April 19, 2021 Derek Chauvin Trial News

April 19, 2021 Derek Chauvin Trial News

Jury concludes deliberations for the day

The jurors in the trial of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin have concluded deliberating for the day, the court says

4/20/2021 4:32:00 AM

The jurors in the trial of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin have concluded deliberating for the day, the court says

Closing arguments are set to start in the trial of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin, who has been charged in the death of George Floyd. Follow here for the latest.

From CNN’s Keith AllenMinnesota Gov. Tim Walz PoolWith the fate of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin now in the hands of a jury, Minnesota’s governor, and the state’s two most prominent mayors met with reporters Monday afternoon and pleaded for calm regardless of the trial’s outcome.

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“His fate will be decided by the jury, we’ll decide our fate in this state,” Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said shortly after jury deliberations began in Chauvin’s murder trial.“We must acknowledge two truths: We cannot allow civil unrest to descend into chaos, we must protect life and property,” the governor continued. “We also must understand very clearly, if we don't listen to those communities in pain, and those people on the streets, many of whom were arrested for speaking a fundamental truth, that we must change, or we will be right back here again.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey echoed Walz’s sentiments and said they must work to make changes in their community regardless of the jury’s decision in the closely watched trial.“There's been pain and anguish, anger and frustration that is undoubtedly acutely felt by our Black and Brown communities,” Frey said. “Regardless of the outcome of this trial, regardless of the decision made by the jury, there is one true reality, which is that George Floyd was killed at the hands of police.” headtopics.com

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter cautioned that another descent into chaos similar to what so many parts of the region and country experienced following Floyd’s death last spring would only make matters worse for the Black community.“Whatever the jury decides, we know that in this age of insurrection and extremism that we must be ready for the possibility of those who would exploit this moment and drown out the powerful voices of constructive protests across our nation with violence and destruction,” Carter said.

“Last spring, on top of the trauma of George Floyd's killing, we endured widespread devastation of the very neighborhoods he loved. But rioting won't solve this problem, and looting won't breathe life back into the bodies of our lost loved ones, and we cannot cure harm by inflicting harm on others,” the St. Paul mayor added.

The governor said that while he hasn’t personally spoken with President Biden during the tense weeks of the Chauvin trial and protests overDaunte Wright’s death, there have been productive talks with White House officials and added that the President delivering remarks on race potentially could have a positive effect on a nation in turmoil.

“The deep, painful, hard, uncomfortable conversation around race is out there," Walz said. “We can't careen from crisis to crisis. So, I would hope that the President would use the authority of the White House and the compassion we've seen in President Biden to address us all, and to ask for calm.” headtopics.com

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Walz said that as of Monday afternoon, there are no statewide or regional curfews in effect, both mayors said they also have not called for curfews in their respective cities. Read more: CNN Breaking News »

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The jurors are heroes in my book. BLM protesters rally for ‘victim,’ leave after learning he was white The man who was killed is believed to be a white man in his 20s who had stolen a car from a woman at gunpoint — then repeatedly shot at cops as they chased him By Lee Brown | New York Post Egyptian_pharmacists_rights الساعه 2 مساء على تويتر...

What is there to deliberate? Kneel on the back of anyone's neck for 9 minutes, that person dies. This keeps being American court of judicial process when dealing with Blacks It all comes down to Intent & reasonable doubt. Did DerekChauvin knowingly place his knee on GeorgeFloyd neck with the Intention to kill him. It can be argued that D.C did not Intend to kill G.F......thus reasonable doubt and a not guilty verdict.

🤔 Baby Mini Vanilla Cocoa Snacks Guilty on all charges. FoxNews It's highly likely that the new Super Alive virus will mutate by the coronavirus. May justice prevail

If acquitted, the US will experience flooding of epic proportions. Can you imagine all the snowflakes melting at once? Scary, scary stuff. This reminds me election night, I’m starting to have my PTSD( Post Trump Stress Disorder) back. How many Trump supporters are on that jury? Which way are they likely to vote?

The crowds outside look like those at the coliseum looking for blood. It’s troubling . Our eyes didn’t see what we thought we saw that man died of cardiovascular disease...they think we was born yesterday. Hurry up and decide , got people patiently waiting to riot and burn shit up ! It's undeniable that was a over reaction to the crime & no reason for George Floyd to be suffocated in public & Derek Chauvin is guilty there is no doubt he knew what he was doing he listened to the man beg fir his life & did nothing to make sure he could breathe at all. 9min

Scary 😦

Brace yourself America, if it goes the wrong way, America will burn. Can you people not read? “Concluded deliberating for the day”. They are just getting started!! Guilty! Take that to the bank. Thank God this trial isn’t in Florida where George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony were found not guilty and still walking the streets of Orlando...among many more vile criminals

Not guilty. Just hurry up and say it Did they conclude at 9:29pm? Sounds like the jury is not agreeing on anything. Otherwise, would have only taken an hour at most. Guilty Guilty Guilty and most definitely fucking Guilty as Hell. Prosecutors encourage jurors to ' believe their eyes ' ; defense emphasizes ' totality of the circumstances '.

They must have reasonable doubt.

Is the jury watching the streets from their hotel rooms? Is that officer even guilty ? Good good the longer it goes on the better ... let's go acquittal I agree that it is obvious Chauvin is guilty, but am also taking the positive stance that the jurors are taking their time to go over the 3 weeks of testimony they sat through. Once the verdict comes back, no one can say they rushed due to public pressure. JusticeforGeorge.

Wow, that’s not a good sign at all. Deliberations began just after 5pm and ended at 8 pm Sunday . And they weren’t sequestered amid the chaos of the past week so here’s to hoping the result of American justice is genuine ... 🇺🇸 🤷‍♂️⚖️ 🤷‍♂️ Should have taken 30 seconds!!!!! for the day🙄 This should have been a 10 second meeting