Just one more reason to delete Facebook and Instagram for good

.@reidout Blog: The case for deleting your Facebook account is growing stronger each day.

9/23/2021 8:02:00 AM

.reidout Blog: The case for deleting your Facebook account is growing stronger each day.

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(that means Instagram, too) seems to grow stronger with each passing day.Increasingly, what may seem and feel like an organic social experience for users has — over several years — proven to be a carefully coordinated experiment for, with worrying and sometimes harmful results.

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ANew York Times reportTuesday detailed a creepy internal Facebook initiative code-named Project Amplify, in which the company planned to pump favorable articles about itself to users through its News Feed and advertisements. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly signed off on the initiative in August.

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thereidout Done. thereidout MSnbc is next. thereidout It is a private company and can do what it wants. So we really want social media regulated? Who gets to decide? The party in power? thereidout Deleted mine a while ago I was disgusted with Zuckerberg’ indifference to the truth. thereidout BoycottFacebook

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thereidout Facebook should be shout down .....Facebook dose not understand freedom of speech and has shout down many accounts including pro Palestinian accounts to please Zionist ......... thereidout i already did first they wanted my phone number , then a photo id from me.... i upload a pic of .............. ss and said go to hll im real when they told me i was a bot

thereidout how about all the trackers on cell phones? Does that worry you too? The peer pressure with people about who owns an I-phone and who owns a cheaper phone exists too! How about the smart cars and who drives the best smart car? How about so many other sources! UNPLUG then! thereidout Already did it. Antivaxxers and The Big Lie Morons convinced me to…Delete…

thereidout DeleteZuckerberg thereidout Hiding one account and only have my family one up still; check in maybe once a month. It got too toxic so fast. Don't miss is thereidout I want the right to delete my account on all social media sites. I think Facebook sent a virus to my cell phone. Since I uninstalled Facebook everything works beautifully on my cell now.

thereidout ZuckFuckerberg thereidout Deleted mine and FACEBOOK Messenger and Instagram. thereidout I’m hanging around see how this plays out. thereidout Already deleted it thereidout um thereidout Did it 🗑️🌋 thereidout AI runs Markee Z. His algorithm is not coded even to slightly approximate human emotion. His emotional temp runs cold and his lies run hot. He was programmed by another adolescent-equivalent male and entrained to abuse adolescent girls. Body shame, rate, repeat.

PamUnplugged thereidout I deleted mine three years ago. It is liberating. DeleteFacebook davidstevens111 thereidout Updates on my Android phone. Facebook included I try tapping it out, ping! Facebook back on my apps list. Ping! Remove FB app. Again. It's like the twilight zone. thereidout I leave mine dormant for the same reason and so I can access my photo albums when I need to. My memory is crap without them

thereidout thereidout You don't have to delete to make an impact. Just unfollow everyone and eliminate the majority of FB ad revenue derived from you. Then check in on the real friend profiles you actually care about! thereidout My FB is gone with the wind MalcolmNance thereidout Oh please. The best time to delete Facebook was yesterday.

thereidout You can request a file of your FB account: posts, photos, etc. They will download your account and send you a zip file. I cancelled my account six years ago and requested a copy. Took a day or two. Might take longer now with everyone exiting. Good luck. thereidout i added bunches of friendships over a decade and some of them really do mean a lot to me, in good and bad times, i can't see myself giving up on all that, just to join the hipster crowd and tweet: I_Deleted_Facebook Who cares? damage and loss would be on my end and nowhere else

thereidout Deleted it years ago. DeleteZuckerberg

thereidout I don’t have a Facebook account…why would I? WarnockWarrior thereidout DeleteFacebook DeleteZuckerberg WarnockWarrior thereidout Facebook is toxic, I deleted my real account years ago and recently deleted my book club account. Don't miss it thereidout I've been Facebook clean for over 15 years

thereidout Deleted mine years ago thereidout I did everything I was supposed to and 5 years later the page is still up. thereidout I can’t stand FB. I’m done with it. So much fakeness. Reminds me of high school all over again. Ruined so many friendships. thereidout IS THAT THE NEW FACEBOOK LAW ASK MARK ZUCKERBERGE

barbarakevans thereidout I did almost two years ago. thereidout The media system does the exact thing Facebook does. Try to control, spread division,lies. And both are full of hypercrits. I got put on Facebook jail for 30days for a video they posted. I've seen politicians say worse things than me,instead of jail, Facebook kisses their ass

thereidout DeleteZuckerberg donwinslow thereidout You go first. thereidout Cancel Facebook and get rid of AT&T. It truly is all about the money. We have to vote with our $$. thereidout I can't believe Joy is tweeting must be a clerk she's far too intelligent to say things like the past two tweets thereidout You can’t delete it, you can only stop using it.

thereidout another no love capitalism exploitation algorithm...... markie_________ thereidout I've never had a facebook account. I feel like I'm missing out. thereidout A month ago. Feels great! Fuck Lizard Man!!!! thereidout How about YouTube and Twitter? Aren’t their algorithms just as detrimental…

thereidout Weird that msnbc didn't ever run the Simpkins story Hmmmmm Look at the white privilege rittenhouse recieved simpkins school guns WhitePrivilege

thereidout I never joined either one. 😊 thereidout I deleted mine last year and git it back several months later. If I do it again..it will be final. I quit before because of the political junk. thereidout I have already deleted mine. You should too. Just call your friends. Thats interactive. Send pictures on your message app.

