Justice Department Accuses Yale Of Discriminating Against Asian American And White Applicants - Cnn

Justice Department Accuses Yale Of Discriminating Against Asian American And White Applicants - Cnn

Justice Department accuses Yale of discriminating against Asian American and White applicants

The Justice Department accused Yale University of discriminating against Asian American and White applicants in its undergraduate admissions process.

8/14/2020 1:15:00 AM

The Justice Department has accused Yale University of discriminating against Asian American and White applicants in its undergraduate admissions process

The Justice Department accused Yale University of discriminating against Asian American and White applicants in its undergraduate admissions process.

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Racism Hasn't the Justice Department learned that you cannot discriminate against Asian and White Americans? These two classes of citizens do the discrimination. They are not victims of discrimination. If you got rejected by Yale the first person you need to blame for taking your spot is the “Legacy” who’s mother and father donated money for that new wing on the library.

Yes! Justice at last! These Ivy League Universities have a long list of practices any other school would be closed down for. When you are a servant to money you lose all credibility. Selecting the student who is poor, of color, or poverty stricken gives them a distinction of Poster Child of the Year They are segregating our society via economic status dont you people see? Poor white, brown, and black kids are not getting education for the 21st century. People better wake the f up.

They also discriminate against people of average intelligence. Here’s a good story for you to cover. JusticeForCannon CannonHinnant SilentNoMore HisLifeMattered Stories not presented on CNN. SaveOurChildren fake new Democrats have PROFITED by KEEPING BLACKS dependent on THEM for OVER 50 YEARS. If YOU GET 'WELL' you DON'T NEED THEM. Trump has invested MORE money to: FUND Black Colleges and Business's in Black COMMUNITIES --THAN ANY Democrat. VOTE the SAME--GET the SAME

Always a bastion of conservative nonsense like skull and bones Don't hate.. Yale is a place where I recall the Golden Dawn.. Where is coverage on 5 year old white boy ,shot to death at very close range by neighbor?IN NORTH CAROLINA It ain’t just Yale, investigate all of them.. HELLO THEY PUT SANITARY NAPKINS IN THE MENS ROOM?NUTS

You people forgot about the breaking news that a FIVE YEAR OLD WHITE BOY WAS MURDERED AT POINT BLANK RANGE BY A 25 YEAR OLD BLACK MAN! DOESN'T FIT YOUR NARRATIVE RIGHT?! Shot by a Black Man Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me

Ok so let’s go for the 14% “legacy” admissions SayHisName CannonHinnant SayHisName JusticeForCannonHinnant JusticeForCannon CannonHinnant CannonHinnantMattered savethechildren SAVEOURCHILDREN Admission, job or anything else should be base solely on who’s most qualified. Enough of all these discrimination. Shame on y’all doing this nonsense.

What the fuck cnn where’s cannons coverage This you talk about but the murder of an innocent 5 year old kid doesn't get any attention from you? Cuomo killed at least 6,500 people. He did that all on his own. WHERE THE F*CK ARE YOU ON THIS O know 1 student with score of 36/36, white, and he got rejected from Yale At that time,he said, he got rejected because he is white.

Yale need to be closed. My hawk is big put that on the news Prosecutor them. This has been going on for years. Lmao American politics 🤣 when it comes to votes lol Fake CNN stop this. It's not against asian, those must be problematic CCP Chinese bringing Virus and trouble. Nobody wants that. Baby pop White folks wanna be oppressed so badly lol. Hundreds of years with the leg up wasn’t enough.

Yesss, down with black minority oppression and intimidation. Frankly if anyone, asian students would deserve much more support than blacks, but af the end, conditions should be level to everyone. Pos discrimination help no minorities, it creates hatred and it’s contrapriductive Really? Let them accuse Coward Trump as well!

SaveOurChildren Cannon Hinnant SayHisName SaveOurChildren MSNBC andersoncooper donlemon Where’s your breaking news about a black man who killed a little white kid with a gunshot to the head because he got on his yard? Had it been the other way around it definitely would be breaking news. You guys support racism and violence !

How m-fing rich!!!!$ Long overdue, but better late than neverrrrrr... Hmm so they particularly set the bar lower for blacks. That is so racist AllLivesMatter White lives matter BUT NOTHING ON THE CANNON HINNANT MURDER. DOUBLE STANDARD ASSHOLES CNN is now calling Joe Biden a racist bigot for miss pronouncing Kamala Harris' name.

