Judge Rules in Favor of Nicki Minaj in Tracy Chapman Copyright Dispute

Judge Rules in Favor of Nicki Minaj in Tracy Chapman Copyright Dispute

9/17/2020 4:06:00 AM

Judge Rules in Favor of Nicki Minaj in Tracy Chapman Copyright Dispute

A judge handed a significant win to Nicki Minaj on Wednesday, finding that she did not commit copyright infringement when she created a song based on Tracey Chapman’s “Baby Can I Hold Y…

on Wednesday, finding that she did not commit copyright infringement when she created a song based on Tracey Chapman’s “Baby Can I Hold You.”The ruling protects the industry practice of developing a new song based on existing material, and then seeking a license from the original artist prior to release. U.S. district judge Virginia A. Phillips ruled that Minaj’s experimentation with Chapman’s song constitutes “fair use” and is not copyright infringement.

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“Artists usually experiment with works before seeking licenses from rights holders and rights holders typically ask to see a proposed work before approving a license,” the judge wrote. “A ruling uprooting these common practices would limit creativity and stifle innovation within the music industry.”

Minaj created the new song, “Sorry,” with recording artist Nasir Bin Olu in 2017. At the time, she believed it was a remake of a song created by Shelly Thunder, and was surprised to discover later that most of the lyrics and some of the melody came from Chapman’s “Baby Can I Hold You,” which was released on her debut album in 1988.

Minaj’s representatives reached out to Chapman for permission to use the song, but Chapman repeatedly refused. According to her suit, she has a blanket policy against granting such permission. “Sorry” was then dropped from Minaj’s 2018 album, “Queen.”

However, a copy of the unreleased track made its way to DJ Flex, a New York radio DJ who played it on the air. Chapman has accused Minaj of providing DJ Flex with the song, but they both have denied that it came from Minaj or her authorized representatives. Portions of the song later aired on “The Breakfast Club,” and the track became widely available online.

In a motion, Minaj’s attorneys warned that Chapman’s suit “should send a shiver down the spine of those concerned with the entertainment industry.”They argued that artists need to be free to create something that is based on existing material without worrying that they could be sued for such experimentation once they approach the rights-holder for a license.

“Such free-flowing creativity is important to all recording artists, but particularly in hip hop,” Minaj’s attorneys argued. “With that category of music, a recording artist typically goes into the studio and experiments with dozens of different ‘beats’ or snippets of melodies, before hitting upon a pleasing combination.”

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A finding in Chapman’s favor, they argued, “would impose a financial and administrative burden so early in the creative process that all but the most well-funded creators would be forced to abandon their visions at the outset.”The judge agreed, finding that on balance Minaj was protected by the “fair use” doctrine.

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The judge was probably a member of the illuminati an evil devil worshipping secret society of which she is a member of Thank you Nicki Minaj. Akademiks you didn’t cover did😏. A huge win for the music industry and you didn’t cover it😏. If it were Drake, Uzi, Future or Kanye, you would’ve🙄. Ain’t this one of things you like to cover?

Lol 👏👏👏👏👏 This description is misleading in that people may think that making includes distributing. The Court held for Minaj under fair use because she was supposedly not trying to exploit it commercially. It did NOT hold you can make derivative works and then sell them. todoesellanto Awesome Judge is a clown🤡. Tracy Chapman should be compensated accordingly

QuotedReplies Since a few of you have a hard time understanding this. Minaj STILL CAN'T RELEASE THE SONG. This just protects songwriters from being sued for using existing material to create new songs. You can sample a song for creative purposes without use for purchase without legal action. Don’t act all brand new now, thank her for fighting for artist rights for years. Streaming to music protection and advances.. she been doing this behind the scenes and not mentioning nothing cuz she don’t care for the publicity behind it.

anyways queen of rap purrr RapUp post this!! And thank her!!! AtlanticRecords post this!! And thank her!!! musicindustweet post this!! And thank her!!! billboard post this!! And thank her!!! FemaleRapRoom post this!! And thank her!!! I mean I’m winning but I’m still board Queen of music industry✔️ Love that for her

QuotedReplies I hope that the rap interns and the ungrateful ones who do nothing for the industry that want to drag the nicki that put a respect in the name of Onika  The Queen of Motherfucking Rap has won ladies and gentleman!!! Why this pic? Let’s see who’s music will still be playing on the airwaves in 50 years..sincethe80s

Nicki stay winning! 🎉💕 That's a Queen behavior purrrrr 💁‍♂️🦄🦄👑 Period the queen always win thank u queen Nicki always getting wins for artists 🙏 Aaronfilmwriter This article doesn’t clear up the point that most are already up on their Twitter horse about. The case was about freedom to experiment with reinterpretations of existing songs. It doesn’t say if a copyright split was agreed between Chapman & Minaj. Because it would have to, no?

continuously breaking the fold Alexa play 'Win Again' by Nicki Minaj.. Thank you, king and queen of rap. drladj Nicki Minaj Keeps making Bold Strides and winning for the Industry as a whole , She is the reason most of y'all Faves Can eat , boast and lavish money THANK NICKI MINAJ TODAY, RESPECT NICKI MINAJ 🦄 TODAY .

