Crime & Justice, Vol 50 Issue 40

Crime & Justice, Vol 50 Issue 40

Juror Way Too Far Into Trial To Ask What 'Contusions' Are Now

Juror Way Too Far Into Trial To Ask What 'Contusions' Are Now

10/9/2021 10:15:00 PM

Juror Way Too Far Into Trial To Ask What 'Contusions' Are Now

RESTON, VA—Noting that attorneys on either side had used the term dozens of times during the previous two weeks, juror Michael Kerr told reporters Monday that he was too far into a capital trial at this point to ask what “contusions” are. “When the prosecutor first brought it up, I thought I could just ignore it and…

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Watch: Turtle stranded on Cape Cove rescued by volunteers - CNN Video

Volunteers from three organizations have moved the massive reptile back into the ocean and will continue to monitor its progress.

Get him off the jury ASAP! lol 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Oh, and by the way, jurors are not generally allowed to speak to people (at all) about the trial during the trial, including with anybody in the courtroom. Medical experts generally explain what abrasions and contusions are. This prosecutor messed up. I'm just going to save everyone a Google here

Apple asks court to delay changes to the App Store until appeals conclude in Fortnite trialApple is asking a court to put on hold its injunction that would allow iPhone developers to direct users away from the company's App Store for online payments.

Digital Payments Are Convenient. They Also Can Wreak Havoc on Your Finances.The price of convenience: Digital transactions make our everyday lives easier, but they also make it harder to know how much we really are spending. why not, increases consumerism, what the gears need to keep lubed Amerika'da otuza yakın devlet başkanını öldürülmesi gelen başkanın ölüm riski taşıdığından görev alan Amerikan devletinin çıkarları öncelikleri olmadığı bilindiği gibi paralel devlet yapısının adamlarının başkanlarının en yakında görev yapıp başkan kontrollerinden çıkartmazlar.. It is easier to count out how much money you have spent every day by returning home, possessing few amounts of pieces. However, it is much more convenient to pay with a smartphone by targeting a two-dimensional QR Code, picturing what it is on a card. Both have advantages and dis

Former Northwestern professor convicted of murder in boyfriend's stabbing deathJurors deliberated less than two hours before returning the guilty verdict against Wyndham Lathem, a renowned microbiologist whom Northwestern fired after he fled the Chicago area following the killing.

Employers add a dismal 194,000 jobs in September, unemployment rate at 4.8%JUST IN: Hiring in the U.S. fell far below expectations last month, with employers adding just 194,000 jobs versus the expected 500,000. Maybe because the demon crashed in Santa Santa commonest America I can't nobody hit hardest cuz nobody's going to take your poisonous vaccine I said nobody wants to take your poison this vaccine they try to take Nature's fruits and vegetables and vitamins. They can't get hired Build Back Better working ? More damning for POTUS and HouseDemocrats for not extending unemployment benefits for the millions that fell off the cliff in September.

Britney Spears' Sons Are Now Teens & Look Just Like Their Mom“I have to ask their permission to post them because they are extremely independent little men.” 😍 F**kBritney

Can Someone Tell Me What’s Up With These Nipple Bumps?Asking for my areolae.