When will you be running a story about Cannon Hinnant? CannonHinnantMattered I’m sorry but if you live in new haven you know damn well this doesn’t make any sense LMFAOO How come you guys have a reported on a Cannon Hinnant? Doesn't fit your narrative.. I'm a American black and Vietnamese war child shame on you. Clinton news Network in the 90s communist news Network, now Chinese the news Network. Shame on fake news CNN.🇺🇸🇺🇸😠😠

Burn it down!! Here's breaking news for you, already days old and yet...nothing from your end. I guess 5yr old lives DON'T MATTER. College applications always ask about race. It's the definition of racism. Wow I guess there is systemic racism. When your an Asian Legacy 🙈❤️😆🤟 ReaganGomez Yale has a 95% graduate rate for blk students accepted into Yale thus the argument about not being smarter enough is mute. There is no difference in the classes you take once you are in college. Chemistry is Chemistry; Calculus is Calculus.

SayHisName We already did this. This is done. Racial quotas seen kinda..... gee, I dunno..... racist? The way this isn’t shocking....... If based only on scores then there would be very little diversity and the campus would look drastically different and not the way you think. This started in the 80s I thought academic credentials aren’t the only factor for admissions? It’s fair to decide that the diversity an applicant brings to the table in some cases might offer to the student body. That’s not race based discrimination.

SayHisName The score is not important. The color is more decisive even they are stupid Close that place down , cancel that racist dump !Universities should not be a place for racists!!!!! All very underhanded, DOJ. Trump’s plan to assault Universities is now being handled by the DOJ. Let’s investigate true centers of discrimination, Bill.

The Indian Life Matters. Listen to me, I have heard some racist shit from people standing right next to about people of other color. The big guys are just bigger bigots. Its trickle down racism America ! FYI a five year old was shot in the head execution style. Cannon Hinnant... just in case you might like to cover that. No need to thank me. CannonHinnat

Oh good grief!!! Whites don’t get to cry racism and discrimination 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Liberal Elites - What do you expect? It's all those 'legacy students' taking up placements. 👀👂 SAY HIS NAME!!! SayHisName Uh oh. Look out. Here comes another attack on Black and Latinex folks. I would have said Affirmative Action but, in fact, other covered groups will not come under attack.

I want to be very clear to the American public. Kamala Harris selected for two reasons. Because she’s a woman, because of her race. That’s called affirmative action. not qualified to be a vice president. She’s not qualified to be one heartbeat away from the highest office Yeah, no shit. It turns out, if you save spots for some people based on their race (affirative action), that implies that others will be denied those spots based on THEIR race. We call this “self explanatory” but I guess “breaking news” works too.

Because they do 'Yale rejects scores of Asian American and white applicants each year based on their race,' disfavoring applicants from those races compared to African American applicants with similar academic credentials If they have similar credentials how was it determined race was a factor? 🤣 systemic racism

Not surprised. Bulldogs tend to squat lower than anyone to piss on everything. Why are you not reporting about the 5 year old boy that was executed? CannonHinnant SayHisName' trends after mainstream media's silence on the atrocious killing of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant They have for over 20 years now. What total crap our country is becoming. Doesn’t matter what you do you are going to offend someone. Thanks PC culture for making this place so bitter and hateful. Now we are offending white people?! Who cares

Some nitwit's kid couldn't buy their way in, so here we go. Of course they discriminate, if they just took the best applicatants with the highest grades there would be no black students. It’s an unfortunate truth of life. Current National Percentages of Ethnicities versus Yale University Percentages of Ethnicities. Maybe a case for White Student Body being represented, but then you'd have to also compare what percentage of white high school students make the marks to be accepted to Yale. Moving on

The Justice Department is racist!!! Whites and Asians deserve to be discriminated against, we need more black women! Another trump realDonaldTrump directive to his lackey to appeal to white and asian votes. Let’s say all Yale students of whatever ethnic group is the target were not at Yale, the additional capacity would be thin

Black man shoots 5 year old white kid in the head. No coverage. Wonder if the guy was a cop or white and the kid was not white would you guys cover it then? Most of you commenters are trying to indemnify yourself from looking honestly at inequalities that will because of you and your children. This ruling will ABSOLUTLEY hurt EVERY minority, including Asian Americans, and turn ivy leagues into white nepotistic breeding grounds

Universities do discriminate against whites but the people in power that are racist against whites don't care. The powers that be want blacks put above all other races in America and the world. MM arr They mad at other white people for taking their spots? That’s why they didn’t get in College prep begins in pre-K, maybe in the womb, maybe before. Minimum, guarantee everyone has access to a quality childhood education through junior yr of HS & maybe no one will question the qualifications of college students ... & legacy students, get rid of those, too.