SimmingTingz Stop blaming nicki for winning coz tracy she is the one who decided to take nicki to court over sampled song that didn't even make profit or even released by nicki and it confirmed that nicki and her team didn't leak the song but someone did so win is win Nicki Minaj has a huge win for the music industry, after a judge ruled she did not commit copyright infringement when she made a song based on “Baby Can I Hold You.' The ruling protects the practice of making a song based on existing material

Period. queen mixedgod Now she needs to release the song again. Sorry was a beautiful song with her and has Lord__Kev TRACY WHAT HAPPENED If it turns out Nicki made ONE cotdamn dime off of the 'leaked' material, I hope Ms. Chapman sues her back to her her original personality. Yet again, she fought to save a fundamental part of the industry and won’t be appreciated until years later.

We really should get “Thank You Nicki” trending. Comment Thank You Nicki Loving Litigation Nicki!!!! She 2 for 2! Annalise Barbie Ms. Keating Barbie KenanaWintour 💪🏽👑🙏🏽✨🎉🎈 AppealTracyChapman unjust ruling for not using the full story that makes it copyright infringement that occurred. Marvin Gaye vs Robin Thicke. Retrial GodsPlan 🙏

An absolute shame. This is creative thievery plain & simple. I’m sure Nikki would appreciate me stealing her original work & claiming it as my own and having DJs in Top 10 markets spinning it. A blow to artists & more corporate looting of the music industry. The judge was a barb! I want her to release it now🤣

onikanyc THANK YOU ONIKA MARAJ! i love that for my queen of rap harajuku_gr queen Had she lost then the mixtape game would definitely never be the same for any rapper. This was so simple yet it took took 2 year of spite. People can create music from any influence including already released material. The is issue if an artist then tries to sell said work. They need the license to. Nicki reached out Tracy didn’t reply then it didn’t get sold 🤷🏾‍♂️

an icon 'Stifle innovation'?! FFS, how about you 'innovate' by writing new music, not stealing other people's?! Judge barb purr EVERYONE SAY THANK YOU Shenekaaa CAN WE GET A THANKYOUNICKI 🙌🏾👑 Nicki Minaj and the Barbz will always win GOD OF RAP DO THAT ReaganGomez Damn they used Nas whole government name.

BARBIElDOL queen of rap The headline is everything👑 thekidplato welp, spent too long before making my decision. I think this was the right thing! Creating the song itself shouldn't be (and isn't now) an issue. It's when you want to make $$$ from it that things get more complicated Patroa 👑 Nicki has won yet another battle for rap artists. Legend.

She always for the industry including AtlanticRecords filthy asses and never get respect And she wins AGAIN hehehe you hoes big mad The way she keep saving this ungrateful ass industry She fr saved the industry bc Tracy was wilding wanting niggas to pay for samples before you even experiment 😭 ONIKALIVE The right person always win

A saviour she should stick to her PEDOPHILES Sounds familiar, Hmmm oh yeah she did it in 2016 as well! Queen exactly. Blondoug And the industry was saved again alexa play win again by nicki minaj. Queennnnnnnnnn... Saved The insdustry again... Omg... I Love U NICKIMINAJ ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ RAINHA! QUEEN! REINA! REGINA! REINE!

Queen always wins the queen saving the industry again! love to see it🤍 forumpandlr POPline informandopop updatechartuc charteando girlsrapbrasil anyway stream me gusta by anitta and cardi b this friday updatechartuc avisa 🦄Let us brabz celebrate Chile🦄 And she wins again So Tracy Chapman loses control of her artistic creation? She never approved of Minaj using her work but the judge sided with Minaj. 😕

she just keeps saving the music industry she needs to be recognized.. an ICON🙌🏽🤍 mobz_world AtlanticRecords we know u tried your best ❤️ informandopop portalspopify PopZonebr informandopop mais uma matéria pra vcs “If Nicki win, then all of yall getting meetings.” “They’ll never thank me for opening doors, but they ain’t even thank Jesus when He died on the cross.” “May the Lord protect me as the world gets hectics. My voice projected,my life reflected.” “No im not lucky, I’m blessed.”

