Judge Slams Capitol Rioter Refusing To Wear Masks: ‘When Did You Go To Medical School?’

A judge told a member of the Proud Boys: “We have a virus that is killing people — why is it so hard to wear a mask?”

7/31/2021 8:13:00 AM

A judge told a member of the Proud Boys: “We have a virus that is killing people — why is it so hard to wear a mask?”

A judge told a member of the far-right Proud Boys in a hearing: “We have a virus that is killing people — why is it so hard to wear a mask?”

office.“We have a virus that is killing people,” the judge said Friday, noting that if Goodwyn continued to not comply, he would be arrested and jailed. “Why is it so hard to wear a mask?”After Goodwyn responded that it “stresses [him] out” to wear one, the judge said he wouldn’t “be a part of other people dying because of what you don’t believe.”

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Then when Goodwyn said he didn’t believe masks reduced virus transmission, Judge Walton asked: “When did you go to medical school, sir? Do you have a medical degree?” Read more: HuffPost »

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Oh look the proud boys wearing masks. I wonder why?🤔 The virus killing people is the evil in government & wealthy american investors. You don't make illegal rules then ask why is it so hard. Its so hard because evil is never easy on anyone. Real question is why is it so hard to cleanup organized crime government against Citizens.

Apparently it’s going to kill people with or w/o a mask & with the vaccine - might as well live what live we have left. My son has been diagnosed as having Aspergers; he wears a mask everywhere he goes. For this guy’s defense to be wrapped in the “he has Aspergers“ is offensive beyond belief. Why is it so hard to show an ID to vote?

👇🤦‍♀️ But it was OK for no masks or social distancing during the riots and looting last year,correct? Lock’m up.

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