Juror petitions to release grand jury information in Breonna Taylor case

The motion filed Monday also asks that the jurors be allowed to speak on the case as a matter of public interest.

9/29/2020 4:13:00 AM

BREAKING: Grand jury member in Breonna Taylor case says Kentucky AG used 'jurors as a shield;' seeks to have transcripts released.

The motion filed Monday also asks that the jurors be allowed to speak on the case as a matter of public interest.

The motion, filed in Jefferson County five daysafter the jury’s decision was announced, also asks that the jurors be allowed to speak on the case as a matter of public interest, according to the petition.In the petition, an attorney on behalf of the anonymous juror notes that Kentucky Attorney General David Cameron made public statements that “attempted to make it very clear that the grand jury alone made the decision.”

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“The citizens of this Commonwealth have demonstrated their lack of faith in the process and proceedings in this matter and the justice system itself,” the filing said. “Using the grand jurors as a shield to deflect accountability and responsibility for these decisions only sows more seeds of doubt in the process while leaving a cold chill down the spines of future grand jurors.”

Sept. 28, 202001:58Cameron announced last week that the grand jury had chosen not to indict any of the three officers who fired their guns in the police raid that killed Breonna Taylor with homicide charges. One former officer,for firing into a neighbor's home.

Hepleaded not guiltyMonday."Justice is not often easy," Cameron, the state's first Black attorney general, said last week to explain the grand jury's decision."It does not fit the mold of public opinion, and it does not conform to shifting standards."

The juror who filed the motion wishes to remain anonymous but also feels “compelled to act in a manner that promotes transparency, truth, and justice,” the motion said.Glogower, the attorney who filed the petition, did not immediately respond to phone calls and text messages requesting comment from NBC News on Monday night.

“It is patently unjust for the jurors to be subjected to the level of accountability the Attorney General campaigned for simply because they received a summons to serve their community at a time that adherence to the summons forced them to be involved in a matter that has caused such a palpable divide between sides,” the petition said.

The decision not to charge the officers with Taylor’s death from the botched March raid was met with outrage, as Taylor has become one of many names associated with police violence and racial inequity in recent months.Protests followed in Louisvilleas people demanded transparency and justice for Taylor.

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Taylor was killed after Louisville Metro Police Department officers executed a search warrant at her apartment after midnight. Taylor, an emergency room technician, was in bed with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, when officers knocked on her door.According to Walker’s account and a wrongful lawsuit from Taylor’s family, the couple did not hear police announce themselves and believed the apartment was being broken into. Walker, a legal gun owner, fired a shot at the front door and struck Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in the leg, police said.

Mattingly stated in his account that he saw Taylor and Walker standing at the end of the hall and returned fire. Cameron said Wednesday that Mattingly fired six shots, and “almost simultaneously” Detective Myles Cosgrove fired 16 times from the doorway.

It had been previously reported that Taylor was shot five times during the raid, but Cameron said she was struck six times.An FBI analysis determined the fatal shot was fired by Cosgrove.Sept. 27, 202005:44Cameron said his office’s investigation found that officers announced themselves based on one witness account, though other witnesses have said they did not hear police announce themselves that night.

He also noted that the three officers “had no known involvement in the preceding investigation or obtainment of the search warrant.""They were called in to duty as extra personnel," Cameron said at his Wednesday news conference.Mattingly's attorney, Kent J. Wicker, said the grand jury's decision not to charge his client or Cosgrove"shows that the system worked and that grand jurors recognized and respected the facts of the case."

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Be careful what you believe. Attorney's Crumped-up stories are intended to infuriate public opinion to dive up settlement cost so they make more $$. That's why we should wait for formal investigations to be completed BF DF shot a closed door cus some 1 was bang n, BT was n EMT did he asks whose there r call d cops plus wasnt his fuc n apt. Wats his responsibility 4 his actions & after midnite how could her neighbors hear.wat any1 said

How can blood shed of an innocent person not mean anything...I watch the law against black people never upholding their rights everyday... should someone not be held accountable.... Good - I’d like to read the facts and make my own decision based on the law as opposed to public opinion. Don’t give us a verdict we like, then we’ll push to dox those jurors.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron made the right decision, with the radical left wing and Black Lives Matter doxing. Can you imagine having protesters showing up at jurors residence. Any jury can only make decisions based on the evidence they receive. If a prosecutor withholds certain facts, it can lead to the wrong conclusion. Not saying this is what happened here. But this is KY and it very well could

I want to read these LMAO at releasing court transcripts involving innocent people. Scrap majority white juries Oh my. “Using the grand jurors as a shield to deflect accountability and responsibility for these decisions only sows more seeds of doubt in the process while leaving a cold chill down the spines of future grand jurors.' truthmatters BreonnaTaylorMatters JusticeForBreonnaTaylor

GeoffRBennett This is good news. Everyone knows something isn't right here. Does everyone know that the black Kentucky Atty General is the husband of Mitch McConnells granddaughter. Come on now. THANK YOU GRAND JURY MEMBER! woutgorge Drug involvement never leads to a good end. Yea good luck with that. Grand jury proceedings are about as confidential not for public access as it gets.

