Jussie Smollett Finally Heading to Trial Over Alleged Chicago Attack

Jury selection begins on Nov. 29, after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

10/18/2021 7:45:00 AM

Jury selection begins on Nov. 29, after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Jury selection begins on Nov. 29, after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

is going to have to face the music after claiming he was attacked by racist, homophobic MAGA supporters -- and the City of Chicago's claim he made it all up.The former"Empire" actor is heading to trial next month -- this after a Cook County judge shot down JS's final attempt to have the criminal case against him tossed ... setting the stage for Jussie to face a jury of his peers over the 2019 incident.

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Play video contentTHE FULL CUTTMZ.comSmollett's attorney tried convincing the court that his client's rights were being violated, seeing how the guy had already forfeited his $10,000 bond and done community service ... which served as the terms he struck with Cook County prosecutors to have the charges dismissed.

Per reports, the attorney noted Smollett had held up his end of the bargain, saying ..."A deal is a deal. That's ancient principle." Not so, according to the judge -- who noted a new set of circumstances arose when a special prosecutor reopened the case ... and charged Jussie anew. headtopics.com

Play video contentTOOLS FOR THE CRIMETMZ.comBecause of that, the judge said he wouldn't tamper with the new case. As you know, Jussie faces charges of disorderly conduct for allegedly lying in the police reports about what happened to him. Read more: TMZ »

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He'll walk. Privilege. So he was given a plea deal, did what he was supposed to do but now the new prosecutor is trying to go to court anyway and the judge is letting it happen? I despise Juicy for what he did but the law is the law. This is trash You can fix a lot of things but stupid isn’t one of them. There is no fixing that😂

The whole thing is so crazy. I live in the building in the background of that first video and was curious why police were there the following day. I can’t see a scenario where he didn’t plan the whole thing - really sad the city wasted so much on this “attack”. He should pay should face the same punishment as all other hate crimes.

Waste of jury time He lied. now he should pay the price Who? N Who care at this point?

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Why don't you guys call it what is a falsified attack saying alleged makes it sound like it happened he set the whole thing up and was caught. 💢Run JUICY!! So glad 'Juicy Smoulet' is getting called out, FINALLY. Race baiting, accusatory, straight up dishonest. F-in’ finally!! There's no way he'll receive a fair trial in Chicago, it's MAGA country.

The infamous man himself. Aye that’s my birthday

Jury Selection To Start In Trial Over Ahmaud Arbery's DeathThe slaying of the 25-year-old Black man sparked a national outcry fueled by graphic video of the shooting.

No love from Kamala?

Jussie Smollett Denied Dismissal Of His Criminal Case, Will Proceed To TrialJussie Smollett, the former Empire actor embroiled in a false claim that he was attacked in Chicago and subjected to racist and anti-gay slurs, now will face criminal charges of lying to police. A … This is still happening? 😭 The judge walking in to see Jussie yet again This is still going on. I thought he had already been charged.

Jussie Smollett's criminal case will go to trialThe former 'Empire' actor is accused of lying to police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime in 2019. Good Justice is justice black, brown, or white Hope his agent dropped his azz too...

Jussie Smollett's case will move forward after dismissal request is deniedActor Jussie Smollett's criminal case, related to allegations he lied to police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime, to move forward after judge denies his dismissal request. And I thought it was over!!!!! He needs to be held responsible for this. It causes people to become suspicious of everyone making these claims when people like him do this. I would LOVE to know what his legal tab up to this point is. He could have avoided all this by being honest from the beginning and allowing his lawyer to plea bargain for him. He probably would be back working again.

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