Been that way for years, Whites were only 20 percent of Harvard or Yale students for many years when you do not count Jewish people as White!!! The argument that white people are losing spots is ignorant in in of itself. White people still take up a majority of the population in the schools. However the Asian American thing is new to me. Schools have been sued in the past by white people for this and is stupid.

Republican style racism. Good news fuckin w h a t You lost me at Justice Dept. The kids just weren't smart enough to get in. It is what it is. I want to end racial discrimination. The Justice Department allows discrimination against Black people...across the board. Fix that. CNN are really trying to tell the truth? we have known this for years

In certain colleges, the minimum acceptable gpa for a program is significantly lower for minorities. Meaning, if I’m white, and I took a bio course, I’d have to get no lower than a B- to continue in the program while a minority is only required a C- My sis’s bff is Korea-American and running for CA SA as a Rep. She got support for almost every Asian community group when she talked about the Affirmative Action Bill on the CA ballot.

White tears What? There aren’t enough white kids at Yale? Holy cow! Freaking 2020 right! Rich white kids can’t go to an Ivy League. Its ok... Privilege Just the fact that each race has a different SAT score requirement should be eye opening. The university basically thinks if you're Asian or White you're smarter than any other race. That sounds like discrimination to me, but in the exact opposite direction of DOJ's accusations.

If those disenfranchised Asian students worked hard to get ahead, the same as other POCs, I don’t see any reasonable basis to discriminate against them. Isn’t that the message we told to all of us as kids? If you work hard enough you can change your future by getting an education Yes, really seem to be favoring Black students (5.8%) over White students (42.7%). notalllawyersaregoodatmathorcivilrights

Didn't the supreme court already decide this bullshit maybe i'm the only one who thinks as such, but why is it ever ok to deny a highly qualified Asian student because too many qualified Asians came before me... Even though the universities are sometimes overwhelmingly Asians the institutions forget that those Asian students also comes from disenfranchised backgrounds as other POCs and so to discriminate against them because “there’s” too many Asians there is sending the wrong message

💔💔💔 When you’re used to preferential treatment, equal treatment will seem like discrimination I call bull on this. If you didn't get it, I'm sure your race wasn't a factor or were you hoping your complexion would get you in? I remember when black people were not accepted and not a single white person said a word about it. Hell, many Yale students are racists.

More old crap dug up by Woke people 😂🙄🙄🙄 Finally At long last, white people will be able to get into Yale Would you look at this, white people trying to play the race card. Isn’t that Yale’s sweet spot Both groups are overrepresented in the STEM admissions program...so how does Yale plan to correct this inequality?

If the racial quotas are not considered in the admission process the population of Asian students would be close to 95%.

Feds say Yale discriminates against Asian, white applicantsBREAKING: The Justice Department accuses Yale University of illegally discriminating against Asian American and white students in its admissions process. The findings were detailed in a letter to the college’s attorneys. About time. Those racists. Really? Really. Jesus. Not this horseshit again.

Justice Department Finds Yale Discriminated Based on Race in Undergraduate AdmissionsBreaking: Yale University discriminated against Asian-American and white applicants, according to the Justice Department, which issued its findings nearly two years after opening an investigation into the school’s admissions practices Yeah AndrewYang probably was one of those cuz the DNC damn sure tried him yesterday lmfaooo Well would you look at that... Whites just can’t a break

DOJ accuses Yale of illegally discriminating against white and Asian American applicantsBREAKING: U.S. Justice Dept. accuses Yale University of illegally discriminating against Asian American and white students in admissions, a major escalation of the admin.'s attacks on affirmative action. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly rejected efforts to stop affirmative action in college admissions, which the court has said can be justified as a way to achieve diversity in the student body. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly rejected efforts to stop affirmative action in college admissions, which the court has said can be justified as a way to achieve diversity in the student body. Now DOJ bullying Yale University for illegal discrimination against white student n Asian, it’s hard to believe those headlines, I just feel it’s a personal agenda

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