saving the industry once again And Onika wins again 😌 Thankyou Nicki I don’t even know why you girls bother at this point like give it up,it’s me, I win,you lose🤪 She’s always saving the industry. Respect her always! But no one will speak about this This sht regular 🙈 And I win again, and I win again , and I win again 🎶🎵

onika breaking music barriers again. We truly don’t deserve the queen queen of saving the music industry TWICE we been knew Not just a win for her, but a win for the industry, but will she get the recognition...probably not saving the music industry she just keep on winning 😩😩 like this if she’s the queen of rap

she’s always gonna win at the end of the day and that’s just that on that. always saving the industry her power NMLite_ I hate that yall used this picture of her NICKI WINNING Nicki Winning Nicki Winning x3 Always saving the industry! This woman cannot be compared to regular people! NMLite_ why isn't this a trending topic ?

queen of rap for a reason thats why she's the queen of rap She’s done it again period💕 THIS IS A QUEEN. And now your fav gone benefit kyndall_kashme Always opening doors for these ungrateful hoes NMLite_ Queen 🥺🥺❤️ queen ended a fad now everybody say thank you onika maraj mobz_world The judge a barb on the low

And that’s on what Wbk my sis was gone win. 🥳🥳 I can hear the Tracy Chapman bar already WE WON!!! nickisbars the judge knew the barbz would find them 🤪 WOOP WOOP!! IK THATS RIGHT Saved the industry again Well NickiDaily as they should 👏🏽 gonna go listen to sorry to celebrate 🤪 Ended Tracy cheapman NICKI WON AGAIN!!!

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They better not stress my Queen😤 Exactly! The Queen Always Wins! hello mobz_world Nicki sent her lawyers in lol not only did nicki save mixtape culture, but she made streaming count for more on billboard. love that for her “Shawty took me to court and tried to play MEEE Tried to beat me in that FAST CAR but her tanks on EEEE”

For baby maraj sake I hope onika sues her for emotional distress while being pregnant 🙏 WE LOVE TO SEE IT 😂😂 NICKI WONNN OMGGG Bye 👋 Tracy CHUPA VELHA VAGABUNDA nicki legend as they should. that weird tracy b!tch is so obnoxious The song was never released... she had no case, if I was Nicki, I would’ve counter sued and had her pay my lawyer fees.

So is it on ? NickiDaily Can we have this song now? chuntheswae thanks to Nicki your favs won’t suffer 💅🏽 Yayyyyyyy CONGRATULATIONS TO Nicki Minaj 🦄🦄🦄 , all We do is Win Win. Nicki Minaj Queen Of Fighting for the Music industry , congrats girl NICKIMINAJ mobz_world 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾yes yesssss

As she should ❤️👸🏽 Cause I win again cause I win again And I win again and I win again And I win again and I win again And I win again yeah I win again SIRI PLAY WIN AGAIN🔥 Bratznm7 Nicki keeps fighting for the music industry. ThankYouNicki As the judge should. If Tracy won it would limit creativity in the music industry. Imagine a world without Tory lanez’ chixtapes😭❤️❤️

NickiDaily “ go against Nicki it’s gone cost ya “ ☕️ Thank you nicki minaj for saving mixtape culture and hip hop 🙏 And that’s how God works. A winning. Literally Legend tingz YESSSSS NICKI❤️❤️ Goatjames21 End that old hag Grande dia ❤️ What’s his problem with Nicki Glad she won! He sounds Entitled Once again, Nicki is saving hip-hop!

QuotedResponse Purr. Thank u Nicki Minaj for saving the mixtape culture doja and nicki discord: Thank Queen Nicki once again 💋💋💋 😌🦄🦄🦄 OnikaVooDoo for all the haters As they should It logically wouldn't make sense to go any other way. Nicki made no money off the song so what would she be giving🤷🏾‍♂️

I love it queen, we won purrr That's not cool winagain winagain winagain winagain tracy stay mad mrs girl being bitter gets you nowhere 😘🥂 Everyone say thank you nicki ❤️ She’s always helping y’all favs flourish AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA DEUS É JUSTO as they should’ve This is major! _BarbieMaraj_ TNHTalk My girl just made history by saving mixtape culture, love her or hate her you gotta give her, her props! ❤️

And she wins again like always QUEEN NICKI ♥️ tracy fad NickiDaily LOVE THAT FOR HER ❤️❤️❤️ nicki wins again That’s just the way Gawd works Why was Nas not in this lawsuit 😂😂 The judge said stream win again Queen of rap always win 🗣🦄👊🏾 barbz4everhh i don’t even know why you girls bother at this point, like... give it up, IT’S ME. I WIN, YOU LOSE!

MUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH does that mean nicki won the whole case or she won for now and tracy going to put it up for a jury Thank God. Sampling and interpolations were hanging in the balance. TeamTracy THE JUDGE HAS TASTE

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