had been favored to win the runoff after being endorsed by former President Donald Trump to represent the district south of Dallas. OMG, you mean tr🍊🤡mp’s endorsement is not a guarantee of victory? Maybe ShamelessGeorgeP lives for another day? This won’t be the last time this happens …. She has Appearance of a Horse Thief...

This DOJ is a joke

Texas man gets 11 years for $24 million worth of fraudulent COVID-19 relief claims'Congress passed the Paycheck Protection Program to help struggling businesses stay afloat, not to fund faux entrepreneurs' luxury lifestyles,' acting U.S. Attorney Prerak Shah said on Wednesday.

Beto and Barber kickoff 4-day march for voting rights across TexasA Voting rights march across Texas led by Beto O’Rourke and Rev. William Barber will span four days and end in Austin. They share their thoughts on the critical roles of Sen. Manchin and Sen. Sinema in the voting rights battle. Who has not been allowed to vote ? Beta O'Cuck Who can't vote?