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thereidout I deleted mine November 2016 and I never looked back. thereidout And don’t forget Twitter… thereidout PLEASE RETWEET My mom is my hero, and my hero has stage 4 terminal cancer. I'M BEGGING FOR YOUR HELP Please retweet if you'd be so kind. Thank you so much! Cancer fundraiser passtheboot

thereidout DeleteFacebook DeleteFacebook DeleteFacebook thereidout Dumped FB in 2012. So many grammatical errors and misspellings posted. And FB got creepy intrusive.

thereidout I've severely deleted most of my interaction with FB, just use it as a messaging service with family now and 1 footie fan and gaming group. thereidout I deleted my Facebook account 6 years ago and have been better off ever since. thereidout It’s thereidout I agree. Facebook needs to go down.. They promote the violence Mark is full of crap..

thereidout There are tons of ways to share photos without Facebook. You will get so much time back in your life and remove so much misinformation. Free yourself. thereidout F you use them for family and stay away from the bullchit they are fine.I only have friends and family. thereidout Buh-bye FB. Closed account months ago. Anyone who gets their news from FB is misguided

thereidout Face book needed a face lift a long time ago now it's to late it's repulsive and ugly. thereidout Been there. Done that. thereidout There is no political anything on my FB feed. None. I found long lost friends there. I see more anger on Twitter than anywhere on social media.

thereidout DeleteFacebook thereidout DeleteFacebook thereidout I deleted mine last year and haven't looked back. I found out that most of my 'friends' were not in fact my friends. Police brutality and donald fucking trump cause alot of divide apparently. thereidout Looking at Mark is an excellent reason!

thereidout Sometimes, life pushes you to do what you never wanted to do. I never wanted to venture into trading bitcoin but I had no choice with the tough situation in life than doing it with markdonaldlisaT and it was awesome and unbelievable with the massive cashout. thereidout My fb account was turned into dust long ago.

thereidout I always thought Facebook was evil. thereidout The moderators are nuns thereidout People still use Facebook? thereidout I will design your great logo for your company or business -

thereidout Small business is dead without them. thereidout Facebook: the vast wasteland thereidout Download your photos and delete your account. thereidout It would be good for all if Facebook and Instagram was shut down. thereidout Delete Facebook!!! There’s nobody under 35 on this platform, and those who are, the majority of them are just not smart people lol

thereidout Isn’t facebook an advocate for JoyAnnReid and thereidout We took Myspace for granted. thereidout Already did thereidout Left Facebook a year ago and don't miss it a bit. thereidout and Instagram because Facebook owns that too.

thereidout I have already deleted my account, Facebook should be banned as it is satanic, undercuts our moral values as a democratic society, and should have never been able to gain the control over the minds of those individuals that are susceptible to those who have no moral grounding. thereidout Tried to stay on to keep up with family and friends but the ugliness persists (esp from family and friends). Done!

thereidout Already done! thereidout Nah I still troll there. thereidout Never had FB and glad I never did. thereidout I hope you have P-IP insurance (personal injury protectio) required by law. why are you so hostile at me bevause you made a fortune from the 1995 world trade treaty? Facebook TwitterSports FortWorth_SEC USTradeRep45 USTreasury bakerhughes_SSA USJBF MITIMalaysia

thereidout Just do it! Delete your account. thereidout Did it quite a while back when I learned how insidiously evil the platform is. thereidout I have a strong presence on FB & I'm considering it... thereidout Never joined the facecrooks....

TeaNpearls reidout DeleteFacebook it trends for a reason reidout I deleted fb years ago. It just reminded me why I stopped talking to all those people in the first place. reidout elcroochio worth the read reidout Deleted both today. I stopped regularly logging in back in 2015. No valid reason to keep them really.

reidout They keep throwing me in FB jail for 30 days even though my comments or posts aren't that bad,especially compared to comments by other people!It's just getting ridiculous.🙄🙄🙄 reidout The case was made a long time ago. reidout I ceased Facebook many years ago. Unfortunately, there are those like Zuckerberg who reap the profits and deal behind the scenes with people like Trump in order to mass large amounts of power and money. No one is to big to fail.

reidout Wrapping up some work related stuff and then deleting it at the end of the month. reidout Would love to watch it crash and burn. beaudyk reidout Did it five years ago. Never looked back.

reidout Did it several years ago now… you’d be surprised at how much your life improves. DeleteFacebook reidout I already deleted mine due to incredible abuse from other users, but until there is a real alternative (Twitter is not even close to an alternative) people will continue to use them. reidout I deleted Facebook cuz I got tired of seeing what people are eating. BFD, you made dinner!

reidout Already on the right path .. Never had 1 reidout Yup-I deleted my account cuz some of my friends n family went batshit crazy when Trump lost (or not,according to them) I was told to walk off a cliff, shoot myself, basically off myself. Just over it. Dems don’t do that crap…