Judge people based only on the merit, not the color of skin or something else, should be the true color of this nation. RT vote NoOnProp16. Justice for all Won't happen... you'll start seeing more use of a grand jury in these types of events so the DA or AG doesn't have to make a decision. Roundgurl was dealing

Periwinkle896 Well, he is related to Mitch, so... CherylFVATN Called it. He clearly has an agenda. They all wanted this to happen. kenklippenstein Grand jury is a way to shift responsibility for prosecutorial decisions Insert Sol Wachtler ham sammich quote here Why was she originally shown as first responder (EMT) when she was terminated '4 years' prior including 'do not rehire '? What about her criminal lifestyle Why can't media report news based on current and relevant facts?

I guess we really do need the transcripts from the grand jury. Why is justice so elusive? I guess you all are gonna go after these jurors now. Breonna was in the drug trade. Deal with it. this is why you don't use drugs kids dbble5 Do it. kenklippenstein Let’s see them. Ewing619 Barr, trump or McConnell?

releasetheDocs And they should. Sifill_LDF Daniel Cameron is exactly who we thought he was. Sifill_LDF He needs to be fired. Of course...the grand jury member making the claim wishes to remain anonymous. Never saw that coming...that means it's a lie. This grand jury member is a hero. What a colossal hole the KYAG is digging himself into. This is why they protest.

This is big.... once these transcripts are released the tRump supporting attorney general will be forced to get out of the way of prosecuting these cups. The media has already attempted to fabricate a story saying she was shot sleeping which is clearly not the case. You have no credibility, just give it up.

Looks like Daniel Cameron is about to get exposed as a liar.

Mother of Trayvon Martin speaks out on Breonna Taylor caseTrayvon Martin’s mother shares her thoughts on the decision in the Breonna Taylor case: “You can’t run down the street ... you can’t do anything, and now we’re not even safe in our own homes.” You can't even hold money for drug dealers anymore. What is the world coming to You news is destroying the country and making victims out of able people. Glad I left the Democrats

Breonna Taylor evidence leaks appear to show charged Louisville officer in her unit after shootingJust days after a grand jury issued no charges against the Louisville officers who fatally shot Breonna Taylor, evidence from the case is leaking out on social media and digital news sites, raising questions about the investigation into her death Yall are literally the conspiracy theorists now😂 You are endangering the lives of police and others both in Louisville and around the country by printing LIES! Get some integrity. Always love to start my day with some fear mongering, not like there wasnt any precedent to not charge the officers

28 arrests made during Breonna Taylor protests in Louisville; windows smashed, vehicle set ablazeAt least 28 people were arrested overnight as civil unrest continued in Louisville over a grand jury's controversial decision in the Breonna Taylor case. Entire country needs to chill out. We are about at civil war territory. I get it, orange man isn’t that good, kinda mediocre imo, everyone named Andrew has done worse, and the police are a flawed system that need reform. Doesn’t justify this amount of chaos Is this the gal who had a dead body in her rental car? katalin_pota Riots. They are calling riots.

Former Louisville detective pleads not guilty in Breonna Taylor caseThe only police officer indicted after the killing of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky, during a botched raid pleaded not guilty on Monday on three counts of wanton endangerment of Taylor's neighbors, local media reported. It's NOT the Breonna Taylor case. It's the neighbors of Breonna Taylor. The cop wasn't charged for shooting her, he was charged for missing. He was never charged on Breonna case He better just admit to shooting Breonna neighbor's wall. Thats the only charge You mean murderer.

Breonna Taylor Case: Brett Hankison Pleads Not Guilty to ChargesFormer Detective Brett Hankison pleaded not guilty on Monday to three counts of wanton endangerment.

Breonna Taylor Ballistics Report Inconclusive On Whose Bullet Hit LMPD CopMore questions arise from the Breonna Taylor case after no charges were brought against officers for her killing. She was firing to lol... black lives matter !! What about the cause of death for the dead guy found in the car she rented?