Juneteenth federal holiday bill heads to Biden's desk; only 14 Republicans vote no

'The kind of vote that will stick to their shoe forever, and smell up any room they ever walk into for the rest of their lives,' Rachel Maddow says on 14 House Republicans voting against a bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. Watch more:

6/18/2021 1:16:00 AM

'The kind of vote that will stick to their shoe forever, and smell up any room they ever walk into for the rest of their lives,' Rachel Maddow says on 14 House Republicans voting against a bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. Watch more:

Rachel Maddow reports on the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act, having already passed the Senate unanimously, passing the House and heading to President Biden's desk to be signed into law. The House vote was overwhelming but not unanimous, with 14 Republicans voting against the holiday celebrating the end of slavery in the United States.

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maddow I could use 25 trillion people a moment I can use MSNBC for a moment please maddow And? maddow Thank you American Heroes!! 'As long as state sanctioned Slavery still exists in our prisons, this feel good bill is a sick cruel joke!' Constitutionally allowed slavery in fact maddow I'd bet my last dollar everyone of these SOBs would own a slave if it were legal again.

maddow History will remember these white guys names forever. Eulogy: he was the guy to vote no. maddow Boooo! maddow Honestly, I'm surprised it was only 14. maddow Juneteeth is a fake holiday. Created by liberals to manipulate blacks maddow If they vote for making Juneteenth a federal holiday, they're admitting that Texas deliberately kept people in slavery 2 years after they were freed. Deliberately.

maddow They should not be working for the ppl political racists. Add Ted Cruz too. Line the up pink slip or tell must take lower wages 800 dollar a month. Or leave spend there big pay check to help ifurstruture of 🇺🇸 maddow Does everyone have to agree to everything? It is not right to call them out. There must be a reason why they chose to vote against it. Perhaps because of the politics injected into the whole idea.

Who are the 14 House Republicans who voted against a Juneteenth holiday? And why?The House vote on Juneteenth passed by 415-14 for a new federal holiday, but 14 GOP members of Congress voted no. Who are they? Why did they vote no? Yes. Who are they? Someone check their mindsets. They may be the type who choose to stay on the low road. Lahoosers! 🤣 They have a problem with freeing Slaves.

maddow Yes sir; stick to your guns! Vote no to a stupid holiday. Why not make every moment a federal holiday then no one has to go to work but still get paid! maddow What is wrong with those guy. June 19th should be called ' White American Benevolence Day '. It celebrates the lives of the over 100,000 white soldiers who died giving freedom to black people.

maddow i blame generational inbreeding maddow Crystal clear,now You know who You should NOT vote for. maddow Not surprised maddow maddow 14 white conservative racists. maddow Just wished my Jamaican-born son 'Happy Juneteenth!.' He responded with a roll of his eyes. Guess he's not in the mood to celebrate. 🤷‍♀️

maddow Proud Boys maddow It is a normal function of some republicans to be negative about so much. These are probably some real die hard Trumpers.

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maddow Failing to commemorate the end of slavery essentially gives slavery credence. Shame on these 14, and this should be remembered when they vote to make voting even more difficult for blacks in the future. Bigots all. Republican Senators, Congressmen, their supporters, who tell lies of the Jan Assault on US Capital & who support documented insurrection and violence against the USA should not hold Government positions & should be charged in a court of law, Grandad called Red Necked Peckerwoods

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