July 4 will be a do-or-die moment for California as coronavirus rages

July 4 will be a do-or-die moment for California as coronavirus rages

6/30/2020 7:33:00 PM

July 4 will be a do-or-die moment for California as coronavirus rages

With coronavirus cases surging in California, the holiday weekend is a crucial test for whether residents can reduce risky behavior.

AdvertisementWhat do experts say?Public health officials expected the reopenings to push up the number of coronavirus cases — but not this much.Robert Kim-Farley, a medical epidemiologist and infectious-diseases expert at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, said the only way to figure out how to open is to do it gradually and dial things back if the disease spreads so fast it might overwhelm hospitals later. And that’s what’s happening now.

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“Now, we’re recognizing things are going up. So we’re dialing it back down again,” Kim-Farley said.AdvertisementDr. Otto Yang, a professor of medicine and the associate chief of infectious diseases at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, said he thought L.A. County reopened too quickly.

“A lot of the things that really work to reduce transmission — like contact tracing and even masks — depend on your starting at a low [disease] control level,” Yang said. “It’s back to the fire analogy: If the fire isn’t down to just smoldering embers — if there’s still active pockets of fire — then backing off will let stuff flare up very quickly.”

Physicians are increasinglyseeing more younger adult patients. “We’re still getting some very sick patients, but we’re also seeing more young people that have milder cases,” Yang said.Based on what patients are telling medical staff, the younger people say they suspect the virus was acquired by “going out and socializing more.” He added, “It does seem like it’s either family gatherings or social activities.”

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Well... some will try so hard to be really so stupid with all the excuses in the world. Well since California is run by democrats prepare for the worst Can we have an honest news that the rise in cases can be tied to the riots not just beaches and bars! I’ll be at the beach, ain’t no way to stop me, not after thousands were allowed to gather to protest, loot and riot

It's a false choice LAT. We're done with scare tactics. See ya in the Fall for round two. Fast death or slow death are the only options. Lol. The death rate is 0.05%. Fear porn, nothing but fear porn. I've met exactly 2 people, aside from myself, who were born here in the last 10 years. So, I predict a die moment. A lot of idiots out there celebrating 'In Depends Day.' The day we celebrate the doddering old white racist bastards that have ruled over us all these years

Freedom is already dead. I say die! I’ve lost faith in all humanity! I’m done! LOL Juneteenth: come out y'all let's flood these streetz and vanquish racism 4th of July: if you leave your house, you're a reckless murderer. Nope. Wont' be. Stop with the stupid headlines 'Do-or-die moment'. Please hire some journalists and lay off the buzzfeed style interns

Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t. But we hate Trump and are smarter than everyone else... Even if we 'do' there will be another 'die' moment in 1-3 weeks Really irresponsible word choice here. Shame ALL VIRUSES MATTER All Holidays Matter Literally

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